Feeling like a drug store πŸ’ŠπŸ’ŠπŸ’ŠπŸ’ŠπŸ’ŠπŸ’ŠπŸ’Š

Morning or evening all

I had 6 hrs sleep last night yhaaaaaa. BUT woke with so much pain I want to take all my meds so so fed up with this back pain I can hardly move

You seem to get one good thing then pay for it BIG time.

Iam still waiting for my MRI results seem to take forever. But will be phoning them again today.oh the joys of all these illnesses

I hope you have all had a pain free night as I did but don't wake to this awful pain.

Iam going for a rest to see if this pain will pass. Oh I won't take all my meds as mentioned just having a rant sorry. Xxx


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  • Hi Gilly2111

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling so much and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your pain issues.

    I was wondering if this was a usual thing to happen to you? To wake up in so much pain? If so, it may be worth looking at it in the cold light of day and see if there is something that could be adding to it? Do you usually sleep in the same position? If so, it may help to set your alarm clock to wake you up and go back to sleep in a different position or in an arm chair?

    Do you not usually sleep for 6 hours straight, if not, it could be that you were fixed in the same position for all of that time? Do you think it may help to take 2 pain killers prior to going to sleep? Could it be that your mattress needs turning?

    There are many things that you could try to see if you can stop this from happening? If it persists or gets any worse it may help to discuss this issue with your GP or Medical Specialist.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your MRI results.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • I could of written that, I truly sympathise with you.

  • My brother told me about Acti Patch he is using on his shoulder while waiting for a new one, he said it works well & takes a lot of the pain away. .So I thought I would try one for my back, with me also it does take some of the pain away, like you I wake in so much pain it was just awful. Only trouble is you have to buy them yourself & at Β£19 99 they are expensive as they only last 5-6 weeks. You can buy them ay Boots & LLoyds. My brother has just bought his 2nd one. You can not use them on any replacement joints. Give it ago, it may help you. Good luck.

  • Ahh Yvon, someone mentioned this on the forum last week and you can get a trial one, Its only Β£2.95 for a free 7 day trial tryactipatch.co.uk/products...

    I have ordered one so cant wait to give it a go. ;-)

    luv Jan x

  • Thank you Janet28, I have just ordered one, very easy to do.

    Take care.luv Yvon

  • Thanks for the recommendation, I was just saying I don't like using pain killers - I have a feeling I was destined to find this information.

    I have ordered one too.

  • Thanks so much for the info just ordered my trial patches,hope they help watch this space xxxxx

  • Thanks for the information, I've just ordered mine to.

  • Thankyo for that Yvon I've just sent for some off their site

    Will let me ou know how I get in x

  • The slow release pain killers would appear as though they do not last six hours and the pain is waking you when they are running out. Setting an alarm for four or five hours sleep then taking some medication for the breakthrough pain before trying for a couple of hours more sleep.

  • Hi, please don't take all your meds, Have you tried sleeping with an electric blanket on low, I know it won't take away the pain but it soothes a little, I have one on my bed and on my sofa. Good luck with your mri results, mine shows nothing except normal degenerative loss and a bulging disc which doesn't equate to my pain. Do you only get Back Pain ? I am not being dismissive its just mine started with back and leg and now its all over my body and I was just wondering where your pain is ? 6 hours sleep is quite good really I am sure you have had worse. Good luck with everything and try not too have thoughts of taking all your meds and if you do try and speak to someone about it, I think tho we have all thought about ending our life at one point or another but I do try to think of family and friends and those who are worse off that me. soft hugs

  • Hi metty. I know I shouldn't joke about taking my meds so I'm sorry for that

    I have had those thoughts in the past but not anymore hunny as I have my beautiful grandchildren and I wouldn't do that to them. And I have just sent for the actipatch witch Yvon has just told me about and got it off there site for 7 days trial for Β£2.95 and free shipping lol

    Got to give it a try at that price and no tablets yhaaaaaa

    Thankyou for your concern and reply take care and hope to speak soon x

  • Completely understand how you feel as I am in exactly the same boat. Haven't had a really good sleep for days but last night slept like I was a dead person lol. Paying for it like you though and awoke in agony, had to struggle out of bed, bashed my knee really hard on a coffee table, which nearly bought me to tears but I'm okay and on track for the day ahead after taking meds. Hope you have a good day.

    Luv Jan x

  • Hi Janet thanks for your reply and I hope your knee is s ok hunny

    I've just sent for the actipatch so going to give that a go

    I will let you know how I get on. Take care and speak soon x

  • Thats ok Gilly, It will be interesting as I think there are 4 or 5 of us ordered the trial now so we can compare notes lol..let's hope it works. A couple of people on here saying it does work and does help with the pain and have gone on to pay for the package. So we shall see my friend.

    Oh & the knee is good ThAnx

    Luv Jan x

  • Hi Jan, that's interesting you said you slept well and woke in agony. That's what happened to me too, New Years Eve I had a cocktail. I don't usually drink at all so it made me a bit merry and that night I slept really well - in fact I slept solid for about 16 hours. When I woke up I couldn't move and have had a really bad back ever since. It took about 3 days for the stiffness to ease so now I just have the stabbing in the back every time I move.

    Its interesting because I have read so much about the problems with Fibro being to do with not having deep sleep. I think the trouble is not moving at all at night. So usually I have interrupted sleep - as I know many do - so have been on Amitriptyline to help me keep drowsy. But it looks like it probably doesn't make any difference if you sleep deep or not. Probably better to keep moving. I can't walk for very long at the moment so have started rocking from side to side which helps a bit.

    Take care.

  • Hi Blueby, yeah your so right. I used to like a drink, living in Spain was wine with breakfast, lunch & Dinner lol but I can't drink now it really makes me suffer for days.

    I think also that the meds make you so relaxed & like you say, you don't move & in one position for hours probably, I'm gona video myself & test it haha.

    Well I can't walk very far at all before I have excruciating pain in my back & hip but I do try to do gentle excersize as much as I can because I know how important it is to keep moving and yes the rocking does definitely help, I do it all the time. My daughter laughs her head off & says I look like a crazy person but she has a bad back & started to do it as well lol.

    Luv Jan ☺

  • Keep on rockin' - I rock side to side and then sometimes back and forth just for a change :) I might try a full rotation soon :D

    take care

  • Oh yeah hahaha always the full rotation lol

  • I might release a DVD soon....if Davina can do it so can I.

  • Go for it lol we all got to make a living somehow lol

  • Trying to ease the pain by being bed ridden with meds and comfy pillows and doing a bit of gentle stretching and a movement so as not to sieze up is difficult for me. Anyone else suffer with this dilemma?

  • Aww poor you. Only thing you can do I think is as you say, keep moving around as much as you can & prop yourself up with comfy pillows. I've got a big body pillow which I couldn't live without. Beeny bag cushion & another really comfy round oblong pillow which I bought in Turkey I call my rolly Polly pillow lol. It's very hard to get comfy isn't it ? I joke & say I spend most of my life trying to get comfy but it's true lol.

    Hope you soon feel better.

    Luv Jan x

  • Hi Jan and thanks for your reply. I have one of those double body pillows which I often awaken in an inappropriate embrace with! I have a pile to go through to find out which is best for that night but anything that keeps my knees and ankles apart is good. I've heard a few people say get a 'French' padded duvet and double it over on your side of the bed. I presume they mean a sort of patchwork quilt where the stuffing is sown into squares underneath you too.

    Wishing you a comfy sleeps

    Patrick x

  • Hmmm that sounds interesting, I like the sound of a French padded duvet lol. I think it's anything that is soft & fluffy, oh God, what am I getting myself into haha You know what I mean. I've got a memory foam mattress & it helps in the fact that, I don't feel like the whole mattress is digging in me. But I find it difficult to move on cos I sink into it.

    I just can't even have a duvet on me sometimes, it just annoys me so having one to lie on sounds better. I sleep with just one of those soft blankets/throws.

    Like you say, pillow to keep the ankles & knees not pressing on each other & i have pillows under arms as well. It's a full time job getting comfy Patrick lol

    Luv Jan x

  • Hi Jan,

    I think for the benefit of the chronic pain community as a whole we should conduct an immediate in depth study on what is best to where or not to where to achieve the best nights sleep or evening of giggling! Do you think the EU would gives us a grant? Best ask Ken!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Yours most sincerely

    Patrick πŸ˜€πŸ’œxxx

  • Now you must have read my mind cos was thinking exactly the same thing lol definitely worth funding.

    We could do one of those tv shows like the animal watch thing. We could get hooked up on YouTube and we could even get a Facebook like page hahaha

    Luv Jan xx

  • Yep sponsorship to promote all those things that can add value to conventional meditation. Massage, gentle exercise and pacing as well as appropriately placed tens machine like devices etc! Ideas to take your mind of pain during a painful patch etc.

    Patrick πŸ’œ Xxx

  • Ken seems a decent guy I reckon he would go with it lol xx

  • Ken is an awesome guy and I'm sure would approve gentile exercise to keep the hips and thighs moving!

    Patrick! xxx

  • Hi, sorry for your back pain. I just popped on here to see what was up and also because I have a really bad back at the moment. Feels like knives in the base of my spine so I am going to the doctor tomorrow. I don't take painkillers because eventually they just make me feel worse so I am trying to rough it at the moment. No doubt the doctor will tell me to take painkillers...

    Anyway just thought what a coincidence that I saw your post first. Snap.

    Take care

  • Well here's hoping these blooming Actipatches work. Few people are saying they do help & have gone & bought the whole pack. Think it's about Β£20 for 5 or 6 weeks someone mentioned. Anyway give anything a try if it helps pain.

    Will report back on that one lol

    Luv Jan x

  • Hi Jan, my experience of some freebies I got was excellent apart from lane thing which I've heard of from other guys is that we're too hairy to get to stick. I did get one to stay on with a crepe bandage and it really helped. With ladies it should be easier to keep in place and therefore more effective. I would recommend them but I'm happy with my MST tablets and a microwaved beanie bag.

    Regards Patrick xxx

  • Could you not shave a bit of hair where you put them, are they small ?

    Yes deffo a good idea about all the ideas to defer from the pain, very good idea. I like that ;-)

    luv Jan x

  • I'm going to do a new post asking for everyone to put their own methods they use to help the pain, or take mind off pain & just see what everyone does, it may give us all some new ideas.

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