I've new blood tests to do

Hi, just had my appointment with a new doc, same practice. I explained my symptoms, well most of them, forgot a few! At least he was open to idea that it might be fibromyalgia. I've not had a blood test since taking vitamin d so he's requested it for me. Lots of rules stated on the request form, such as b12 etc, thyroid etc etc. so he wants to try and rule out other things I guess. He mentioned there are fibromyalgia medicines, one I remember him mentioning is Tramadol. Any advice on what that does/is about?

Strangely he asked what the co-codomol I was taking was for? Well, I'd just explained my symptoms. Is it not suited to helping the fact that I feel like I'm permanently cycling up a hill with a hangover? Didn't understand why he asked me that,

Wish I could have been pushier and asked for something, anything that is better than the co-cocodomol I'm taking as I'm now back at home frustrated that I feel [Edited by Admin] and wonder how I keep dealing with it without going mad! Patience wearing thin but no choice but to suck it up!

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  • Hi

    You have found a good doctor who is prepared to be open minded about your condition which is all to the good.

    The Tramadol is for pain relief and fibro sufferers find it particularly effective.

    Have you had a definite diagnosis? If not then ask for a rheumatology referral. The diagnosis of fibro comes when all the other tests, blood, xrays, etc come back negative so it is good that he is testing you for these things.

    Make a double appointment next time so you can go through all the results and discuss different meds and a referral without feeling rushed.

    He might have asked you why you were taking co-codamol for a specific pain, gynae, headaches, joint pain. It may not be in your recent notes. Have faith with him, he and you will get there in the end.


  • Hi, many thanks for the reply. No definite diagnosis yet. This will have been my third blood test this year I think. I wonder if my vit d levels have increased. But I guess even if they have I still have to sort out what is causing so much discomfort. I did have a chest x ray recently, nothing to worry there apparently. Have got a bone density scan soon. I'd say I'm heading for Tramadol! Gives me a bit of optimism to think something might eventually make a difference.

  • Hi minesawhiskey! Great name.....I am on Tramadol for extreme pain and it is the only one that I find gives some relief!! I also take co-dydramol 4 hourly which eases things a bit. Although I had no adverse reaction to Tramadol I know some peeps find for the first few times it makes you a bit wobbly but soon wears off but I haven't found this......Has your GP mentioned Amitriptyline to you as I do find that helps me sleep better - not brilliantly but better. I wish you well in all your tests and once you have a definite diagnosis for fibro you just have to sort through the myriad of meds to find those that suit you....let us know how you are getting on...x

  • Hi minesawhiskey

    Tramadol is a very strong pain killer and is called an opiate. Many people find that when they start taking this medication that they feel very drowsy and an "out of it" feeling.

    I don't know if you work, but if so, you may want to start Tramadol on a Friday evening so that you can see how it affects you.

    There are other painkillers that can be used for Fibromyalgia but your GP should know what these are.

    Have you asked your GP for a referral to see a Rheumatologist? I think that would be your best bet.

    Doctors in general, don't like patients telling them what they think they are suffering from, although you do get the odd GP that doesn't mind patients who have done their own research.

    As you may know all other conditions need to be ruled out before a diagnosis is given as illnesses like Lyme Disease have very similar symptoms.

    I would push to see a Rheumatologist if I were you.

    Wishing you less pain and more peace

    Lu x


  • Hi, many thanks for all the replies. My doc hasn't mentioned a rheumatologist and I only remembered the word Tramadol, though he did mention at least one other. I forgot to mention Lyme disease or ME as possibilities. He seemed keen just to get the blood test done for now. But I've had two already this year. I suppose they might all have been testing for different things. I don't know.

    I don't work. I've gone past the shame of not working. If I think about working I can guarantee I've had the thought "I know why I don't" within two minutes of this optimism! I can feel a little out of it as it is so this side effect of Tramadol wouldn't put me off too much. I've tried trading binary options and fx over the last two years, I've been profitable then lost money. It seemed a good option because I can do it from bed on my iPad. But I've just recently given this up/maybe just a break because my brain is just too tired to keep thinking about it. So, my brain gets tired as well as my body.

    I don't sleep well, the stiffness in the morning is annoying. I do find drinking Valerian root tea at night does actually help, I really recommend trying it. It tastes pretty bad though! I'm also taking Siberian Ginsing. Well, anything is worth a shot at the moment. Thanks guys. A very useful website this.

    I guess we gotta keep on keepin on. Hey, I'll have to listen to some Sade, the worlds always a better place when I listen to her sing!

    Adios for now.

  • minesawhiskey,

    Watch out for any really high pitched headaches it has a pitch around the pitch of a dentists drill,, it is a common side effect of Valerian.

    Ginseng can disrupt sleep so I would watch that one as well.

  • Hi, it's always interesting to note the advice on here. Luckily Valerian has only had a good effect on me so far but if those symptoms come along I'm already aware of what it might be. The latest I take Siberian Ginsing is around tea time, so hopefully ok there.

    Many thanks

  • Minesawhiskey.

    The Ginsing dose not work like that I'm afraid. It is a long acting adaptogen, it takes months for it to start to do anything it also has an extremely long half life,,, in other words ""months"" to stop doing anything.

    It is not a herb I would recommend to be compatible with conditions where sleep is already evasive or light.

    From the symptoms you describe it suggests a severe problem with ATP production. In this case I would looking at supplementing some Ribose to assist in this matter, I would certainty not use ginseng as it would likely aggravate the symptoms of low ATP. If your body isn't creating enough ATP you are creating a negative cycle.

    It may also be of benefit to try going off all wheat for a few months to see how things go!


  • Hi, many thanks for all the advice. I'd say with the sleep it's the stress that I am feeling that actually causes the disturbances in sleep and the stress is caused by the pain. I actually think I'd sleep okay if it was just the pain , but maybe not, I think I have to keep experimenting to see what gives the best pay off overall. The Valerian root does seem to help with sleep, though so do placebos, I often munch three packets of crisps at three a.m because I've ended up believing this gets me back to sleep!

    I've not heard of the ATP thing, another thing I'll look into.

    I've thought about it being a food allergy such as wheat. I'm surprised my docs haven't suggested it. I should give it a go but eating what I feel like is a pleasure I need to have in life. But if it's the cause then its what I must do.

  • Minesawhiskey.

    ATP is part of the Krebs Cycle,, in order to fully understand it takes some work and a grounding in physiology but it is where you should start.

    Please understand your Dr will not start or continue conversations about food allergies, to date the medical "profession" officially do not believe in food intolerances.

    In my opinion Dr's seem blinded by their learning!

    Sadly the people who work in most health food establishments have little grounding in anything relating to Anatomy, Physiology let alone the chemistry involved in the body functions. I will concede that there are a few exceptions to this but the limits of most who work in the establishments knowledge seems to consist of a particular thing is supposed to be good for whatever but they are sadly without a foundation to back up there sales recommendations.


  • Hi, ill just say for now that I'm very pleased with all the replies but won't add any more comments about my situation for the moment. No doubt I'll post again at some point.

    Many thanks once again , I'll look into as much as I can.



  • Welcome to the fibro frustration club!

  • Hello. It takes a time to be diagnosed with fibro, they must make sure that all other illnesses have been ruled out first.

    We all suffer from differently but within the general three main symptoms. Pain fatigue and cognative disfunction .

    there are quite a few other illnesses that come with fibro such as restless leg syndrome and tinnitus. and because we all react differently to the illness we all need different treatments. I cannot take Tramadol it makes me very sick and dizzy but most of the time i can manage my pain with paracetamol. Amitryptiline and heat.

    Amitryptiline is usually one of the first drugs to be prescribed. It is actually an antidepressant but works well for some of us as a painkiller. sleeping tablet and lets face it an antidepressant is not a bad idea with this illness.

    Good luck and see you around. :)

  • Hi, any thanks for the reply. Pain, fatigue and cognitive dysfunction, all ticked. I've got others but will just mention my dodgy chest for now as it seems an odd one, sort of a crushing feeling. I know I've not been fully diagnosed yet but am sitting here wondering to myself whether a straightforward strong painkiller would be the option or something on the antidepressant side. I must say I acknowledge to myself that the symptoms must and do cause me a level of stress and am always thinking of treating this side of things as well.

    The paracetamol stopped working for me and now even the co-codomol is having less effect.

    Am ready to try anything really. Lol. If I have a bad reaction at least I'll have tried!

    Best wishes too

  • Many thanks I meant to say!

  • Have you tried `pacing` its what we call slowing down and not pushing yourself, it only makes things worse. Over time we learn to listen to our bodies and do only what needs to be done without causing a flare up. It works for a lot of us but sadly not all. Right now i would say to you to get as much rest as you can. x

  • Hi, I'll just say for now that I'm very pleased with all the replies I'm receiving. I won't add any more comments about my situation for now, no doubt I'll post again at a later date, I'll bear in mind everything everybody has said.



  • One last thing. Look up Chostochondritis , It may be what is causing your chest pains, Though only a gp would be able to say for sure. I am taking it for granted that you have had your heart checked out. :P

  • Hi, well I woke up one morning and had big chest pains, went to A&E, doc seemed to check everything, reckon had just slept funny in the end and pulled a muscle! Lol only happened the once but I guess I'm counting that as my heart check out. I did have a chest x ray recently, nothing found.

    Bone density scan soon, is another check I'm having.

  • I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with the blood tests and any new medications.

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