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pip form filled in of to post it today


after two hours last night i finallay filled in my pip form after sitting looking at it for nearly two weeks just have been in to much pain and felt unable to face filling it in my hubby sat with me and it is now in that brown envelope awaiting posting i dont hold my breath as was turned down for dla last year suffering today sitting for so long last night filling it in fingers crossed this time jo x

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Good luck with it ..hugs sue

Well done its so scary filling in the form.........

I hope you post it today..

Sunshine hugs to you xxx

i did it posted my pip form today it wasmeant to be freepost but i have took so long bringing myself to fill it in it only has a few days to get there so i was advised to pay to send it first class so i did now it a wait and see game wish me luck jo x

Hi Jo

well done........... Hope you don't have to wait to long for your reply..

hugs viv x

Hi joel

Well done with that, I know how big those forms are! I sincerely hope that you are successful with your claim. Please keep us all up to date with how you get on?

All my hopes and dreams for you


I had to do my dla form to re-apply as mine runs out 8/5/14. it took me almost 3 months to do an they got back saying high rate mobility and low rate care - I am currently on high rate for both. I have asked them to re-assess the form. they will do that but it can take 11 weeks. this means my dla will reduce from 8th may till they re-assess the application.

good luck.



thankyou all for your kind messages jo x

Hi joed I did the same as you and I couldn't fill in the form so my daughter filled it in as I no how you feel being in pain it's a horrible thing to go through hun I wish you all the best.((( Warn hugs ))) Ros


It's so difficult to do, yet they will sit on it for months and do nothing because its all change and they're behind on it all. Still as long as you've done it they will have to back date it to when it was received - well done.

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