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I couldn't find my sleep after 2 nights, So I gave up and went to see my Gp.... and bonus is I now know I have a ganglion on top of my foot

Hi everyone, well after two sleepless and pain filled nights I caved in and called in sick for work today 😔 Thank goodness I'd made my 6 year olds lunch last night cos getting upright was a mission! GP has put me on 10 days of steroids to 'settle inflammation in the spine'. I told him I've been doing a lot of research recently into FM and natural supports therapies which may help. He was supportive of that and admitted that it's not a disease that most GPs find easy to discuss or treat so he seems quite content to support me with what ever I want to try. Not sure if that's a positive or negative to be honest?!! Thoughts from anyone? 😊 Two more days off work - I've got great managers but I always have this underlying fear I'll lose my job which is part of the reason I push myself so hard and don't let myself rest even when I know I need to.

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Hi there

I think having an honest GP is fantastic!

If you wanted to, you could go onto our mother site and get a Fibromyalgia pack sent for the attention of your GP.

You can either get it sent anonymously, or have it sent directly to your own GP from you.

Here is the link to look on

Wishing you much peace

Lu x


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Thanks Aly I appreciate that. I've had a look at the you think they would post to Nz? I haven't been able to find any equivalent forum over here - I even asked my pharmacist yesterday if he knew anyone localwith autoimmune conditions plus FM and he's worked here for yeArs and couldn't think of one person!


I dont know to be honest. I would have to try to find out for you.

Lu xx

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