esa wrag? is this right for me?

i have been diagnosed 2 yrs ago with fybromylgia, have severe arthritis, in which 2 knees have been replaced. still recovering and walking on 2 crutches. have 3 sinal discs bulges, terrible rls, in which im unfortunately up walking around at all hrs of night, and sciatica which has been brought on im sure by walking on crutches... fingers, wrists, hip pain, right arm pain, shoulders, aghhhhhhhh its easier to say where i dont hurt. my face.. lol. ive been put in the wrag esa and wondering why my so called job coach is asking me when do i think i,ll be going back to work? in which i reply, are you serious???? should i be in support group? i really dont know what to do... some days i sleep all day. because i cant face the pain.

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  • Hi mollyandmaisie I'm sorry you are suffering so much at the moment. I'm afraid this is the problem with using crutches, it causes a lot of other undue stress on your arms etc. I have arthritis also & some days I can't use my stick due to shoulder or wrist pain, so i know how it feels. I have copied this for you to read as you may find it useful to know the legalities.

    The site also has its own benefits adviser who can give you professional advise, here are her details

    You can also contact CAB if you think the decision is wrong. They can also advise you on the best way forward. Hope this helps.

    Peace, luv n light

    Jan xx

    You can ask for a mandatory reconsideration over the phone, but you should confirm your request in writing. Write to the office address on the decision letter and keep a copy of your request.

    When you ask for a mandatory reconsideration, you should explain why you think the decision is wrong. If you can, get evidence to back up your argument.

    In the case of benefits paid because of your disability or health condition, such as personal independence payment (PIP) or employment and support allowance, you may need to see the evidence that was used in making the decision before you can properly argue your case. In this case, when you phone the DWP, you should do the following:

    request a mandatory reconsideration of the decision. State your grounds simply at this stage, such as (for PIP), ‘I believe that you have underestimated the degree of my disability and consequently underestimated the extent of my mobility problems and/or the difficulties I have in carrying out daily living activities’;

    ask them to send you copies of all the evidence that was used in making the decision; and

    ask them not to take any further action until you have had the chance of responding to that evidence.

    When you do receive the evidence, you should have a better idea of why the decision was made. This will help you frame your argument and build up evidence to support your case.

  • Great advice Jan 😘

  • Right straight away you can't work like that your in a bad way What medication you on tell me I will try to help you with that then if you all haven't done so you need to get you pip claim I.n mostion

  • You sound very much like me, though I'm not using crutches. Pain everywhere, can't walk far, tired all the time, fibro, arthritis, I get migraine too😞. I'm in the support group, I think you should be too. I know I couldn't work, I wish I could!

  • Hi mollyandmaisie

    I cannot say any more than what our Janet28 has, as I think she has given you an absolutely wonderful reply and great advice. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Sorry to here you're in the wrag. They put me here (even thought I'm on long term sick from my job which I can't do ). I wrote a short note just on a shorthand notepad thingy telling them how much I was struggling and asked for a reconsideration . A guy called me back and after I spoke to him for a few minutes he put me in the support group. I wish you well x

  • I know how you feel I have psoriasis an psychiatric arthritis an more then sure I have sciatica as my hips/legs/feet/shoulder An back play up so much more so in the morning or when I sit down for awhile ps was signed off work for 4 months due to it as during the morning either my hips would give in as soon as I applied pressure on them an the souls of my feet absolutely hurt like hell as soon as I try to stand

  • Godsake sorry ......Yes of course you should be ...Don't do what i did for 2 years and suffer.. please go and see cab for help ..These people in the assessment truly don't know what they are doing!!

  • I know can't believe what they did to me an to think all thoses hospitals visits an gp appointments an it took calling ambulance an waiting in hospital for 3/4 hours only to been seen for 5 mins only to be told what I already knew I had lol ridiculous

  • Had the same happen to me with the hospital

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