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Scammed by Nutriberryslim

Irrespective of the efficacy of the product, which produced very unpleasant side effects within me, I am pursuing Nuriberryslim for the return of almost £200, taken via my credit card without my permission. I responded to the advertised, 'free trial' and agreed to cover the modest cost of shipping, using a credit card. Checking my card statement this week, I noted that they had used the card to take two large payments, totalling £197. Assuming a mistake, I contacted the Company by email, and received a glib reply to the effect that since I did not advise them that I did not wish to proceed beyond the free trial, they had assumed that I woud do so and forwarded a further supply of capsules. At best, this is sharp practise but it could be construed as fraud, since I enterered no contract to purchase anything from them, agreeing only to pay for shipping via my credit card. I have little doubt that what I have described is a designed deception, which I have now, brought to the attention of several agencies, including, Trading Standards in Oxford, BBC Watchdog, Ripoff Britain and the Police Fraud Squad. If you are similarly concerned, I suggest that you do likewise. Ideally, you should avoid taking the 'bait'.

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Hi there,

I have heard several people, not all on here, but from friends etc., who have been ripped off with this. You sign up paying a small amount for the "trial period" and then get huge amounts of money taken from your account. I sent my request to cancel and they came back at me saying I hadn't returned the product, which I had, it ended up with me closing the account they had information on and reopening another, just to avoid then taking any further monies from me. I have written to my MP giving details of this to him and he has said he will be looking into it further as I have not been the only person he had been contacted about this. I suggest that you too, and anyone else having had an experience like this should contact your MP, they will inform all relevant authorities and undertake a proper investigation, that is what I have been told.

Hope this helps in some way !!

Foggy x


The best way to avoid this from happening in the first place

is to buy a disposable credit card...Walmart Visa is a good

choice and then order those questionable

In the USA we have cards that are at our dollar tree stores..

You load the cards with cash at the register and they fill

the card with that amount of cash for you to spend anywhere

as a Visa/ mastercard, etc... The company that you buy the trial

product from will not know that it's a disposable credit card ...

so when the next order period comes, the transaction will be

denied by that disposable credit card and no action against

you will be taken... Those cards have an expiration date longer

than 6 months, most are a year or three even..

I know that this is now hind site but in the future, go that route...

The cards will cost no more than 1 dollar, and to load them

will cost you nothing if you put over 75 dollars on it..

so I would order the product for 14 dollars and then immediately

after, I spend the rest of the money left over on the disposable

visa card, even if it means buying a gift card from Walmart...

Most people that I know use that's a good one to remain

anonymous to a in person retailer..or to pay for Amazon or Walmart

purchases...whatever you want...ordering tickets, even flying...

Shopping online is safer that way and no one knows your credit

information, nor your bank account...=)))

I am so sorry that this happened to you..

As my own mother would tell me, at least it wasn't a 2,000 dollar

lesson...You still lost a ton of money..but maybe it can be recovered

if the business wants to stay in business..I would give them a chance

to make it right but block them from your credit card and bank account.

Have them credit you by check or a pre-paid debit card... Good luck.=))


Hi Yikes, thanks for all your comments, :-) The problem is that probably around 90% of this forum are based in the UK so most of the info you have given really isn't applicable to most of us here. I'm not meaning this to come over in any way unpleasantly, but I thought you may need to know that ther are very few US users within the forum, however you are very, very welcome here and you have some very good ideas, so thank you :-) :-)

Foggy x


Oh, that's too bad..No pre paid cards over there or

beauty schools? Shucks, we are spoiled over here

in the USA..


Thanks, Foggy. I hadn't thought of writing to my MP.




Have you been in touch with your credit card? I think they can maybe help you, maybe get your money back at least.

Is x


Of course Is, I did mine via debit card as I don't have credit crass, but they do have the advantage of being capable of claiming from in a case such as Kim's !

You clearly have the missing part of what once was my brain Is, could you capture it and post it on to me, any help is better than none :D :D hehehe.......

Foggy x


I need to have some brain, pleeeeaassse?


Thanks, esagestapo (great nom de plume). My cc company advised me to fight with the perpetrator, myself.....and the latter does not use paypal. But I shall, certainly, be very careful in future.


You're right, esagestapo. I will try 'em again. Watch this space.


Did you ever get your money back? I had the exact same thing and had posted here about it, but tons of others seem to have fallen for it anyway, Gutting that these people can get away with it. Definitely sharp practise at the very least. I reported everywhere I could think of and called bank but got no help. Bank said 'it was in the small print' - basically tough. Lesson learnt! But I really wish we could stop the company and / or stop others falling for it......


I am still working on a full refund but that has become secondary to my mission to advise as many people as possible, against 'taking the bait' and to bring this wicked scam to the attention of the appropriate authorities. The Guardian runs a column in it's Saturday edition, which I hope, will take up a campaign but the Trading Standards Offices seem to have closed and passed many complainants on to the Citizens Advise Bureaux. The latter have no teeth, however. The Fraud Squad appear to be busy with crimes against banks and the state, which leaves us with the newspapers and TV, unless we can afford to launch a civil case. It would help if all of the 'scammmed' wrote, or emailed The Guardian to ensure that it joins the chase. Can I ask that you do that. There is a website.

Thanks in anticipation.


Can you give us a link to the Guardian website?


I used:


I've signed for a free trial a couple of days ago, was contacting my credit/debit card co next morning. I was told that it is of no use to cancel my credit card and request a new one, the money would be taken. One has to have the 1st small trial amount taten off 1st, and then ask the bank/credit card co for a 'cancelling payment authorisation'. But what if the further payments seem to come from a co different from the original one. Has anyone who has been scammed know/asked their bank/credit card co about this? It would help me. I think unless I know, I might simply close my bank account. Many thanks in advance for some information, help.


I am one of the victims. Fortunately, I managed to get my full refund. I will ask my bank to cancel my visa debit card and ask for a new one in case the old number will be used by any anonymous scammers in the future.


Well, the Nutriberryslim guys never answered any of my emails. I didn't phone them. I had told them anyway I would not send back the 2 products they sent me, they are still unopened and will stay that way, not interested. I cancelled my visa debit for the bank account I used and nothing happened since


I 'googled' Nutriberry slim for evidence of 'efficacy' and finding this forum (having just received my 'trial' capsules) I contacted Mastercard immediately. they are well aware of the 'scam' and have put a stop on any future transactions and will monitor my account for signs of attempts to access. It is fraud and should be subject to investigation but it is reassuring that finance institutions are tracking their activity.And - a lesson learned or me, first & last time!! Thanks to all for the alerts!


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