Part 5: Find your Naturagirl

Part 5: Find your Naturagirl

I had a terrible day but I survived it. I can live with pain, with little money, with myself and my cats, with people who life in a world of their own and in a world without people but not without animals.

I realize that not everyone can be an animal lover but I will never understand that a human being can be totally indifferent to the suffering of animals.

Today I had to endure for hours without end the suffering of a Ewe who had just given birth to a little Lamb. It was like I understood their language, their desperate cry for help. I pointed it out to the owner who totally ignored it.

I am normally a person who is unable to hate or to wish bad things on people, but I sometimes I wish that humans who are totally indifferent towards the suffering of innocent animals should die the same miserable death they have inflicted on these creatures. May God forgive me.

To all of you lovely people, who have sent me such kind and encouraging comments, in regard to my paintings, I send my love and very best wishes for a kinder and better world without suffering.

Today I am sending you a portrait of my dear sister. I hope you will enjoy this too.


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  • I love your pastel of your sister...she looks lovely. Do you look like her? I agree whole heartedly about some humans and animals....I am sure He would understand!!! Hoping to get some pastels

  • Oh Tess that's absolutely wonderful yet again , what a talent. You are so right about animals, I belong to several animal charities and get regular details of animal cruelty that makes me despair at how human beings can treat another living creature in such a way it's unbelievable, all we can do is try to do our bit to make life better for them, take care

    What's the weather like over there at the moment, we're having a bit of an Indian summer over here 😃

  • Beautiful painting, I'm a animal lover and feel the same, there so dependent on us and there's no need for cruelty to them, I have 2dogs and 2 cats and wouldn't be without them xx

  • I'm thinking 'Surfer Girl' by The Beach Boys - what a lovely pastel portrait that is!

  • Thank you Sookiedee, my sister would love to hear that she used to look like a beach girl.

    Hugs xx Tess

  • Thank you Dionne. I have three cats and to be honest, they saved my life. I used to have dogs but I after they died of old age I decided against getting another dog. I do miss one.

    Hugs Tess

  • Hi Tess

    Yet another lovely picture from you. Your sister has lovely blue eyes that look very warm, kind and friendly. I'm guessing she is like you as you seem to be very kind and friendly too.

    Couldn't agree more about suffering and animals. I hate to see it too. We were brought up to believe that cruelty to animals is just one step away from cruelty to humans. As you say you don't have to love animals but neglect and cruelty are totally wrong.

    Gentle hugs, 🐈😸🐕🐩

  • Thank you so much Margaret. I always believed , and still do, that a human being, who can be cruel to an innocent animal, can also very easily be cruel to humans. Something is not ticking right in their heads and hearts.

    My sisters eyes are not quite as light blue as they come up on the computer print.They are slightly darker. We are very different but both care for others. Mt sister does not like animals in her house or garden, except gold fish, but she would never be cruel to them either.

    Have a lovely day. xxx Tess

  • So sorry you had to go through that. I'm with you, anyone who can let an animal suffer like that is........(bleep bleep bleep)!! The worst thing about this is that you're feeling bad about your reaction (which I think is absolutely normal) while the person who should be feeling bad (the owner) doesn't feel anything, must be on the sociopath spectrum in my opinion.

    Your painting of your Sister is beautiful, can feel the warmth in her smile. Tess, you are coming along in leaps and bounds, it's like art found you not you found art - you are a true artist. Thank you for sharing xx

  • Thank you so much, Maaariaaaa. That is a beautiful feedback! To be honest, I never thought I am all that talented, that's why I gave up painting after just a few paintings, which I now love to share with you guys. I do love art, always did. But where I live people do not comment much (or not at all) when they look at my pictures. That made me feel like a cook who whips up a great meal and the eater just gobbles it down, or like an actress who get's no applause at the end of the play. You guys changed all that. I am so grateful . I will start painting again and I know I can improve very quickly, because I am painting in my mind all the time and when I look at my old paintings here, I can see what I should have done differently. I wanted all of you to see how quickly one can develop if one wants to do something new and perhaps creative and I would be happy to give tips if required.

    Thank you for making the beginning of my day truly wonderful.

    Hugggggs Tess

  • I know exactly how you feel. I'm the only 'artistic' one in my family. I could paint a Monet & I'd just get a cursory nod lol. Xxx

  • That sounds about very familiar, haha.


  • Another wonderful picture my friend and your sister is very beautiful also. I agree with you completely about the unnecessary suffering of animals. There is no need to allow any innocent creature to suffer in this way. Thanks for sharing my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you Ken, I am glad we share the same sentiments about cruelty to animals and thank you for you encouragement.


  • :)

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