7 years ago and in still fighting the good fight

7 years ago and in still fighting the good fight

Life is so good or shall I say was untill I had 3 strokes it took me along to fight to get back on my feet well on my sticks and wheelchair and then to be told I'm sorry you have cancer kick in the teeth Yeah but again I got though it we got though I was lucky I already had 3great lovely boys.. then I never really got better I was always so I'll and tired and would fit alot after more tests and more test this is what I was told.. I would be living with for the rest of my life and that things will never get easy .. well here goes .. Epilepsy uncontrolled.. Trigeminal Neuralgia dieases...Fibromyalgia...Hemiplegic Migraine...Diverticulitis...Pancreatitis...Morphea Dieases..Osteoporosis...Reynauds Dieases..Neuro Aumine Dieases... Parkinsons Dieases how do I cope my family I look at them Yeah some days I don't no who my family are but they remind me over and over so they keep me alive even when I want to give up cause of the pain and stiffness tremers and shakes xxx

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  • "OMG"

    You are doing "great" belive me !!!

    We all need to carry on fighting this awful condition.

    Sorry to see all off the extras that you are having fight.

    Please let us/me know how we can help you further with things ???

    If this is "support or advise ????


  • Hi Steve

    Thank you I think sometimes just having people to talk to helps as some people are to easy to judge in this world x

  • Hi.


    Yes it does help big time to talk to people with "T-Shirts"

    We all haven't got anything to judge !!!

    Please ask me anything at all ????


  • So sorry to read your post it sounds you are being so courageous in the face of such adversity. I can imagine with such a multitude of illnesses it is so difficult to decide what symptom to have treated and also what is causing each symptom as I can imagine that some of your illnesses makes certain drugs and treatments a no no. I know my husband who is an Epileptic can't use a Tens for Pain relief and also because he has depression certain drugs don't mix with his meds and you must be in the same position.

    I am pleased you have a family around you as this must be a comfort and keep you going when times are really tough. Do come on here when you need to even if you only read the posts as in that way you will be amongst people who understand your pain and are on your side and you won't feel alone in your battle against illness.x

  • Good morning rosewine sorry I didn't get back to you last last night it takes me abit of time ..Yeah I can't be on to many Meds cause my Pancreas can't filter them and means it just makes me worse and then I end up on drips and being fed by tubes .. it's very hard I don't really go out any more iv lost that part of me it hospital or doctor which is nearly every month and my OT every other month to just make sure I've got all I need .. we keep are smiles and laugh and joke about my illnesses blimey if there was a snail race trust me I would would come last big time 🤗xxx

  • You would have intense rivalry in the snails race, lol there aren't many of us who are very fast of the starting blocks and if they are they will soon fade after the first foot.🏃🐚. Yes I was just updating our calendar and either OH is taking his brother to hospital or his at the doctors and he starts 6 months of weekly counselling next Friday and I am at weekly acupuncture so can totally know where you are coming from with the medical appointments.

    It is such a shame that many meds. don't suit you I have just tried another one and had to abandon ship after two doses as I felt so I'll. OH is restricted as he is an Epileptic so many meds. would react with what he is on. In the end you get frightened to try new ones and there are alot of us like that on here so you are certainly amongst friends💮x

  • I have read your post with so much pain and sorrow for what you have endured, and even now, continue to suffer. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and you certainly are a wonderful and amazing person. Please take care of yourself.

  • Thank you so much for your king words but the people that who are truly amazing are my family they are who get me though each day xx

  • Good luck my friend x

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