'Nobody puts baby in the corner' !!

So, what's your likes & dislikes? Why not, join in and answer these questions?

1. Favourite movie ?

2. Worst movie ?

3. Your favourite horror ?

4. Your favourite weepy ?

5. Your favourite musical ?

6. Best childhood film ?

7. Your favourite sci fi ?

8. Last movie you watched?

9. Best Actor ?

10. Best Actress ?

So, will you say 'say frankly my dear I don't give a damn' and be gone like the wind ' or won't you stay just a little bit longer ( la la la )

Lights, Camera, Action

P.S. Did you know you can get a cinema card valid for most of the UK so if you are disabled your partner/ carer gets in free ! BOGOF

Look forward to reading your comments

Emma :)

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  • Hi my favourite movie is Ghost

    Worse movie Flowers in The Attic awful

    Favourite Horror Is SAW

    Favourite weepy Ghost again

    Favourite musical Sound of Music

    Favourite childhood movie Wizard of Oz

    Favourite sci fi Star Wars

    Last Movie I watched was 300

    Best Actor Bruce Willis

    Best Actress Glenn Close

    And I love all of the 80's and George Michael

    Jan x

  • Hi,

    So here are mine:

    1. Favourite movie - Gosh, difficult, but today I'll go for 50 First Dates

    2. Worst movie - Where the wild things are (bit too weird even for me)

    3. Your favourite horror - Aliens

    4. Your favourite weepy - Philadelphia - I sob at the end

    5. Your favourite musical - The Sound of Music or My Fair Lady

    6. Best childhood film - The Railway Children (also makes me cry at the end)

    7. Your favourite sci fi - Star Wars Trilogy, closely followed by Lord of the Rings

    8. Last movie you watched - The Heat (new film out with Sandra Bullock, hilarious)

    9. Best Actor - Tom Hanks

    10. Best Actress - Sandra Bullock, Helen Mirran, Julie Walters, Maggie Smith - cant decide

    I also love the 80s!!

    Pip xx

  • 1. favourite movie; Harry Potter series wonderful effects

    2.worst movie; Das Boot my late husband inflicted this on us regularly

    3 Favourite Horror Frankenstein makes me laugh so much

    4.Favorite weepy I have no favourites as I weep at everything :)

    5. Favourite Musical; My fair Lady

    6. Best childhood film Black beauty

    7. Sci Fi; Dune

    8. last movie watched; Hobbit

    9, Best actor Bruce willis not

    10actress Helen Mirran

    Could go on and on about this catagory xgins

  • 1. Favourite movie: Gandhi

    2. Worst movie : Mexico (Brad Pitt)

    3. Your favourite horror : The Shining

    4. Your favourite weepy : The Notebook or Billy Elliott

    5. Your favourite musical: The Sound of Music

    6. Best childhood film: Heidi

    7. Your favourite sci fi : Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    8. Last movie you watched: Taken 2

    9. Best Actor: Johnny Depp, Leonardo Di Caprio

    10. Best Actress: Judy Dench, Mery Streep, Jodie Foster

  • Emma,

    Thanks for the heads up re the cinema card. I've filled the form out, so hopefully will have one soon :)

    Pip xx

  • That's OK you're welcome. You may like this post from a while ago


  • Excellent - thanks. National Trust one sounds good :)

  • Favourite movie - Chocolat

    Worst movie- Saw

    Favourite horror- The exorcist

    Favourite weepy- The bridges of Madison county

    Favourite musical- Saturday night fever

    Best childhood film -Lassie

    Favourite sci fi- E.T

    Last movie you watched - The Dark knight rises

    Best actor-Johnny Depp

    Best actress- Don't really have a favourite but like Judy Dench,Jodie Foster, Meryl streep, Scarlett Johansson

  • Hello Everyone, Thank you for your comments

    Here's mine;

    Favourite movie - Hard to say between three the original Willy Wonka, Bruce Almighty & the Back to the future Trilogy.

    Worst movie - Bruno

    Favourite horror - I am Legend

    Favourite weepy - The Notebook (same as Maladjusted ! )

    Favourite musical - Mary Poppins

    Best childhood film - The Incredible Journey

    Favourite sci fi - The Island

    Last movie you watched - Warm Bodies

    Best actor- Josh Harnett (cos I think he is yummy) but for talented actors he has grown as he as got older Leonardo Dicaprio.

    Best actress - Kiera Knightly

    Should have asked for funniest movie ?

    If you think of one that makes you giggle, let us all know

    Emma :)

  • Fav movie Last of The Mohicans ( Daniel Day Lewis version)

    Worst Movie anything from the horror genre

    Don't watch horror movies....they agitate me. Don't watch war movies either.

    Favourite Weepy Truly Madly Deeply

    Favourite Musical - love them all

    Best childhood film Jungle Book (Disney)

    Fav Sci - Star Trek. Any

    Last Movie Watched HP ( order of the Pheonix)

    Best Actor - Daniel Day Lewis

    Actress - Juliette Binoche

  • Favourite movie - Exorcist original uncut version

    Worst movie- Ghost

    Favourite horror- The exorcist

    Favourite weepy- Don't cry so don't have one

    Favourite musical- Jesus Christ Superstar

    Best childhood film -Dr Who and the Daleks

    Favourite sci fi- Dr Who

    Last movie you watched - Lone ranger 2013

    Best actor-Johnny Depp

    Best actress- Angelina Jolie

  • spent ages going through everybody else's input - fab read guys! - and kept changing my mind as I got inspiration... lovely idea, THANKS!!! :)

    Fave movie - Monty Python & The Holy Grail

    Worst movie - sorry, so bad they've been scrubbed from mental video!

    Fave horror - Van Helsing, but generally not a fave genre...

    Fave weepy - Beaches

    Fave musical - 7 Brides for 7 Brothers

    Best childhood film - Born Free or Ring of Bright Water

    Fave sci-fi - Star Wars, Star Trek, Close Encounters... I'm not generally a SF fan, can you tell?!

    last movie watched - Despicable Me (with grandkids, but brill for adults - ok, me!)

    Best actor - Johnny Depp

    Best actress - Emma Thompson

    Is that the end of the Fibr-Oscars :)

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