Okay never heard me say that I am Late but yes I actually stayed in bed till 8.00 So Morning

Coffee any one a

bun would be good but coffee works for me. I now feel totally behind no I dont mean my bottom I mean late!!

Where should I be ? thinks No where so that okay! I am still in my jim jams So what!

Is there anything I should have done ......... NO so why does it feel wrong?????

Okay this is not a quiz it is just gin being nutty ...cue Caduries fruit and Nut LOL

I shall read the papers talk to you lovelies and then star again now there is a plot.

More coffee anyone?

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  • Okay I am now presentable :D how is you all? I have just been taken down memory lane by a horse and a lovely lady.

    Having to sit about leg high it is bulging out the bandages today. I have to wait till Thursday for a change!!

    Hope everyone is ready for a chat


  • Good morning, Gins I could have offered you toasted hot cross buns to have with your coffee. A bit burnt but nice all the same...I have just been on the phone trying to talk to a lady from capita she has made appointments for both of us to have our assesments on the 19th I think. hope hubby wrote it down .but then its ok they are sending us a confemation letter..I think I got up a bit too fast when he called me to the phone. First I went duzzy and had to ask her to wait .I then had great difficulty understanding her and was slurring my words as though drunk . I dont know what she ll make of it... lol do you like the word duzzy? I do thats why I left it ....Sue

  • Bless you you moved to fast - never mind what she makes of it are you ok now?


  • woozy and duzzy think ive been on the monkeys booze. just gonna sit and read today typing too much effort. sue x

  • Morning gins you have much empathy from me my friend :)

    Right there with you only I was an hour behind you :o

    Yep, I've missed half a day but more strangely I slept for 6 hours not 4 !?!

    Seriously not complaining about that!!!

    OH is here for my lunch order LOL

    Many warming, relaxing and healing fluffies

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • what on earth was in the air last night for us both to have slept more than usual - very strange-

    just hope you are well xxgins

  • Back to normal for me last night :o

    How was your night gins?


  • Normal awake at 3.00 waited till five then got up no coffee but actually feel quite chirpy xx

  • Me too but nodded back of about 4:30 until 6:30 :)

    Boinging nicely :)


  • Afternoon gins, what a long evening I've had....... am on my (now let me think.....(very hard for a foggy) :o ) must be 10th coffee of the day, not counting the decaf ones through the night, my eyes feel really weird. I'm glad you were late gins, hopefully it meant that you had a better night and that you might feel a bit better as a result :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • h Foggy my friend you have the sleepy bug too, I have just had another coffee too yum with cream in the top oh la lah! Still feeling that there is something I should have done going to feed the birds ext while it is dry! :D


  • Nope gins, exactly the opposite, sadly I didn't get even a minute of sleep.....wish to goodness that I had, but ooooowww your coffee sounds delicious :-) hang on a min, put the kettle on and I will teleport myself up to wherever you are and hope too goodness that by some miraculous sat nav that operates on names alone, lands me in the right place :-) :-) ..........here I come. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • so glad you missed the pond - welcome to scotland :D Did you bring the biscuits?

  • Nope, not biscuits I'm afraid, just dozens of scones with huge pots of clotted cream for your edification :-) :-)

  • ooh my mouth is drooling ooh


  • I keep trying to find out whether the cream goes on first or the jam. I must say I've tried it many times in many places without coming to a conclusion. I guess I must just soldier on. This quality control is SUCH demanding work :P

  • OOooh it is such good munching isn't it :P


  • Mmmm Scones - Homer Simpson

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