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Well I had my bunion surgery on Thursday and they did eventually agree to do general anaestetic. however before the op the surgeon came to see me and said that I needed all toes except big toe fused. I agreed this/

came out of anaestetic well so came home same day. I have metall pins sticking out of the 4 fused toes.

the pain is terrible so on top of all other ailments the pain combined is driving me mad. I am sure it will all be

worth it also the bunion surgery is also very painfull and it is so difficult to walk on crutches. I always walk with a stick.

hugs to you all

Belna xxx

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Morning That does sound rather grim - poor you but if the end result is being able to walk easier then all you can do is grit your teeth!

Good luck hope it is a little less painful today

Best wishes




Oh poor you that sounds very very painful...

Hope your resting and being well looked after...

Sunshine hugs viv xx



Sending you positive vibes.

Good luck chuck.


Hi Belina

I hope the foot pain gets to a bearable level soon for you. I know what it means when you get another pain on top of the usual pains, it seems to increase all the pain levels and it is very hard to deal with.

You have all my sympathies and i do hope your doctor will give you something a bit more useful for the pain, if not demand something as it is what he is there for to look after your welfare.

I think I had better stop or I will be getting on my high horse and start ranting.

Please take great care and the kindest of regards



thanks terry x


Glad that you have got that surgery over and done with. My friend had a similar operation and she said it was extremely painful but when she had the pins out and could walk normally she said it was all worthwhile. Hope you keep on making good progress. Your have been very bravex


thank you rose wine x


Hi bbstport

I am so sorry to read that you are in so much pain and I genuinely hope that your recovery is quick and as pain free as possible.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


thank you ken x


I had bunion surgery. The pain was awful for a week, then much better suddenly. Hold onto that hope. Find lots of distracting things- I watched lots of DVDs to distract me! Take care.


thank you so much for that x


hi bbstport my hubby has to have the same op as you have just had when i read your post out to him he is now cringing not looking forward to it but will be woth it afterwards .take care sending you lavender healing fluffies xx


thank you so much and I hope your hubby has not too painful experience. x belinda


Hoping you feel better so soon sweetheart!!!! xxx Mitzi


thank you mitzi


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