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Managed short walk

Well decided to risk trying out my crutches and taking my Yorkie Sweep a very short walk yesterday. I had to remember I needed enough energy to get back home. Luckily there is a bench I could sit on so I was okay. It was a good achievement now I cant wait till I can drive....better not rush it though. Four weeks since my op...more physio tomorrow morning then doctor afternoon to discuss my other mum is convinced I have Fibromyalgia.....not sure how they test for this❓ looks like a lovely day...enjoy.

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Hi Hoddi

That's great keep up the good work hope your feeling better. Walks usually do relief a lot of stress well done my friend



Glad you are making progress after your operation. Unfortunately there are no blood tests that will show Fibromyalgia. We are often low in certain vitamins especially D, B12 and the mineral magnesium just having these topped up by your GO can sometimes make a huge difference. Some do the tender point test as many people with fibro have points on their body that if pressed on someone who didn't have fibro would feel just like pressure but it can literally send us to the roof with the pain if pressed. Often it is a process of elimination with them testing for things like lupus, RA, thyroid problems and these coming back clear and the verdict is often then fibro.x

Our mother site Fibromyalgia Action UK which you can access at the top of the page has some excellent information.x


Hi Hoddi

Well done on your walk :)

As for testing for Fibromyalgia - there is no one test that will definitely confirm that you have Fibro.

Unfortunately it can take many years to get a confirmed diagnosis.

Because the symptoms of Fibro are so similar to other conditions such as Lyme Disease, MS & Lupus, these need to be ruled out first.

The final stage is to go and see a Rheumatologist who will almost certainly be able to tell if you have Fibro, by asking you various questions.

I hope that helps and you continue to recover well from your op.

Wishing you a sunny day :)

Lu xx


Hello Hoddi , you have made great progress and it is so satisfying to tick another achievement off the list.

Unfortunately there is no one test for fibro, just an elimination of other conditions through blood test, xrays etc. What you are left with is generally considered to be fibro.

The NHS has a good site about fibro

as does our mother site

Hopefully you have an open minded GP who is prepared to consider this.

Good Luck!



Hi there Hoddi I think that is a wonderful achievement. I do think your right though not to try and rush things. Both my neighbours have had done just that after Knee hops and sadly paid the price. Baby steps baby steps as they say. keep up the good work {{hugs}}

Mo xx


That is wonderful my friend, well done! I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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