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Help on ESA Appeal

Hi, i have had my appeal form through, not a date, just a form, i have been told that i can only appeal on the symptoms that were present at the time off the medical assessment, however, i did tell them that i was being investigated for Fibro but i had not actually had a diagnosis at the time, it has been confirmed now and i was wondering can i still state this at my appeal.

i have also been advised from someone at Disability Online, to put in for DLA, i am so not up on these things and i am finding it quite daunting and stressful :(( i have had a bad week pain wise and all this stress is not helping me at all.

I would be very grateful if there is anyone that give me a bit of advice,

Thank You in advance Love Dee x x x

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Dee I would urge to get an appointment with citizens advice and they will talk everything through with you.

Good luck,

Sue x x


I would recommend DIAL also, an appointment can be made. For me it is important to be with the right person on this. You're in a similar situation to me. I have to appeal my ESA and also am considering DLA. It is so important to try to keep your stress levels down during this time.


hi! there are certain criteria for ESA. i have attached the link below. the criteria start on p17. read through. then walk away get a cuppa of tea and then go back! word your answers around their criteria.

have a great day! xx


Hi. I am also waiting for my appeal to be heard and had a letter but no date. I have tried getting help from DIAL,CAB etc, but they are so busy because there are so many people in the same situation, they cant cope with the demand.It looks like Im going to have to represent myself, which is going to be very stressfull.I have speech and memory problems so I am working on a statement document to help me get all my problems across.Not looking forward to it at all. But good luck with yours,hope its a positive outcome


Hi deerobert.

If you go to the main Fibro Action site, link below, you will find information on benefits and work. Also if you email them and ask, they will send you a load more as they have access to all the stuff available from the benefits and work site, through a professional membership and they will send it to you for free.

hope that helps, happy hugs, kate :)


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