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Fantastic news for me!

Went to my gp yesterday to give her a 6 mth update as she put me in for phyiso at my local hospital.

For the first time in 4 yrs I walked in on my crutches ( took me a few mins to walk to a seat and sit down ) , was called in and first thing she said was" wow look at you it's amazing" she had a tear in her eye.

I told her what I have been doing and at the moment my phyiso is trying to help stretch my sciatic nerve in my left leg to help me walk better as at the moment my foot won't stay down when walking it lifts up too soon hence only small steps, after a short chat she hopes to see me in another 6 mths and hopes that I will no longer need the powerchair that I have ( I still use this when going out shopping or for the day as I can't walk more than around 20 meters at the moment), and in 12 to 18 mths with out crutches .

I thanked her for her help but there was one thing on my mind from our last meeting and that was she said "I have read your notes and have been thinking how to approach this but if you don't try and walk you will have other health problems as your legs are already swelling up".

I told her that this played on my mind until this day and thought that I had put my gp in a position and that made me feel like I had done something wrong and asked her from now on when you come up with a situation just come out with it rather than pussy foot around.

She smiled and said" I spent a few hours reading your notes and thought here's a guy who is 42 and his drs have told him there's nothing we can do and go away and just sit in a corner and have low quality of life but I am not going to let this man just fester and wither away and kick him up the arse " we both laughed and she thanked me for my candidness and I did like wise.

Today I have back ache and done some of my exercise to help take sharpness out of it but what I am saying is that there's light at the end of the tunnel and I hope to get back to where I could walk with a stick rather than be sat in a chair , I now no longer use the chair in the house and leave it in the van .

Now as I get better I know and understand I will loose certain benefits like high rate care and carers allowance but that's the price to pay for better health and my wife hopes by then to have a job ( she gave up work to look after me),

but that's the way it goes and maybe I can get a voluntary job like I did in the scouts which I really enjoyed.


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Andrew, your post gives me hope that i too can get some improvement in my health, I hope you get everything and more, that you wish for, to get some sort of a life, other than sit and count the days go by


congratulations, on your positive blog. it truly is great news and an insperation to others that with a little help allround and from ourselves we can atually improve our lives

hugs poppy xx


its lovely to read your positive and uplifting blog, i really wish you all that you need, god bless, love and hugs.x


fantastic news, what a fighting and positive spirit you have,keep it up!


What a wonderful, beautiful spirit, Andrew.

Soft Hugs towards a brighter future for us all x x x x x


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