Part 4: Find your ability.................. by Naturagirl

Part 4: Find your ability.................. by Naturagirl

Hi guys!

After receiving so many messages from you, over the last few days, and felt so loved for my still-life's, I thought I better send you another painting because one is very quickly forgotten in social media and I want to keep your passion for painting alive.

Today was like a real anti-climax with no message (unless I did not find it.

This Still-Life is actually a portrait of my brother. Painting a face is very much like painting a still life or a landscape. So I hope you like it. It was the second still-life I have painted and I call it 'The old Akubra Hat'.

My love is with you all.

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  • just brilliant, a lovely lived in happy face, looks like he has many a great story to tell.

    Love it. Very talented xx

  • You got that right, Robbie. My brother is a retired captain of the merchant marine. He started going to sea at age 14 on a fishing trawler. He had a tough life and as you read so well in his face, many stories to tell.

  • Lovely.

  • Glaxxd you like it, kitten-kat

  • Brilliant, I love it 😃

  • Thank's a lot dexter!


  • That is wonderful....So much character and your colour blending is terrific...He looks a happy man...Have ordered my pastels, but what paper do you use for pastel? Looking forward to posting one of mine that you won't laugh at....xx

  • Thank you heaps, Trikki. It's fabulous that you want to do pastels. The best starter kit would be Art Spectrum "artist soft pastels' . You can get extra pastel paper in different colors which have a sandy surface to hold the pastel, or you get yourself some card board and some liquid 'colorfix primer' by Art Spectrum. That also comes in different colors and you just paint it on the card board and let it dry well before using.

    I look forward to your first pastel and I promise I won't laugh. There is no right or wrong in Art.

    Go girl!!!

    Love Tess

  • Wow. Amazing, my dad always says faces are the hardest to paint but can't remember the reason why, keep them pictures coming there absolutely brilliant xx

  • Thank you Dionne. Your Dad is not so wrong. To give a face life and character is not that easy I suppose, unless you know the person. I will put one of my sister on tomorrow. I have not seen my sister for many years and when I finished her painting I was almost shocked because I had brought her alive. She was just like I remembered her, it was almost spooky.

    I like painting portraits best. It's like painting the landscape of the soul.

    Ciao Tess

  • Fabulous work of art naturagirl :)

    I do love looking at your creations, such an inspiring lady :) xx

  • Thank you so much. Beautiful feedbacks like yours are the wind beneath my wings.

    Hugs xxx Tess

  • WOW! That is absolutely amazing my friend. Thank you so much for sharing :)

  • Always my pleasure, friend!

  • :)

  • What a lively picture, he looks like he wants to step right out off of the canvas and say hello !

  • Shazzzy, that is a wonderful sing to say about my painting. A feedback does not get much better. Thank you so much, you made my day.


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