anyone of my dear fibro friends have any hobbies??

i do card making and love scrapbooking when there is special occassions for family for me to do.. mostly do the card making for charity.. when and i mean when i feel my hands and body aint aching to bad i love sitting doing them it helps destress me... i also like other crafts like.. making glass etching and making up picture frames... does anyone else have something they can do when there feeling ok xx

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  • Hi I also like making cards and usually make them for family and friends, plus I do a lot of scrapbooking as well.

  • I love to do cross stitch when i can concentrate also love to read xx

  • hi i like to read but i found tha the books were really making ,y arms and wrists ache so didnt read as much but my partner bless him bought me a kindle for christmas an it has been a god send no more holding books he bought me the £89 one off amazon but i think already they have got a new one out a touch screen but if you are a re reader get one they are fantastic i also write poems but they are funny ones i remember things all through the year that have happened to members of my family or funny tales and then i make up,poems about them and put in joke presents i usually end up writing about 20 a year love to you diddle x

  • Oh yes I have a kindle too thay are great so light xx

  • I've got a Kobo, and now they're coming down in price its a bonus... though not impressed my better half paid full price for my Christmas present!! Mines touch screen too...

    I love writing letters, but have to use the pc now..

    I would love one of your poems!

  • love it diddle.. u should cheer us all up with ur poems x

  • How about a weekly or monthly Diddle poem?

    It sounds really good to remember incidents throughout the year and make poems from them. I smiled at reading that alone. x

  • I like making cards too - though I'm not very good :( I don't get the time to practice. That's my excuse anyway :)

    I can't sew to save my life.

    I'm doing a scapbook for my granddaughter of her life - she's only 7 - and I'm doing one for my late Mum and Dad. Again, not terribly well lol.

    I love reading too but only read in bed. xx

  • I had to laugh last weekend , trying to thread a needle - when did they make the holes so tiny ??

    My son had to take over and that was exactly what I did to my dad years ago !


  • Scary huh lol x

  • lol yep my daughter normally does it love diddle x

  • u should get the ones that has just a slit at the top... u just push the thread over the top.. brilliant lol

  • Haha sue, another thing we have in common, i cant sew at all i am useless at all that stuff lol xxxx

  • I'm hopeless, can't sew, knit, drive, now I'll try and think of anything I am good at lol xxx

  • Haha, sending funny emails is 1 xxxxx

  • lol Kel, I had to find a clean one though LOL :) xxx

  • I'm not " crafty " at all, I do envy people who can sew and cross stitch etc.

    The only things I do when I'm in need of relaxation is play bingo on Face Book, read and do some part time counselling online. Though the last isn't very relaxing , more taxing !


  • I sleep 16 hours or more a day so don't have time for hobbies, I used to have a social life and go to the gym and stuff like that before I became too ill and had to give up work, I'm looking into making jewellery at the moment to give me something to do :)


  • thats the trouble i have.. some days i sleep most all days.. then like last night i never slept at all... its terribe eh... gentle hugs to u

  • I've always been crafty, since I was dressing my dollies as a little girl. I teach cardmaking and scrapbooking, sew, knit, absolutely all sorts - and now I've taken up art journalling too. When I finally had to stop work I'm not sure I'd have survived if I hadn't had so many hobbies and interests to pile into as therapy. I seriously recommend it as having great healing power - your FM won't get any better but your general mood will!!

  • lol yeah the eyes of needles have shrunk my daughter normally does it i usually use alot of black cotton so get her to thread a huge pice in case she is out , then another day i put it through 2st time its weird loveto you oh you jus reminded me i got to sew yiny ole in a op i got think the cotton is threaded so thats ok love to you diddle x

  • dont know why you got 2 answers is it write one get one free day :) love diddle or double diddle now that would be bad news for you all 2 of me ha ha

  • I enjoy photography. I have a shed in the garden I spend time in there photographing the garden birds and a family of squirrels. Good fun and fresh air, my partner also gets a break, we have two way radios so I just call if I need anything or when I need him to help me back inside.

  • so sorry dont know whay has happened but you seem to have 3 of one of my answers and 3 of another i will see if i can delete them lol sorry diddle

  • i really enjoy xstitching and i use a needle threader as the holes are so small i also enjoy reading which i enjoy doing in the sun i really enjoy gardening when i can

  • When i can i get out on my Vespa scooter unfortunately i have an automatic i cant change gears, im in a scooter club, last night we met up with other scooter clubs, when i got home i had to wait for my son to get off his scoot so he could get me off mine , whilst im driving i forget the pain,i have heated grips so my hands dont get cold, im buzzing when im on my scoot im enjoying it till i can no longer do it , when im zooming along at 60 mph im in heaven, today i am suffering but what the hell no pain no gain xx

  • i love to read n sudoku ,used love to knit but cant do that now hands to painful, xx

  • Hi I also make card for family and friends and I also like to crochet when im not in too much pain xx

  • I love reading too, my lovely hubby also bought me a kindle for christmas. But my real passion is baking lol. My hubby got me a food mixer for valentines day, ( I asked for one lol) So iv'e had a endless supply of cupcakes, cakes etc. I make lots of icing decorations when my hands are ok too. I made my friend a birthday cake, with royal icing flowers and butterflies, it took a while but the end result was lovely.. X

  • I'm another card maker too :) Sorry, new here today and this is my first post but I couldnt help noticing this thread.

    Crafting is such great therapy, its something that you can do as and when you feel like it and whatever mood you are in.. pain permitting of course.

    Its great that many of us are still able to have a hobby.. i often get crafters block, but when i do there's plenty of craft related stuff and peeps online. I moderate on a raft forum too…. I prefer my craft and virtual world to my real world :) hugs xx

  • welcome to a wonderful and friendly site rozz... what i like about card making is it can be broke down to doing bits at a time.. like if u stamp some images u can just sit and colour in .. or cut out for decoupaging...would be nice if we could post some cards on here to cheer people up xx

  • Hi rozzyb and welcome.

    Tell me about crafters block, I haven't been trying to make cards for long but get that a lot. I look at cards or watch create and craft and go into the kitchen with all my stuff, sit down and......nothing! lol. My creative juices just don't flow much.

    Hugs Sue xxx

  • sue.. i use u tube for alot of my craft ideas... cause u can pause and rewind lol... u get lots of craft ideas on there...also i buy craft magazines..not all the time as there expensive.. but the good thing about those is................................. i can go back to ones i bought say 2 months ago and its like looking at a new magazine because i have forgotten what was in it lol

  • Good thinking Diane. I'll have a look. Thank you. :)

    I get the magazines too, I prefer the one you can only get in craft shops - not sure if I can mention the name on here but I think it would be ok, next time lol. They do free papers which are nice and I also look at handmade card galleries for ideas.


  • I do cardmaking too, I love it. I've done the occasional craft fayre and love how it helps me to get out and meet people. I can also knit and do cross stitch when my thumbs allow (i also have osteoarthritis). Very theraputic. xx

  • I'm not good enough to do a craft fayre but just love going to them.

    I have osteoarthritis too. xx

  • THANK you all so much for ur replies...its so good to see so many people sharing interest apart from fibro talk all the time...( not that i dont usually talk about how i feel lol) this is the best supporting site i have ever came across for friendly helpful people.. so its so nice to see what other people do to help them with there daily lifes xxx

  • I love to craft too. I make cards mostly. But have recently discovered extreme knitting and weaving. The needles are so big and with up to 9 balls of wool on the go at once it grows real fast. It also feels good to have donated a bunch of cards for charity each year. Determined to master crochet this year ha x

  • i used to do cross stitch still got my bag of stuff you all reminded me of it i may have to dig i all out again time passes by quickly when you doing that, . its good to have somwthng to do trouble is eyes have got worse and hands since last time i done them love to you diddle x

  • maybe we should post some pictures of some of our hobbies? just a thought


  • im also a crafty person as i knit and go to a weekly knit and natter group in hove, make cards, baking,taking photo's i also have a kindle as well and see they are bring out a new touch screen later this month.


  • I like Iris Folding card making and also painting by numbers.. i have a special brush adapation thingy that helps me hold the brush and the Iris Folding takes me forever as my hands really arent very good but it makes me more proud of my work. I think focusing on something really helps. I cant do my crafts when i am alone as i tend to end up knocking something over or drop something on the floor but i go to a craft group once a week which i find really helpful.

    I also like listening to Audio Books

    Kelly xx

  • Hi Kelly,

    I've heard of Iris Folding but no idea what it is :(

    I can bet it makes you more proud of your work if your hands aren't too good. I'd love to go to a craft group but I work and don't drive so can't get to any. My fave craft shop is 15 miles away. It can work out expensive can't it.

    Hugs Sue xx

  • I am 'crafty' too, not brilliant at it, but the grandkids love to make cards for people's birthdays, wedding, new boern, and they LOVE easter cos we make decorated baskets, with chickens and mini-eggs in them.

    I hope my pain stays at this 'copeable' level so we can get them.

  • My granddaughter loves to make cards too Goodienuff. I buy her stuff and she sticks as much as possibly can on a card. I feel like saying don't put so much on but you have to let them get on with it don't you :).

    I'm a childminder so get to do it with my little ones too. :)

    Sue x

  • The craft group i attend is volunteer run so is pretty cheap to go to its only about £5 for the day and is once a week.. it also includes lunch.. my carers take me its only about 3 miles from my house which isnt too bad.. i go to a day centre.. i am trying to find something to replace it as the daycentre is expensive and social services wont fund it the day centre is almost £40 for one day and really wipes me out.. i go on fridays and i am tired all weekend.

    I have looked online for Iris folding to show you a picture, here is a link its not mine.. just random :

    It always looks impressive. Other people at the group can do it in like 20 minutes and it takes me all day to do one.. but i know it took so much energy to do it and that makes me feel good.. i didnt know i could do this kind of thing.. and the painting by numbers until i went to this group (its not the child type ones)

    I think we should all be proud of what we can do because it takes so much more effort whether it is crafts of even just putting some washing on or taking the kids to school. People who dont have fibromyalgia and other conditions dont realise what it takes to do "normal" things.

    Sorry for going on.

    Love Kelly xx

  • Hi Kelly,

    Well, it does look great, bit complicated for me lol. Thanks very much for the link, I had a quick look but will have a proper look later when I have more time. I start work in half an hour.

    That's really good isn't it, £5 a day for the craft group but £40!!! That is a lot of money! No good if it wipes you out either.

    It doesn't matter how long it takes you to do the Iris Folding, it's amazing that you can do it with your fibro, I honestly don't think I could. I can just about stick things on cards lol.

    It's really good to have a hobby and hopefully take our minds of things for a while. I always wanted to paint too but am pretty hopeless to be honest, I use stamps and promarkers for my cards and that's about it lol.

    You didn't go on, what are you like! :) It's interesting to hear about other peoples hobbies.

    Hugs Sue xxxx

  • Concentration and retaining has completely gone. At one time used to do a lot of animations on the computer and so enjoyed it. Now it is as if as erazer has come along and cannot recall how I done it anymore. Hopefully this will all return and will be able to restart once I have pain under better control which hope has been given to me - this I will find out about once doctor receives all the papers off specialist and treatment begins. Friends loved receiving animations and used to brighten their days also. Food for thought for others to try!

  • That sounds great cr. A friend of mine used to do 'tags' are they called? Lovely flowers that move or glittered. I'd love to be able to do those. Not a clue how to.....

    I know what you mean about the eraser coming and making us forget how to do things......

    Sue xx

  • HI Sue look up on computer animated tag learning there are different ones - some are free learning which is much better to start with to see if you would like doing it. Other than that you can buy the paint shop pro jasc. To be honest early days not worth paying out

  • I love baking. Im glad Ive got a food mixer to make things simpler for me. I also do Karate twice a week. I also like photography when I remember to take my camera lol

  • I wish I'd done karate when I was young. About 90 years ago now :)

    I like taking photos too but don't go out too much. Must try getting out and try to remember my camera this summer lol. xx

  • Your never to old to take up something new our oldest member just turned 51. I only started 3 years ago just before my 34th birthday. Although I have found it very hard lately both physically and mentally but I have just learnt the more forms (patterns) you know the more confused you become :)

  • i crochet baby clothes to sell also beaded pacifier keep safe straps i have a little business from home which i sell on facebook iam having a website built for me so that i can sell it on my own site and people will be able to pay for it on paypal if anyone would like to see what i do and your on facebook look me up my name on facebook is suz beddoes from gwent i get days where i cant do anything and just sleep for 24 hrs i hate those days at the moment iam on a massive downer do anyone get these days sometimes i feel like iam going mad i also got lupus as well as the fibro so i have double the pain from both illnesses , i find when we have some sunny days the heat helps the fibro even though iam not suppose to sit out in the sun because of the lupus iam a sun worshipper lol no chance of me doing that iam careful with it though because i come out in a rash if i have too much of the sun so i will then sit under the shade i hope everyone is having a good day and not too many flare ups take care hun xxxx suz

  • I'll have a look in a minute Suz. I can't knit, sew, crochet, anything :(

    So sorry you're on a massive downer, pleased you have posted though. I don't know much about Lupus but have know a couple of people who have it. Must read up on it.

    I can't sit in the sun, I'm such a wuss, anything over 70 deg and I have to come in and stand by the fan LOL . I'd be no good at all in a hot country!

    Off to peek at yuor fb page now.

    Sue xxx

  • I do chrochett i do feel pain but i enjoy it too so thats the pay off.. I also have a kindell so i can read light and i can make the words bigger it helps me ...

  • I love sewing, knitting, reading, playing piano and also dance but can't do as much as I use to anymore.

    :) xx

  • Play loud heavy metal guitar.

  • Im a keen Gardener and an Artist - Illustration, painting and lots of doodling which I use as a distraction.

  • Such a lot of crafters amongst us... Thanks for the lovely welcome... It's taken me this long to find my original posts. Although we can't add to a gallery on here, if you'd like you may share mine... They are in a few places unfortunately.

    I have a craft blog and also moderate on a craft forum. I have two galleries on there as one came to a grinding halt a while ago,

    I haven't felt like making anything this week as I,ve just been feling so low.

    I hope it's ok to add these links, if now will someone let me know

    Hugs to you all and have a wonderful 'royal' weekend xxx

    All the flowers at the top are paper and took weeks to make. They'd eat to a trade show in USA and I never saw them again...

  • Hi Another newbie here, i love to craft when my body allows it, i like cross stitch, tapestry work and crocheting, cant knit for have done the odd cards for family and friends but cant seem to get into it as much as crocheting ect :) xx

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