Anybody nearby?

Just wondered if anyone on here lived in Bristol and might be interested, when well enough to meet for a quick coffee.

Managed to meet a friend for coffee last week and is so good to get out even for a hour or so. Easier to meet like minded people - not that I want to talk about illness all the time - I find socialising so exhausting otherwise!

Have the best day possible

Julia N

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  • Hi Julia

    I hope you get some replies. You could also try posting on a weekday when the forum is busier.

    You could always look for a Support Group in your area? If you look on there is a list of groups.

    From memory it's on page 2 but I do have the memory of a gold fish !

    Lu xx

  • Hi LU,

    Thanks for that.. the problem that I have with support groups is that they tend to clash with work - which I'm still trying!! But will persevere and check outthe website

    have a good one

    Julia N

  • Hi Julia. Sorry not in Brizzle, but wanted to empathise.

    I'm currently on a pain management programme and have found talking to others who live with chronic pain a completely different dynamic to socialising with those who don't. Even though we don't all have the same conditions, that unwritten understanding, sharing of heat pads, and the ability to laugh at same circumstances we all share has been a great and unexpected joy.

    We're planning to continue meeting up for coffee afterwards. Yay, new friends who won't desert me because my life has changed somewhat.

    If you don't find anyone, and you've never done one - if you fancied it the Doc/ consultant could refer you. They're fab for learning about managing pain too. I've lived with fibro for over 30 years but found all sorts of benefits to going, but friendship is the best.

    Good luck😁

  • Hi ,

    Thanks for that.

    have an apt with the Doc on Mon so will ask then, I know that in Exeter there wasn't a group but hopefully might be up here.

    Did think of setting one up but takes a lot of energy but that might be worth discussing with GP if nothing in existence.

    I feel that I need to do something different as this is the third bad crash since I've been in Briz - only been here for 17mths so something ain't working!!

    Least I'm feeling better so able to start think about all this more rationally and get things back in perspective.

    Julia N

  • Hi Julia,

    In terms of pain management programme, all health boards will run them. Given your location, they will likely have them running regularly. Heck we even have that in most rural Pembrokeshire!

    Sure you'll also have aan organised voluntary fibro/CFS one given the size of your city. Our nearest is Milford Haven which is about an hour away, so rather far. Same principle, I'd imagine you're large enough to have one close, esp given the depts you have at Frenchay and at the Bath Rheumo.

    Good luck again, let us know how you get on!


  • Hi Julia....I would have oved to have met up with you for a coffee but I don't live in your area....sorry. I am sure you will find a local group on the web site and I wish you a comfortable

  • Hi Trikki,

    Thanks for that - I will persevere...

    have a good one.

    Julia N

  • Hello Julia,

    I believe there is a Support group that meets in Weston super mare, somebody has posted on here previously about it, but not sure how to look up old posts, one of the Administration team can help with that.

    Have you contacted the Mineral Hospital in Bath, where there is an excellent Rheumatology department, they may have information about local groups. X

  • Hi jcnps

    I do not live in your area but I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with finding some suitable folk to meet up with. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi Julie if you are on facebook there is a a Bristol fibromyalgia site where they meet up I just looked it up as we have a Facebook site in north wales which I'm on and started my own meetings in Prestatyn which is great meeting others that understand what we are going through and last month I met up with the coordinator for wales and hope to be put on the official site so looking forward to meeting lots more people.

    It's great for getting out having a good moan and lots of support good look x Jean

  • Hi

    Thanks for that and will look it up

    Interested to hear more about you setting up your own meeting...

    Best wishes

    Julia N

  • Hi I live in bristol and would love to meet up for a coffee, just let me know when and where and I'm sure we can sort something out.

  • Oh great I'm in Clifton where are u?

  • I live in sea mills so not to far from you

  • I can meet up with you anytime you like Thursday are not to good for me but most other day are ok

  • Hi I know its short notice but would now be free tomorrow to meet for a coffee?

    I've got a work meeting Mon or Tues to sort out new shift pattern so could fix a time after that if tomorrow is no good..

    Enjoy your day


  • Sorry I have church tomorrow what time Monday as Tuesday I have women's fellowship.

  • Hi

    Can't give a time yet as don't know what time work meeting will be.

    Maybe b better to leave til the end of the week? Friday?


  • Yeah that will be fine just let me know when and where. Look forward to seeing you.

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