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Hi everyone I hope your all doing ok at this time. I wanted to find out which is the best iron supplements to boost it up please. My iron has always been low until I went to kings hospital to a gastroenterologist and he sent me for iron infusions 3 yrs ago I felt so much better . Then it started going down again and 2 years ago I had a Sudden breathing attack ended up in a&e after going to a&e for a second time a week later and tests they didn’t know what it was. I’ve seen all different specialists since for 2 years some thinks it’s my fibromyalgia in my back and it’s not acid reflux. I saw a haematologist right at the beginning and my ferritin was 80 and he didn’t think it was that. Now could my body have gone into shock that I lost the iron so quickly? The ferritin is now 30 and what ever I do I can’t get it back up. My dr doesn’t want to give me iron yet but she’s not my original dr as I can’t get down to see him during this pandemic. So I’ve ordered liquid iron and pregnancy iron as it’s slightly stronger but my original dr said they won’t be strong enough (this is when I asked him just before lockdown)

Has anyone had any joy with iron tablets? I was hoping to try for a baby but seeing as I’m low could do with some help

Many thanks Rebecca ☺️

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Eating things like watercress and spinach will help your iron levels. Iron medication can bung you up but naturally consumed does not in my experience.

Hi Rebecca

Yes I take iron tablets. I have fibromyalgia as well as bleeding gynaecology problems endometriosis and adenomyosis.

Do you have heavy periods?

Mine is linked to my bleeding. I am always low in iron. Makes me feel crap. All I get are iron tablets to take, they make you constipated so need a lactulose too xx

Thanks for your replies.

The Dr at kings thought it was heavy periods but I’ve also suffered with Candida and leaky gut all my life they are a bigger to fix what ever I do! I was treated in a hospital at Chelsea when I was 11 for it all I was better for it but they both haven’t fully been sorted . So I thought I could be losing Iron through the leaky gut but thy e dr didn’t think so 🤷‍♀️ Also I’m 40 now and the periods have gone down to 2 - 3 days which makes me think maybe I haven’t got enough iron?

Why won’t the Dr give you iron tabs, I wouldn’t take any over the counter ones , you should have bloods tests first then regular tests to check on your iron levels

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The one I spoke to wasn’t my original dr and cause of lockdown I can’t see him. The last blood test was in February ferritin was 30 and iron was 13. I’m suppose to have a test every 6months

like many people with iron deficiency anaemia my doctors told me to buy over the counter supplements but I recently found out that many of these are not well absorbed . a member of science for m e informed me that the most easily absorbed form of iron is iron fumarate I have just received a pack reasonably priced on amazon . just have to check the small print to make sure that the pills are indeed made with iron fumarate rather than cheaper less absorbent forms. you should discuss this with your doctor for regular blood test . best of luck .

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Thank you I’ll have a look for that version as well as there are so many . I’ve been buying the natural version like active iron

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I must be lucky then as my Dr prescribed iron tabs for me for RLSyndrome.

I wouldn't buy supplements until your GP and tests sanction it.

Supplements aren't as good as ensuring you get good nutrition and a good varied diet.

I'd make sure you eat lots of iron-rich foods and plenty of vitamin C-rich foods as this helps with absorption. Any Google search can tell you which foods these are.

Also avoid eating calcium-rich foods at the same time as the iron-rich foods as calcium can prevent iron absorption.

Finally, has anyone looked at your bowel health to see if you're losing blood that way? I'm sure your GP has this in hand but thought I should mention it.

Good luck x

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Hi thanks for your msg . My gps aren’t that good they either leave it or just wait and see. The last dr I spoke to while in lockdown said I can take my own if I want.

Yep I’m always having vitamin c with the iron. Ok thank you I’ll check to se did he’s done that already ☺️

Hi hope your feeling good today and life is being kind! I buy vitamin tablets from Tesco and have found 2 Tesco multi vitamin with iron tablets a day has been good, no iron problems found when having blood tests! Take care and have a lovely day! xx

I was told to get gentle iron from H/B last year as other ones made me feel awful it worked

fine for the time I needed to take it .


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ah that’s good. Ive got active iron I found that on h &b

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