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Iron poor blood

Hi, I have been anemic for well over a year. Recently my iron levels have been sliding down, down, down.

My rheumatologist called me as soon as he saw my most recent blood test results. He wants me to get to a hemotologist as soon as possible so they can start getting my iron levels back up. The hemotologist also is trying hard to figure out how it got so low!

He scheduled me for tests on Friday. Chest x-ray, cat scan of abdominal and pelvic area. I already have completed a colonoscopy and a upper scope to rule out any internal bleeding in my digestive track.

Has anyone else faced this? What are they docs looking for with the cat scan and x-ray?


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Hi Multijo....Glad to hear you are getting referrals so quickly and something positive is being done. I cannot help you with the anaemia question I am afraid..sorry! Do you have fibro as well? All the best .


Yes I do have fibro as well


Hi there depending on your sex, may be due to female blood loss. I had to have an iron infusion but that was before I got RA . Chemo can cause anemia but I don't know whether methotrexate is strong enough to do this. The doctors are checking for anything that may be causing this in one of your organs. Wishing you a good outcome.


I have had low iron levels for almost 18 months now and am on daily liquid iron and, like yourself have had all the tests to rule out anything 'nasty'. Having eliminated these I no longer worry about, so take heart and thank The Lord for the NHS.


Thx englishkiwis!

I am going to just put the thoughts of what is the cause to the side. There is nothing I can do about it anyway!!


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