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Heya I've been in server pain with my neck,shoulders and back of my head it's been about 9 days,it feels like a sharp stapping pains also shooting pains that last hours,I've been to the hospital they just sent me home with stronger pain killers, I've tried everything from heated pads to ice. My neck and shoulders are very sore to touch please can some one help me. I've rested for the first two days but they day not to rest more then that and try and go to work which I have been but it's killing me to even walk. The worded is trying to sleep help please?

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  • Was there no mention of a referal to physiotherapy at the hospital.


  • No they just said I need stronger tablets which I've been taking but no change still the same pain. Xx

  • What painkillers did they give you? Are they ibuprofen 400mg?

    Did they give a diagnosis?

  • Hi I had this it went on for weeks! I tried cool & heat packs, resting vitorol but I found my beauty therapist who does massages helped the most! She could feel nodules that had built up and the only way to sort was to have a course of hourly massages over a course of months! Now I know when I feel it's going to flare up again I book an appointment.

    I hope this helps!!

  • Thank you I've had massages to hun I'm a beauty therapist myself and do massages so I thought it could be that but it's not I normally have a massage once a week.. :/ x

  • No diagnosis to be honest they didn't really check me over.ans they gave me co-codamol 500mg and I've been taking ibuprofen to. X

  • Are the cocodamols 8/500 or stronger?

    I'm not medically qualified but with 2 cocodamols as well as Ibuprofen, I would have expected the pain to settle.

    But it hasn't has it so needs investigation and diagnosis - surely. Did the hospital say to come back if it got no better?

    If not why don't you call your GP in the morning. Or How do you feel about going back to the hospital?

    I think if this was me , with severe sharp pain at the back of the head then I would go back to the hospital. Or at least call Out-of-hours GP.

    Can you rate the pain 1 to 10 ?

  • To be honest they didn't say come back it was late so think they just couldn't be bothered. They have me 30/500mg of co-codamol but they are not working. I'm going to the walk in centre 2mow after work see what they say. As I can't go on like this it hurt when I walk and esp when I'm trying to sleep. The pain is pretty intense I would say 8 bit closer to 10 when I'm in bed. X

  • That's a very high dose. If that didn't ease the pain - I would go back to the hospital.

  • Pain at 8 is an emergency surely?

    But 10 - how on earth are you coping ??

  • I'm not I wake up on the floor hold my head and crying

  • Then I would go to hospital now. Is there anyone who could take you?

  • What do you mean - you wake up on the floor? Did you black out and come round on the floor?

    Or did you fall out of bed after being woken by the pain.

    Call 111 or go to back to the hospital or call them.

  • No I get up feeling dizzy and have to hold my head to my knees as it hurts so bad.

  • Are you on your own?

    Why don't you call 999 for an ambulance now?

  • You've tried the anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen ) and you'very tried the strongest cocodamol - you really need to get this checked.

  • I hope the doctor at the walk in centre is more helpful and gets you the care you need. If you don't manage to cope till then, don't hesitate to go back to the hospital.

    All the best with finding out what's wrong and getting appropriate treatment.

    I'm surprised those strong cocodamols didn't make you sleepy! Combined with 400mg of Ibuprofen they should have given good pain relief. These are what my husband was given post - surgery!


  • do you know about fibro trigger points??? check that out-you can google it

  • Ibobrofen family gives stomach ache. I use co-codamol. And recently started to use Aloe Vera Gell juiece Forever Living Product. It slows down the pains.

  • Did they not do any tests at the hospital and did they not prescribe an ant-inflammatory as well as the pain killers? I know when my neck and shoulders are painful to touch it is usually because my muscles are inflamed. If I was you I would call your GP in the morning and try and get an appointment for tomorrow and see if your GP can do something for you as you can't go on like this hun. Take care lovely x

  • Thank you they only have me tablets. I will ring in the morning. X

  • Try an oestiopath.

  • You definitely need physio I had an episode when my head felt too heavy for my neck to support it was so painful I was given Baclofen which is given to use this sort of pain To say I felt like a zombie made of jelly is to put it mildly I was sent to a physio who helped but I still get tremendous pain I try to get in a position to alleviate but to date that's as far as I've come I'm sorry you are suffering Go and get a referral for Physio. Good luck

  • I have exactly the same every couple of weeks or so, it can last from 4 hours to 7/8 days, the sharp pain in the back of my head like someone is poking a metal rod through my head and out of my forehead, sore shoulders, the lot, even being sick and feelings nauseous and not even being able to stand up.

    I went to my GP one day after a very long episode, probably the longest I've had of 12 days and he just said to me that there is nothing he can do because I am on Fentanyl patches and lozenges, Naproxen, Betahistine, Ibrobufen, etc. he said that there is nothing stronger to give me and that there is no point calling 111 or going to the hospital or calling an 999 cause they don't have anything stronger than what I'm taking anyway!!!!!!

    My GP he's brilliant and will give me extra pain meds when I need them but I think that the complexity of my illnesses is a bit too much for him to deal with properly, his dad is a Professor in medicine and has also said it's difficult to say exactly what it is and how to treat it, especially as I'm on the meds I'm on.

    I asked my pain management doctor the other day and he just shrugged his shoulders and said he doesn't know !! I am in despair because these attacks seem to be more closer together and they last longer and longer.

    So if you find anything out please let me know so that I can mention it to my GP and he may refer me to the appropriate department.

    I hope you feel better soon and that they find out what it is that's causing it.

    Lots of hugs MandanDm

  • It's horrible isn't it mine is consent pain it's not coming and going, in going to the doctors later on today. Ill let you know what they say hope you feel better doo. X

  • It's really nasty and hurts so much one just feels helpless especially when the "experts" just shrug their shoulders and don't give an answer to the problem. I'm having an attack this morning, hopefully it won't last for days like the last one....

    What did your doctor say about yours? I hope they said something helpful.

    Anyway I hope you're feeling better, sorry I can't write much I'm in so much pain and even the light from my phone is piercing into me like a thousand needles (I'm even writing with one eye closed)

    Hope you have a good day and let me know if you have had any luck,


  • Have you tried ringing 111 hun? I always found if I wasn't getting anywhere that ringing them was really useful as they would either force my doctor or A&E oncall doctor to see me and take me seriously xxx

  • No I will try that to if my doctor don't do anything as I'm in so much pain. I've also had water coming from my nose, :/

  • If you aren't seeing your doctor today hun i would give them a call anyway xxx

  • Ok thank you x

  • That sounds terrible! I'm surprised at the hospital. Surely they could have done more for you.

    I'm not at all sure you should force yourself to work when you're In so much pain.

    Truly hope you feel better soon xxx

  • They only said to try not rest more then two days,which I have I'm trying to get on with daily things. X

  • Well please take it slowly my lovie and rest inbetween. Lots of hugs xxx

  • I have cervical spondylitis in my neck and I'm now using Musselflex gel, which I bought on Amazon and that Rosewine recommended. It may provide some comfort and relief. I'm not saying it will work miracles, but if you're in that much pain, every little helps.

    Hope they can do more for you soon.

    Gentle hugs 🤗 x

  • Hello RH,m not advocating being a sloth but for me rest is it--and sleep--I don't buy pushing thru pain--anyone who has done this method knows what pure hell is--=when even your hair hurts(just kidding but you reaalllly hurt) and in the end are far worse off--This is such a debilitating illness--I feel your pain--and desperation--Of course you just want a normal life--we all do--but I try to believe everything is for a reason which I know sounds like so much crap when you are hurting--I have an ex husband who hurt muscles in his legs so bad--was virtually a cripple--The VA did everything they knew with drugs and therapy--Finally as a last ditch effort they sent him to an Asian Dr who prescribed massage therapy done at that clinic by a tiny Asian woman who you would think couldnt do anything that would help--She worked him over good and believe it or not he is way better--so massage works for some types of pain when you wouldn't dream that it would--I don't know about fibro--Physical therapy kills me and as I said in another post I got worked over so bad recently--that I was in bed when she wasn't workin me--I have fibro--warm pool helps--rest and sleep--I also take 350 mg caprisodol aka Soma-which is a muscle relaxer and makes me sleep but when I hurt who cares--I am having a dilemma with pills right now which I wont get into--Id try massage--and maybe a muscle relaxer--I don't have as many answers as much as I have a warm ,caring heart for you and to let you know you are not alone--I think God made us "sensitives" because our bodies don't handle stress etc to well but a lot of us--are kinda well tuned in brain wise and are very empathetic due to our own pain----Gotta believe something--and that's my theory--Hugs and hang in there--MmeT

  • A Chiropractitioner may be helpful, could hardly walk with severe leg pains Doctor gave me strong pain medication which had no effect.went to see a Chiropractitioner who got me walking without pain.

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