Front page news......Woman cuts own nose with snot spray(sorry if that offends anyone)

I was using my nasal spray last night(it helps keep things clear where the COPD is concerned) and I had a bit of an accident. I irritated the lining of my nose and I sneezed. As I sneezed my arm shot upwards. Not unusually for us fibromites you might think, we often fling our arms around with fright or when we sneeze. But I still had the spray nozzle up my nose and as my arm jerked upwards, so did the nasal spray. The result. the nozzle kept going and cut all the inside of my nose lol. Very uncomfortable and very painful I can tell you and so ruddy annoying. Then I was asked if I needed a plaster!!!!!! xxxxx

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  • Refer to previous comment re. Journal - Day in the life of FM. etc. Oh my lord, I'm sorry you've hurt yourself but sometimes you just have to laugh, and laugh, and laugh. Really, you couldn't make it up could you?

    Mrs. Brown's Boys is hysterically funny too. That man is so clever, and the whole cast fit perfectly.

    Look after your nose, your foot, your lungs, oh blast everything else that needs looking after as well!!

    Visitors just arrived. I really do hope you get a better night. xx :)

  • Hope you have a loely evening with your visitors. I have the munchies, don't tell VG lol. So I am going to see if I can rustle up something to eat without making a complee hash of it xxxxx

  • ouch sounds very sore , hope it heals quickly xx

  • Very sore and I am a slow healer lol, right now I feel as though I have a fist up my nose :-(

  • I'm really sorry - ahahahaha - must have been so painful - ahahahaha -if it's any compensation to you I actually hurt myself laughing....

    On a serious note I hope the wound clears quickly cos in my experience they can take a while.

    I'm sending you a virtual box of those nasal balm tissues... x

    Spirit x x x

  • Go ahead lol, laugh. My hubby and daughter did but to offer me a plaster was adding insult to injury. I may pick some fo those tissues up tomorrow while I am out, thanks for the idea. I am a slow healer so it does not help at all xxxxx

  • WhAT exceedingly bad luck - poor you hope your nose dose not swell. I am sending you a virtual plaster the only one that will asost you with healing get well soon. Try not to do too many munchy sessions with VG about she will be policing the site for food lovers Haha xgins

  • No I am on a diet lol. I have 4 stone to lose fast, and then the last two stone at a slower rate lol. If I can lose 7 stone in two years I am sure I can mange to shift this okay xxxxx

  • my leader at well known weight loss group told us on Thursday that if we lose

    1/2 lb a week we will have lost 2 stone by next Christmas

    1 lb four stone

    2lb eight stone!

    makes you think doesn't it?!

  • i hope your nose feels better soon. It did make me laught though


    Belinda xx

  • I think it made everyone laugh lol. Even me when I think about it xxxxx

  • wishing you a speedy recovery of the nasal kind, i'm always suffering with my nose too so i can quite understand you discomfort, get well soon, gentle hugs mels.x

  • Ta Mels. I am just looking around the site for some light banter to cheer me up, bad day, can be seen on latest blog xxxxx

  • how lucky you weren't using pile cream! oooh matron!

  • Turst you lol to come up with that. I feel like I cannot breathe through that side right now, very sore lol xxxxx

  • So sorry to hear about what happened Ozzy, my nose is sore in sympathy. I use nasal sprays every day, long story, have a history of sinus problems, operations etc.

    I will be more careful with them in future with them.

    I hope your nose pain settles down soon. Have you tried Beconase nasal spray, you can buy this over the counter? I use it when my nose is inflamed and sore, it settles it all down quickly. Better still it doesn't sting when you use it. Check with your GP if you have any concerns over using this spray.

    Hope this helps, take care.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • I get Nasonex on prescription from GP, have been using it for years due to bad sinuses and repeated infections and I find it works well when it works as long as I do not go shoving it sideways when I sneeze lol. But I may need to have a review as it is not always working well and sometimes I really struggle. But I have to be careful with my GP, if you say something is not working all the time he stops it lol and very seldom makes an alternative offer Think I will stick with this a bit longer, but just be more careful. From my sore nose and me xxxxxx

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