The best job in the world!

The best job in the world!

Imagine that you don't have fibro - or any other health problem! Imagine that you are young, wealthy, and free.

What would be your ideal career? This is the Fun and Fantasy Factory, so you can do ANYTHING you want!

So ... Air Hostess? Prime Minister? Movie star? What will you be?

In my next life I'm going to be a surgeon - anyone for a boob job? :D

Moffy x

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  • Though it has been rumoured that I am a dictator already, and some might think I would be ideal hosting childrens TV........ My fantasy job would be a singer in an extremely famous band, then I would have fun, fame, fortune.....

    Ps after your embarrassing episode with the coconuts and the knicker elastic... I hope you have trained for the boob jobs

    VG x

  • Oh absolutely!

    My last client thought having her boobs on her back was very eye-catching!

    When you're a pop-star, will you wear 'fish-net' tights? :looks innocent: :)

    Moffy x

  • I would be a femme fatal actress on the stage in the west end and I would have reams of young rich men falling at my feet to wisk me off in their sailing boats to the warmer climates of the world. Champagne for breakfast every day lovely dear just lovely xgins

  • I'd just like to be able to do the job I loved and enjoyed when I was well Tailoress to the Royal Marines.....

  • Ohh sorry you had to give it up that's the worst thing with fibro when you have your dream job then have to give it up...

    VG x

  • So it was all your fault Richard the third had a humped back......

    fish net tights are just not on trend right now (hides them in her drawers ) but I have been informed manicured fins and glittery gills are the thing to have right now , swishes away warbling horribly :)

  • wonderful to hear you warbling again VG I would advise burning the fish nets they use them to catch old trouts you know! xgins

  • Epppp rumages in her drawers and goes to burn them .... Thanks for the warning Gins :D

  • I always wanted to be a nurse but i was told i wasn't strong enough hmm strange as the Drs said there was nothing wrong with me i was just lazy ! that is until x rays were invented ) in 1984 )]and i was finally given diagnosis re my uniqueness

  • The uniforms used to be very fetching, Iris - but not so pretty these days! :(

  • Maybe not but more functional I imagine.

  • I would have loved to be a midwife, I adore babies and bringing them into the world must be awesome

  • Having had to the day to give this some thought, I really do think that had thing been different an with the benefit of hindsight,I wish I had trained either as a Paramedic or a Dr. Ai would have love to he come up with some miracle cure for a little known condition, fibrositis, in those days. As it was I ended up giving up a place at Oxford for various reasons (mostly that the brain had gone missing and that an elder sibling had just got a double first, which I couldn't live up to). the other thing I would have loved to have done would have been to become a naturalist rolling in David Attenborough's footsteps.........communing with and studying gorillas and monkeys would have been so interesting......well I could go on all night about the what it is I have to make do with what I've got, but the are so many with so many mor problems than me, I should be glad, like Pollyannna !!!

    Foggy x

  • You could have been the new Dian Fossey

  • I already have my ideal job as a Bowen therapist, but I would have discovered it earlier in my life and I would team it up by training in Kiniesiology too. I love helping everyone from Newborns to the elderly. Seeing them come in in pain and watching them leave feeling so much better. Seeing a screaming baby with overtired fraught parents and with a few gentle moves bringing relief and peace to the whole family. Seeing an amputee writhing in agony with stump spasms and a couple of hours after treatment watching the lines of pain and torment ease. Priceless.

  • I desperately wanted to be a librarian. I used to have all my books in Alphabetical order by author and play libraries as well as schools. I remember several trips to the library with my school. I even sorted out the school library unaided and with no suggestion of doing so by the school. I don't think anyone even knew I was doing it until almost the end. When I visited the school later it was still in good order.

  • I was studying with the Open University then realised there was a degree at the local university I should be doing instead, so applied there. Sadly they suggested I do an Access course which wanted a pre-Access course (What benefit was there in studying with the OU?) and by the time I was up to the standard required for the course I was no longer fit enough to study it.

  • Oh I like this thread! I would loved to have been a doctor, possibly a surgeon, or an A&E doc. I do love my job I do now too. I work for a CCG trying new projects to improve care for people with long term conditions.

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