Not sure what to make of GP's answer

Having been send to the GP by the nurse as BP was very high even though I take medication for it, I decided to ask my new GP what was her stance on Fibromyalgia. Her reply was that is people tell her they are in pain, she believes them . Then she asked why I had asked her that. I told her I was given a diagnosis of FMS but she didn't comment. Just asked me to make sure I did come back to see her as she didn't want me slipping off her radar. So now I still don't really know more.



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  • Did you get any joy about your high blood pressure .. Any reason why, it's high even though you are on medication???

    VG x

  • The main thing is you asked and you got an answer. The main thing is that she believes when someone says they are in pain. That is good as chances are you will always be taken serioulsy by her. I am curious too about your BP xxxxx

  • She may have been exposed to out-of-date training (still sadly going on) about whether Fibro is a definite condition or a wastebasket diagnosis (it's used as such but that's lazy doctoring!).

    That she understands that perception is all with pain is a good start. :)

  • Hi there , sounds to me you all scared in case you land with a doctor that doesn't believe your illness and what you really need to address is you blood pressure, where not the fittest of illness and its difficult to remember all that needs to be said I do it all the time go in for one thing come out with another but I did find a great place on the net (cant remember where lol)

    but it said what you doctor needs to know is all the things that regularly happen this helps him/her to diagnose things and to make a list then you can refer to you list to see which is needed most. Also don't know if this helps but it did me another fibro friend my daughter knows puts all the things he needs to remember on his phone and it alarms him it really works for me and helps me do things I need to some days helps me feel a little more independent. take care now ok your fibro friend xx

  • strikes me, if she does not 'want you slipping off the radar', she cares! she accepted the pain etc. sounds like a good place to start with a new gp. wishing you well. x

  • Hi Ladies,

    I got sent for blood tests this morning and I am to go back and see her once she has the test results. I will probably need my medication altered to control the BP. She thinks the problems is probably genetic with me as I have made all the right life style choices. I do get easily stressed though and there has been a lot of stress lately with mum passing away, caring for my 90 year old dad, etc.



  • I got a doctor who has no understanding of fibro at all and he is young .

  • Hi,

    I guess it is just the luck of the draw then as to if we get a doctor who does. At least my Pain management team believe that fms exists which is something and my GP says she believes people are in pain if they say they are. I suppose I have to wait and see.



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