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I have waited 10 months to be spoken to by a bullying Physio !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just had a call from someone chewing on a wasp........You have been referred for a home visit from the Physio team,what do you expect us to be able to do for you ? She was very abrupt!! This was the conversation!

." You need to exercise ...what do you want to happen for you " Well I can't walk at the moment!

" How do you get around then ? Do you have a zimmer frame? "........ No but I have a stroller

" Well you will be taught some exercises to do in your chair! Or your muscles will weaken! "........ that has already happened " Well what do you want to get from us? " I just want to walk! "Well its really up to you if you do the exercises.

" Have you not had any exercises? " er No. .............." Why not ? Do you still go to the pool? " No because I can't get up the steps!...

." Have you ever exercised since you got ill ? Well obviously not ! "

Then made an appointment for two weeks time and told me she only works on a Tuesday so she is very busy.

Hells Bells she had no bedside manner at all !!!!!!!!!!

I was shaking when she went off the phone . I spoke to my Dr's secretary and she was disgusted! Now trying to find the no of the home visit physio's to complain ! :-(

The last thing I need is an aggressive person in my house....made me feel ill and I am ill enough!

Hoping I can get someone else as I do need help............but not aggressive help

Hope everyone is feeling OK today

Very gentle hugs (((((((((((((((((((((((((( <3 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Rainbow x

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Honestly! The reason you need a physio is because you need help. I don't blame you for being upset and angry.

I hope you get some decent support and help.

Gentle hugs



she had no right whatsoever to speak to you like that,if you complain about her ,tell her you may have health issues but at least your own manners are in tact ,unlike hers,! pity you didn't ask for her name at the time, you were probably too taken aback to ask... but I agree with you I wouldn't want her anywhere near me let alone in my house, they make me laugh about exercise because as many physios don't know enough about fibromyalgia ,they give you bog standard one cap fits all type excersises, which can actually be more detrimental to someone with fibro, I have a great book called fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain(second edition) by devin starlanyl and mary ellen Copeland, I got it when I was first diagnosed 14 yrs ago , it explains so much in the book excersises you should and should not do ,due to trigger points,so to be honest I would recommend reading this book before you mess around with physios ,over the years I have seen several physios , and I have asked each one what they know about fibro and then when they have given me the wrong exercise to do,i show them the book, and they don't know what to say, one snooty lady physio ( wonder if it was the same one you spoke to!!! I live in York) said that how comes this woman devin know so much about what works and what doesn't ,she didn't know what to say when I said "because devin has fibromyalgia""!

I am not telling you about the book other than to say in my experience it was a good buy, so good luck and remember don't let the b******ds grind you down!! you are better than that,, soft hugs x

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Thanks Jill and EJ I contacted Dr secretary and just now the Dr called me and said you have to see her. He was sorry she was rude but to win her round he said you need to put your all into the exercises 'Me win her round ' I was flabbergasted, he then said call and let me know how she goes but maybe...just Maybe she was having a bad day. He said he was not saying that was any excuse but if he called them up it might take another 5 months to get any help!! :-(

Still shakey from the phone call she made...I did get her name but no number to call to report her! I am very sensitive at the best of times ,and do not need a bulshy physio on my case....Its there fault I am so bad as I have waited 15 months to get it all started and became progressively more unable to walk! Now cannot walk at all on my own ,even need help on and off the loo very embarrasing I ! (sorry for spelling error's ) :-)

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( :-) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Gentle hugs x xx


Sorry. I just read my reply and I sound all me, me me!! I'm sorry. I'm not very good at writing down my feelings. Everything comes out wrong. I was trying, very badly, to say that I totally empathise with you. I'm very sensitive too. It's one of my traits that I really hate.

So, please could I send you gentle hugs.

It's very hard to report bullies. That's why they get away with it.

I just want to say I'm thinking of you and hope you get sorted x


Hi rainbow

I get the feeling that you are experiencing the same anger and shock that I am.

It sounds like you were being bullied by the woman big time.

I had a similar experience with a GP yesterday who is new at my practice.

I've seen loads of doctors over my lifetime but never one as rude as she was to me.

She was wearing loads of make up, had long pink neon coloured nails and looked as though she was ready to go for a night out not to see patients!

She spoke down to me, corrected me, had a go at me and basically bullied me so badly I'm still suffering today.

She reminded me of my last boss who bullied me on a daily basis.

How dare these people treat us like this. We all know how stress exacerbates our condition.

At one point she asked me "do you want me to help you or not?"

I was so angry and upset I could feel a panic attack rising.

I'm still waiting to calm down before I can make a decision what to do about her.

I've been pushed around by everyone for my whole life ~ but I'm not putting up with it anymore.

You are lucky that your surgery supported you.

I can't believe the woman you spoke to said she only works Tuesdays!

Good for you for looking for someone else. Good luck

Let us know how you get on. It sounds as though it was a complete nightmare for you.

Coz x


Thanks Coz ,this does not in anyway reflect as you said " me me me " It showed a lot of empathy and the fact some of us are more sensitive than others. I am so sorry you have been treated this way it is not nice, and we struggle enough with it all! Without some one bullying us! :-( My Dr says I have to keep the appointment and just show her that I am determined to do the exercise's ! Then if she is still abusive let him know and he will help sort it. I would rather have just not met her at all, but it will put me back on the list and it has already been months x

Big Gentle Hug back to you x ((((((((((((( ;-) )))))))))))))))))


Hi all I am new to this site not sure if I have fibromyalgia. My doctor did do the points check on me but it only hurt in two places. I keep looking for an answer to my pain which is in my shoulders lower back left hip both legs ankles and feet. The pain is worse when I go to bed and is like tooth ache in both my leg and feet could any one tell me if they suffer like this and am i right to think i may have fibromyalgia. My new doctor who is great has put me on gabapentin. I am also feeling very low in myself and finding It hard to coupe with any problems or stress. Any advise welcomed. And by the way have have recently had physio and the man was rude to me as I was feeling low that day I actually apologised to him for twittering on it was only later that I though wye did I apologise but it was because I can't cope with any stress. Help needed me thinks.


hello 'Rainbowdancer'

like the other member 'Angmax' i'm also new to this site and are useless on computer and the fibro fog does not help. just reading you message makes me both sad and angery. i had a similar experience with a female physion when i had hydortherapy, she did not know what she was doing and like your other member said they just had a standard exercise plan that fits all so too speak, she was not boerthered about me oo the other patients in the hydro pool. she spent all her time at the side of the pool filling out patient physio notes. so she did not concentrate on any of use at all.

i did complain to the physio manager about her attitude and her lack of understanding for fibro suffers, and as a result then saw a different physio 6 weeks later to resume hydro therapy. so please either make an informal complaint or official one, you are not here to be bullied, and until people say something they just keep on abusing patients.

lifes hard enough as it is, when i do have hydrotherapy it leaves me totaly exhausted for two day afterwards, like ive read other members have experienced also. so my out come was mostly posative.

but i know how you feel some day's i just dont wont to face the world at all, and just wont to sleep or could cry out loud. it's an ivisable illness that a lot of people dont either understand or have even heard about. sorry about the rant, and appologies about grammar and spelling, bed day with 'Fibro Fog'

best wishes to you 'Rainbowdancer' what ever you decide to do


Hi everyone thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts about yesterday x

Well after every thing that happened yesterday, no doubt as you all know it has knocked me for six. :-(

I had a bad night and today literally feel like I have been run over by a steamroller ! Both my legs are in raging pain and gel or med's are not working :-( I have just got up for a while , as when I first got up my knee's just buckled under me !

I am so fed up with all this and to top it all my OH's Dr says he should not be looking after me as it is making him ill.

I just don't know what to do or who to turn too! I wonder is this my life until I die because, it is no life,and I am feeling more and more a burden with each passing day! :-(

Sorry to not be feeling upbeat or positive as my daughter says but I cannot see any positive in this life x

Gentle hugs to everyone ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( :-) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Rainbow x


Hi again Rainbow

I'm so sorry you've had such a bad day today, but it's hardly surprising.

Don't you wonder sometimes why people choose to do the jobs they do. I would like to think, quite naively I guess, that people working with patients would be kind and caring.

I too, feel what is the point anymore. Life is so hard. I'm raising 2 children on my own, I'm struggling really badly financially and am living in over crowded accommodation sharing a bedroom with my daughter.

I know I sound like a spoilt brat stamping her foot, but why is life so unfair? And it is always the people I meet and talk to who are genuine, kind, caring people, who are the ones suffering.

Please please feel free to pm me anytime night or day. You're probably like me, sick and tired (literally) of talking, but I do feel it is quite cathartic to write to someone who understands how you are feeling.

I'm at an all time low as well. Luckily I'm not housebound but being in soooo much pain every waking minute has totally worn me down to a frazzle.

It was the anniversary of my late ex husbands death last week and I cant seem to pull myself together at all. We had been together for 28 years :(

Please take me up on my offer and message me. We can have a good old moan together.

I wish I had a £1 for every time I've been told to be positive. I would be a millionaire! What do I have to be positive about?

People are so quick to jump in with their judgments and opinions, but I say "walk in my shoes for a mile and then judge me".

You have a friend here who would like to help you, albeit in an extremely small way.

Try to rest up and perhaps you could try some meditation. It sounds as though your mind and thoughts are spinning around your head the same as mine.

Please let me know how you are tomorrow. I know it's yet another day to drag ourselves through, but even though I suffer from verbal diarrhoea, I can listen/read your message too :)

Thinking of you

Many gentle hugs (((((((((((:)))))))))) x


Hi Rainbow, hopefully said physio was just having a bad day and things will go better when you have the visit. I say this from personal experience as, amongst the 101 referrals I've had in recent months, I was sent to see a clinical physio who was clearly VERY important and VERY busy! Luckily I had my daughter with me to witness how she spoke to me and treated me or I'd have been inclined to think I was being over-sensitive. Anyhoo ....a week or so later I went for a routine physio appt with my lovely regular physio when said clinical witch walked by. While I was busy trying to sink into the seat so as not to be noticed I was astounded when she back-tracked, stuck her head round the door and gave me a huge smile and a wave! I think sometimes they're so busy they get tunnel vision and forget there's a human being at the receiving end - absolutely no excuse I know but sincerely hope this is the reason in your case and you have a much more positive experience when you have your visit x


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