New medication on trial

Hello everyone it's been a long time , I have been a bit miserable and went inside myself, I'm trying to climb back into the world.

I recently was sent a mail from my sisters law about a miracle cure. Called fibrolief. Apparently we don't have to take drugs any more just take this natural ingredients and your cured!!!!!

Well I wondered if any one had heard of this as I thought if it was that good how come our Gps haven't given it to us. Or why is there so many people like me on this site in pain. It seems to good to be true. Is there any one out there who has tried this.

I hope your all well thank you for listening

Michelle x

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  • hi sweetpea sorry you have been so down glad you have managed to come back to us and no never heard of it sounds to goood to be true it usually is ,i will gogle it take care glad to have you back xxxxx

  • Thank you mason much appreciated,as I kinda feel my family think it's in my head which doesn't help when your feeling low. I hate my life and wish there was a anew drug that could make me back to how I was beformfibro. I feel like my life is at standstill I am lonely and miserable. Any way thank you for your reply


  • hi yes i am told that a lot dont give a dam i know how i feel i dont have anything to do with my family now just my husband and 2 sons they dont say much but i do get help from them .sending softest hugs xx

  • I have a lovely husband who is very good to me, thing is I'm going through menopause and recently came of the Hrt coz of side affects. So I'm very emotional and moody that on top of pain is a bit to much for him I think.

    All my family live in Kent and I never hear from them, my kids are all grown up with family , my daughter is very busy to. Since I married and moved away I have lost everyone. I'm fed up of calling them to see how they are just for once I'd like them to call me.

    I don't have any friends here As I don't go any where I had to give up my job two years ago due to the pain and tiredness and my memory got terrible. I used to work in pharmacy then gave up due to lack of concentration due to being tired. I then tried working with children with special needs which I loved. That's when I decided I couldn't work any more as it was very physical and I couldn't cope with heavy lifting blah blah blah.

    Sorry I realised I am moaning.

    Short story I have no one to turn to apart from my husband who is my rock but I can't keep leaning on him I feel so bad for that.

    I hope I haven't scared you of from chatting.

    Thanks for listening

    Sweetpee xxx

  • Hi Sweetpee

    just been reading your post and thought Id send you some gentle hugs. reading your post above it's like a mirror image of my life. I worked as a midwife but had to take early retirement as 123 hour shifts on my feet all day were a killer. Sine then my 'friends' at work have all disappeared, I have two really good friends but one is a way away. The other is up the road and very understanding but she has a son with autism and works and her um has dementia so her life is pretty busy. hubby is great as are my daughters, but not being able to work means hubby carrying most of the financial burden about which I feel guilty! Its great to have all us fibromites on here to support each other.

    Gentle hugs

    Jo xx

  • I don't believe you should feel badly about leaning on your husband, isn't that what partnerships are all about, supporting each other? I know it may seem a one way street now but if it were the other way around what would you be doing?

    Be gentle with yourself :-)

  • I have heard of it thought about trying just seems too good to be true to me.

  • hi sweetpea i have just googled it and it says it has a lot of bad side affects you can bye it over the counter or get it free .doctors are not prescribing it so i wont be testing it .

  • Thank you mason I don't think I will try it t either

    Thank you


  • where do you live sweet pea i live in northampton uk xx

  • Oh I live in Bedford uk so a bit away from you.xx

  • hi its only 22 miles not far xxx

  • Hi sweetpee I was just reading your post I live in Bedford too!I honestly thought I was the only person in Bedford with fibro.I'm sorry to hear you're having a hard time an can really sympathize.I'm a single mum an my eldest at home (23) is my carer but she works full-time. I'm housebound so lost all my friends.x

  • That's what I think to, I think people like to make money out of us who are desperate to be pain free , hope your well thanks for message


  • Hi sweetpee!

    I wish there was a miracle cure! I have not tried Fibrorelief but take many of the active ingredients to help me manage symptoms. Some definitely help. For me Magnesium and Zinc supplements have helped with chest pains whilst taken along with CoQ10. Someone mentioned about people/companies trying to market products to make money out of people who are vulnerable and ill. I do think that is so true but let's not forget the Pharmaceutical companies who do exactly the same and manipulate GP's and medicine with extreme pricing strategies.

    I actually wish we could get all the required nutrients we from our food chain as we did in the good old days but unfortunately over farming and pesticides have put paid to that. It is now a choice we have whether to follow the synthetic pharmacy drugs (which often emulate natural products anyway) or to follow the natural route which is buying organic fruit and veg plus grass fed meats plus vitamins and supplements to fill the void or more likely to boost where my body does not absorb the nutrients now. I have done the latter but I can understand

    and respect why people who do not/cannot ... For one thing it is sooooo expensive buying all theses vitamins every month whereas if I took prescriptive pain relief I would get free prescriptions here in Scotland. Damned if you do....I say!

    Good luck in your quest for well being!

    One thing for sure.. You are suffering a real illnes and there is NO quick fix!! Or not one that anyone here has found 😰.. Sending positive vibes.. Edited this as my awful day yesterday made me sound more of a rant than reply.... So sorry!!!!

    I too get fed up with people saying .. You just have to try ... Or the best one I have had from a well meaning friend which was ... if you try this aerobics class - exercise makes you feel much better. As if I wouldn't love to...

    Take care my friend.. I feel your pain!!

    Jax 💕

  • Hello Sweetpea

    I'm so sorry to hear that you are feeling lonely and miserable. I also know that it can take quite a lot of effort (if that's the right word) to put up a post when you are feeling down.

    I have to admit that I haven't looked into Fibrolief, but I would be very wary of anything that claims to cure Fibro. That is quite a claim to be making!

    Don't forget that there is pretty much always someone around to chat to on the forum. It is quite ok just to post something like "Anyone like a chat?"

    If you'd like to chat sometime you're very welcome to send me a pm. It can be quite therapeutic to write our feelings down and to know that we are not alone.

    Your name made me smile. When I was young I remember the Sweetpea flowers. They always had a wonderful scent and were such pretty colours. Thank you for brightening my day 😊

    Wishing you wellness and peace

    Lu xx

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you have been feeling so down and poorly, and I sincerely hope that you feel better soon.

    I would be exceedingly weary of anything that claims to be a cure for Fibro, as there is no cure known to medical science. If there was I am sure FMA UK would be extolling its virtues?

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi Michelle, just been reading your post and replies, I am sorry you are feeling this way, and yes it would be great for a miracle. Cure, but reading the Google probably another money making scheme . I hope you start to feel better in yourself soon and send you gentle hugs. Maybe speak to your GP and let them know how down you are. Take care .xx

  • No, haven't heard of it,but I do agree with your first thought that our GPS or someone would have mentioned it to us, right? Yes. I'm sure you're in sister-in-law meant well but she doesn't really understand likely and probably just want you to be better. I'm sorry you've been down... I'm glad you're back on here with us! Although I dont know you yet... I do hear you, and know how you feel. :)

  • Hi sweet pea, this is a bit out of date now but hope you are feeling better than you were. I have been looking into this Fibrorelief and this is how I came across your post. I have emailed the company and they say they have an 80% success rate. They also offer a full refund if it does not work for you. You get a refund on the last order so best to order several months supply in one go. It is cheaper that way too. It can take 4 months to feel the effects. It is from America and this may be why we have not heard of it over here. There is no additional charge for shipping to uk. I am spending a fortune on supplements and osteopath twice a month for my 18 year old daughter and this is $50 ish dollars per month so if it works would be cost effective if I didn't have to spend out on anything else! There is always a risk of scams be it seems genuine to me.... We have tried oxygen therapy at our local ms centre but my daughter found the knock on effect of the journey to and from and wearing the mask increased her pain. There is good research to show if done 5 times a week for 8 weeks it has good effect but again very expensive! We are currently trailing a PMF mattress (uses earths magnetic field) which has also had good research. You can trial it for 56 days for £300. She is half way through and no real difference to pain but possibly fatigue is less. Again very expensive to buy at £1500! Will keep you posted if it has worked after the 56 days! One problem with FM is that what works for one doesn't for another so you only know if you try. You need to be very rich to have this condition as almost none of the effective treatments are available on the NHS! I live in hope that we will find someway to give my daughter her life back. At present she has no hope of going to uni or getting a job as she cannot tolerate more than 3 hours of activity without severe knock on effects lasting for days! This includes just sitting in a wheelchair! Only place of relative comfort is in bed with heat pads on! I give her a massage every night and without this I think she would be even worse! Such a horrible condition which is so little understood. And not even eligible for PIP coz she can walk and get her self dressed etc!

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