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Lovely walk in the sun


I promised to send a photo from my walk. My new plan is going well, I'm enjoying more time to enjoy walking and photography. I see my parents more and getting used to the buses with my new bus pass.

I don't miss the voluntary work, but enjoying more freedom. I may change plans again in a few months time but for now it is going well.

I enjoyed my walk this morning but needed a rest afterwards.

Hope everyone is well and enjoy the better weather.


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Good for you David. Well done. Glad you getting out there. X

Glad you took the decision to leave and hope if you decide to volunteer again you get one where you are truely appreciated. For now enjoy your extra hours.x


Wonderful David, I'm so pleased life is good for you right now. I guess we should all try and live in the moment. Keep up the great work.


Hi my friend

I am truly delighted for you. I genuinely hope that you keep on enjoying what's on offer as it happens my friend! The walk along the beach looks lovely, and I confess to being jealous! I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Hi Golfer15 it sounds like your having a great time with your walks and photography. Must be fullfilling for you.

Keep it up while you can.

Take care

Angie xx

David it is fantastic that you are progressing so well, i know how much better your days must be making you feel but what you wont realise is how much better it will now make us all feel. You have already brightened my day. Thank you.


Wonderful to hear you are finding life easier now and that is a great photo!! x

Thanks for your comments everybody.

Glad my post and photo helped make you feel brighter too. We are here to support each other.

Take care everybody.


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