Vita Cleanse/Ketone Extract scam

Hey guys, can anyone confirm about cancelling the visa debit card? I have seen some people here saying to cancel the card and some people saying the only way to stop it is to close the account completely. So far I have cancelled my card and waiting on a new one to be sent out, do I still need to contact the vita cleanse company and the ketone extract company? I have managed to catch it before they have taken more than the “free trial” shipping costs and contacted the bank to stop the initial payments but as we are now aware they are just going to change the company name and try again

Thanks Dave.

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  • Hi Dave8618

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Cancelling your card should in theory be enough as your new card will have a different 3 digit security code on the reverse! And nobody can take any monies without the security code? Mind you, it wouldn't hurt to give them a ring and double check.

    Good luck with this as so many people appear to have been mislead over this.


  • Thanks Ken, I'm struggling to get a clear answer from the bank over the phone, that's from the fraud department as well. I'm going to have to go in to the branch and have a chat with them.

    I guess at this stage all I can do is keep an eye on the account and keep trying to get through to the company. The thing I'm a bit worried about is even if the card number has changed have I not technically entered in to a contract with them by "accepting" the T&Cs? I'm having problems getting a hold of anyone from the company at the moment.

    Thanks Dave.

  • I would also like to check, I managed to get to the company there and have just been informed that a DD has been set up (it has been suspended for 30 days). How can this be the case is no SC and ACC number was provided??

    Thanks Dave.

  • I believe it is possible to set up a Standing Order, which is like a Direct Debit from a card number so a specific amount of money can be taken from the account once a month? Again however, they would need the 3 digit security code from the reverse of the card to take the money.

    I did something along those lines recently when I ordered a kitchen appliance for somebody on my debit card. I made the first payment on the card and the Standing Order then followed from that for two more payments, without a SC or ACC number.

    If I were you, I really would contact your bank and get this cancelled ASAP before they can use it? I have very little faith in banks, not too mention sales companies that want our money!

    Good luck with this Dave?


  • OK I have managed to contact someone in the bank who was quite helpful, basically the gist of it was...

    you are under a legally binding contract and cancelling your card will not stop them from taking any future payments. The banks are aware of the scam and will investigate it only after the have taken the initial large payment after the postage and package payments, you should get your money back but only after the investigation.

    The only way you can stop them from taking money is to cancel with the actual company its self, this has nothing to do with the bank until they take a fraudulent payment. If your account goes over drawn in this process you will be liable to pay any bank charges which occur during this process.

    The bank will try and block any future payments but what will happen is the company will try again under a different name and it will go through. Again the only time the bank is involved here is when they take the payments, you have entered in to a contract between you and the company.

    Basically If I was to set up a monthly subscription (agree to T&Cs, legal contract) for a product to be sent to my house every month and cancel my card if I receive the product the company is still legally entitled to their money and will get it. What these guys are doing is legal, just barely but still legal.

    Thanks for the help though Ken, I'm going to phone again today and find out EXACTLY what i need to do to stay with in the terms and conditions, my bank card has been cancelled but it seems that may have been a waste of time...

    Thanks Dave.

  • Its called an opt-out scam, where as most companies work under an opt-in basis. The company of course wants to continue trading in this manner so if thy have taken out large sums of money with out you being made fully aware or are making it difficult for you to cancel, you can report them, its against trading standards to make it difficult for a customer to cancel as well as operate in the UK under a PO Box they must have a geographical address. When you mention this you should be able to get a refund pretty easily as the last thing they want is to be closed down.

    Thanks Dave.

  • I got caught up in this a year ago. I eventually managed to get someone on the telephone, who was based in Colombia!! The postal address was American. I expressed my unhappiness and told them under no circumstances were they to send me anymore of this product (I had two shipments sent to me before I was able to stop it), or charge me fees I was unaware of having incurred. I also phoned my bank and asked them to stop any further payments to this company. I told them I had stopped it via the phone, but didn't trust the overseas company not to take more money. I haven't had any other payments go out. Interestingly, there was a discussion on BBC Radio 4 last night about this very thing. You can find out more on their money section of the website.

  • I have also been conned by both Vitacleanse and nutriberry slim. I phoned my bank and they have cancelled any future payments to both these fraudulent trading companies. To date they have taken £270 from my account for one pot of pills beside the trial ones and in the space of one month. I don't know why they can't be stopped.

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