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My fibromayagia i have all 3 different pains pain in my body and my legs i could cut them off painget too much cant cope none of pain killers work from doctorz so my doctor sent md to pain clinic to get stronger pain killers they just sent me to cbt wich i missed a couple of sections with me not sleeping they cant relise how much pain where in i also have the burning pain hurts with clothers and evan bed covers and i began dropping stuff does anyone else hVe it like this

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Hi Cathy

I can understand everything u going through 😞

It's everything what I am suffering with 😞

Deep depression ,anxiety , and panic attacks I am like a mad woman 😂

I have got CRPS in left arm/hand/fingers ,burning pain ,can't have anything on it ,even noise makes my pain 10/10 😪

I too keep asking specialists to amputed my left arm hoping the pain will go away !!!

Or it could make it a lot worse!!!

I've had my little finger amputed because of a work accident 😞 I am on 30 tabs a day 😞 That's all I do in the day take tabs ,rest take tabs ,the Drs don't relise how much pain where r in .

how did u get fibro ?

Gentle hugsxx

Christine CRPS uk

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Thanks dont know how i got it have had trumas most of my life

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When it gets like that it is relentless isn't it.

Have you tried Gabapentin, Pregabelin or Amitriptyline? These are not pain killers as such but they do something to the brain and nerve endings which reduces the sensitivity to pain.

If you have tried them and they have not proved to be effective, some members change their diet, removing wheat or dairy, baths in Epsom Salts, Ginger and Turmeric tea and many other things with some success, so don't give up yet!



Hi cathy1110

I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck my friend and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you





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