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Are you aware that if you receive dla, pips, or other disability benefits you can apply for a card that allows you to gave a career with you for free.

Also there is a card for concerts, gigs theatre etc doesn't guarantee you a free career but majority of time you do get a free career ticket or discount. Also does show the venue your needs without you having to tell them, i.e. Need to be near a toilet.

You have to pay an initial fee for cards but I think both are worth it if you want to get out more.

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  • Wow....Thank you for that info. never heard of it.....x

  • Hi justmai I can honestly say I didn't know about this, so thanx for sharing, I will definitely be investigating lol. A lot of attractions do concessions for disabilities, I can have a free carer if I visit our local zoo & they have a fleet of mobility scooters at hand to hire for a very small fee for the day, which is great for me and has given me somewhere nice to go, it makes so much difference to quality of life.

    Luv Jan xx

  • That's good if you need assistance I have a carers card with my national trust membership they go free and it costs no extra

  • I find a lot of attractions, county shows etc offer carers free.

    It makes me smile as they use the Disability Discrimination Act to make sure you pay the full price otherwise you would be discriminated! However they do temper that with reduced or free carer.

    It is certainly worth taking someone with you!


  • I had the cinema one the CEA card a few years back and got the money back on the first outing.x

  • HI

    Its £6 yearly fee to cover cost


  • Wow, it's amazing what's available free, trouble is no one tells you 😟😃

  • Yes its always the same, you are right,

    I found out about the cinema getting your carer in free from someone while I was in hospital, i thought it was really good as you always go with someone anyway.

    I got a free bus pass with a companion free as well ,

    I even found out that as long as you give them at least 4 hours notice that I can take my mobility scooter on the train and someone will be there to help me on and someone at the other end to help too , its amazing what you find out from others .i supose it also depends where you live .

    Its like some electric companys give you a warm home discount, normally around March i get over a hundred pounds of free electric, I often think that it strange that you get it when it starts to get warmer weather but I dont complain I am just happy that I get it, anything free is always good lol

    Its always worth sharing, as that's the main way we find out most things.

  • Hi there what electric company are you with ???

  • Hi im with en power but most of the big companies do this but you have to phone them about it , they dont just give it out, it like most benefits no one tells you about them , but it just a quick phone call to you energy company and then they register you for the warm home discount.

    I heard from a friend of a friend , so i phoned up and yes I was entitled to it , i could have been getting it for years if i had know , but I do now .

    Give your company a call you have nothing to lose. Good luck tell everyone you know. Lol

  • Hi justmai

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Thank you so much for posting this and I had no idea about this scheme. I was aware that I could get discounts at certain stores with my 'Gold Card Concessionary Pass' but not about this.

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken :)

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