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Disabled Identification Card Ltd

Disabled Identification Card Ltd

Check this out & if you think this it is a good idea, then please vote here >

To provide a unique disability initiative improving the lives of disabled people. Producing a much needed single recognised National Identification (DID) Card for all disabled people. This new style ID card is easy and simple and just one card!

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Hi again

Yes you are right, I must have cut the link down somehow, so my apologies for that,

here is the correct link

Hopefully you will add this to my post

many thanks again

take care


Thank You for your reply & checking the link :)

Of course this can be added & I've voted too!

All the best

Emma :)


I dislike things like this. IBM were responsible many atrocities by developing and operating the punchcard system in Germany during the war, it gave all your details ,,Jew, Gay, Disabled, ect.

People assume things like this could never happen again,, I beg to differ in opinion,, anyway I have no desire to be lab led like a baked bean tin !


I think this could be a good idea as long as it was recognised nationally (& possibly internationally). It could also benefit from showing a summary of disability on the reverse for use by emergency services if ever required.

The only drawback I can see, is if u are refused PIP, etc, u can not apply. Therefore if this was a widely accepted proof of disability, the many who are refused benefits would have even more stigma attached to them & perhaps be treated as liars!

In many counties, there is still the ability to register as disabled with your local council & be given a card proving your disability. This service is free and the card is sufficient evidence to get concessionary tickets, etc. To register as disabled you do not need to be claiming any benefits, you just need to have evidence of your illness and how it effects your daily life.


Good in principle but also very divisive. I am disabled due to my various medical conditions which made me eligible for a blue badge, but am not in receipt of benefits to make me eligible for a DID card. So what does that mean for those like me???

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I always have my Blue badge in my bag and also carry a copy of the letter granting me pip, so i dont really see a need to pay for a card that may or may not be recognised when needed.

I have access to a card that Explains what fibro is and how it affects us that can be printed out to give to anyone who want to know about fibro.

If anyone is interested in this seeing and possibly making a copy of this card please pm me.



Not all disabled people claim benefits or qualify. I have two long term chronic illnesses & fibromyalgia which apparently is a recognised disability. The fact that you will only get these if you've been granted benefits will mean that people won't believe me. I'm not for voting.


I'm too old now to claim Mobility, but I can't walk. As I also don't travel or drive, it would be a good thing for me.


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