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Anyone live in the Portsmouth, Gosport, Fareham or nearby areas?!

Following up on Rach's idea here. I am from this area and it would be great to meet others who live in this area or thereabouts, to make new friends and support each other and to have a laugh too! If you like the sound of this idea and live within travelling distance, please feel free to contact me either on this thread or private message me. Many thanks! :) :)

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Hiya i did some research for you.. i know what its like to be lonely with fibro i attend a fibromyalgia support group.. your local one is Horndean...

Horndean & District FM SG

Meet monthly Tuesday from 11am for coffee and or lunch The Red Lion, Horndean.

Group Leader Leanne Daniel

Email Leanne for more information or phone 0844 887 2408

Hope this Helps



Actually i just thought there is a UK conference not so far from you soon that is good for meeting people i have been going for the last few years :


Thanks Brujah, very kind of you to post this info! :) I have made a note and will follow it up when I feel a bit better, thanks again! :) If anyone lives in my area, please feel free to get in touch with me :)


HI I live in Fareham. I've been wondering about a local group too, but the one in Horndean is not good for me as they meet when I am at work. I'd love to go to one nearer to me.

I would also be interested in the conference that was mentioned.

Hope you feel better soon Libby


Hi Deebee, I live in Portsmouth at the moment but am moving back to Fareham this year, hopefully during the Summer once we have sold our house. :)


Hi LibbyDe

Maybe we should set up a group for Fareham, I am pretty sure there isn't one in the area.

I was diagnosed in November and feel clueless and a bit of a fraud to be honest. My symptoms don't appear to be as extreme as some posters on here.


That's a good idea Deebee - I am not aware there is a group in Fareham. I will look into it and see if there is one. I felt a bit like you did when I was first diagnosed, I even thought perhaps they'd got it wrong, but I know for sure that I have this condition now, the fatigue is worse than the pain generally. Sometimes at the beginning the symptoms aren't too extreme, mine sort of accumulated, good days, not so good days and bad days. I don't expect my life to be anything like it was before as I was so active, but I am determined to improve it once I relocate to Fareham, it's been very stressful here in the city. I need to get back to being social again, I really miss having a natter and a laugh! I don't like being so insular, I never was before. I love Fareham and it will be great to be back there :)


i really wish there was a group near portsmouth, apparently there was one but the person who ran it left and its not very good. i have tried to phone etc but cant contact anyone, i am feeling more and more isolated. :(


Hi Susie, I think you are talking about the group in Portsmouth. I went to it for quite some time and then the group leader left and to be honest it was awful, so depressing whereas it used to be fun going before it all changed. In my opinion it's pointless going to a meeting to hear depressing things and not compare notes to feel better. It's nice to escape from having Fibro, you don't want to be dragged into the doldrums. It doesn't have to be like that, it's possible still to cope and to have a laugh with others who have Fibro but want a break from the four walls. Whereabouts do you live in Portsmouth Susie?! Please feel free to message me privately any time, happy to help in any way I can. Take care. :) :)


Hi all, I'm a bit late to this but I live in Gosport and would love to meet up some time. I'm a full time home mum but don't drive, and like DeeBee17, I often feel a fraud!

I'm a pretty up beat person, (so far), more glass still half full and filling! I figure that if you can put a smile on someone's face, it's a good day:)

Feel free to get in touch.


hi , i live in gosport just been diagnosed with fibro is there any local groups do you know of.


Hello Pottydog, thank you so much for your reply! Please feel free to private message me if you wish. It would be lovely to hear from you. I totally agree with your philosophy about putting a smile on someone's face, I try to live my life like that too! I even try to turn my Fibro into something positive, not always easy lol! Hope to hear from you soon! :) :)




There is a successful fibro/ME support group in the area and all are welcome, the fb page is very popular (we have nearly 130 members to date) in the 8 months we've been going, we've had fortnightly get together's, which are amazing for us all as it's the only time we all feel truly 'normal' the illness is not the only topic, we chat have coffee and food and put the world to rights.... We'd love it if you'd join us. The group is fibromyalgia Portsmouth and gosport, which is a closed group so we don't need to worry about upsetting family and friends with our posts.


hi all, im too from portsmouth ,was told i had fibro nearly 3 yrs with some outher systems.fed up with seeing my 4 walls,and so board canr work,loss intresr with every day life now its getting to me.,feel so useless and i do beleaive that some people think im a fake,


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