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Hot Date (Volume 2)

Hot Date (Volume 2)

Well, there I was on my hot date - I wore my Big Knickers, not because I intended to show them but it was a cold day!

We had a lunch in a lovely cosy pub, and it was heavenly. He is a very nice man, and we laughed and chatted for hours.

I came clean about my problems, and he told me about his heart trouble, so we have started on a level playing field. We have agreed to meet again, but as Mr Big is recently widowed he wants to take things gently. I really identify with this, having been widowed myself.

Anyway, as luck would have it, I had another date on Friday - was sitting in a coffee shop, and distinguished looking gent asked if he could share my table. We got chatting and had a good laugh.

He asked if we might meet up again, so I had a long think for nearly five seconds before I agreed, though it won't be for at least a week because of commitments on both sides.

I am beginning to feel like a loose woman, but age and infirmity makes progress slow, so I won't feel too guilty about it all!

Watch this space - it might become like Sex and the City - in a very slow sorta way!

Love ...Moffy xxx

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Wow you go moffy. Good job I have my OH or I would be terribly jealous, so pleased you are having a good time and its lovely to hear of good things happening

Don,t they say things come in threes , so by next week you could have a trio.... May I suggest you pick three with the same name or give them all the same nickname to save confusion

High fives

VG x


Oddly enough, VG, these two guys share the same christian name, so they'll have to be No.1 and No.2! I wonder if there will be a No.3? Grins wickedly! xxx


No worries about saying the wrong name either ;)


As if I would! (snigger) :p


Well that's what I call organisation both with the same name.... You are certainly onto a winner there... Can't wait for volume 3

VG x


Lol ....We all wondered how you got on ! Seems it went well and you must be glowing now giving off a vibe ! Cafe gentleman ... in Volume 3 .. as VG says!

We not going to have a Daniel Cleaver and Mark Darcy (Bridget Jones Men) moment where they are fighting over you !!!


Wow how wonderful Moffy, so chuffed for you and so well deserved! You deserve every bit of the attention you are getting, enjoy every minute at your own pace.

Who needs Fifty Shades when we have our own dear Moffy! Can't wait for the next instalment! Just don't go getting VG all excited!

Next time don't forget the big knickers and thermal chemise just for an air of mystery lol! ;) :P

Bless you Moffy! (((hugs))) xxx



Good Lord!

I'm a 64 year old granny with severe arthritis and fibromyalgia ... and now I'm becoming a sex-kitten superstar!

I'm going to ask VG to be my manager and stunt-double, but I get first dibs on the snogging scenes, OK?

Whatever next? It's a shame the News of the World has packed up, isn't it? I could sell my story!

>>>> Off to stock up on raunchy thermal undies and sexy surgical stockings >>>>> :P

Belle du Jour (akaMoffy) xxx


Sounds good to me I have fibro and arthritis, just let me know how tall you are so I can stand at the appropriate distance to achieve the same height effect I am 5ft 2" but we have the same colour hair so it's not going to be too hard.... Must go have to search out my big knickers..... As KazF pointed it ... It's those little attentions to detail that matter .... Snogging scenes are all yours... Do I get danger money?????

VG x


Magnificent! I'm 5ft 2" as well!

I'm glad I shan't have to pay Angelina Jolie to double for me - it leaves more money for us to spend on Big Knickers!

Gold plated mobility scooters for us on the Red Carpet at Leicester Square? I should think so!

Shall we stay at the Dorchester or Claridges?

I suppose you'll have to have danger money, what with us having to fight off all those women who are crazed with jealousy!

Who shall we have for the male lead? I'm considering George Clooney, but Russell Crowe's not bad if you like a bit of rough.

On past form, I'll be lucky to end up with Earl off the Wonga advert!

Oh, well VG - we can dream, eh? Anyway, the Big Knickers are a real and achievable goal!

Yours imaginatively ... Oscar Nominated Moffy xxx


I have to admit I would prefer Jonny Depp but if George Clooney will bring in the money that's fine by me.... So , ,,, gold plated big knickers and riding our red scooters round selfridges....hang on that doesn't sound right.... Heads off to learn her lines..... I hope I don't get stage fright...

Dreaming of fame,, fortune,, and strange contortions, please don't plan anything toooo extreme for me to stunt

VG ;)


Don't worry VG - due to the tone of previous correspondence, I expect we shall do everything lying down! :p


:o ... The excitement is too much for me I shall take my meds and head for bed, if I can't sleep I shall count nipples.... Ummm no sheep... Sheep .. Tries to clear her mind of gold plated nipples... Hmmm these gentlemen they aren't called scaramanger are they..... No that's the man with golden gun... Call me Bond ... Jane Bond.....

Hey I could get to like this film stuff

Staggers off in a stuntish kind of way



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