Do you need to take OTC painkillers every day?

I don't like taking painkillers but I seem to be taking the main ones, paracetamol and nurofen most days now :( It's rare to have a day where I don't need to take one or other of them.

I take other painkillers a bit less frequently e.g. CoCodomol and other prescription ones e.g. Sumitryptan for really bad migraines.

Thanks in advance

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  • I mainly take prescription meds, morphine and deluxertine every day but often take otc meds as well for migraines mainly, I've had bad headache for about a week now and can't shift it with anything x

  • Aw very sorry to hear that, Dionne. Yes, same for me with headaches and migraines recently. I also have back pain at the moment which is requiring me to take stuff every day. But also take CoCodomol (sometimes), migraine tablets, plus meds at night which I try and rotate e.g. diazepam, zopilcone or doxylamine.

    Hope your headaches ease soon. For some the muggy weather doesn't help. But for me I'd rather it warm! x

  • I wonder if the back pain and migraines are related, I had surgery on my cervical spine last year and need surgery on my lumber spine but having epidural injections to try and hold of more surgery, it does make you think has all these things are connected, hope your pain eases off xx

  • Thanks Dionne. I often get migraines and bad heads but back pain is less frequent. I do get pain there but usually my exercises get rid of it but this back pain is harder to shift. I have had it like this before. But yes, one pain can cause pain somewhere else. My arm, knee and foot all seem to be painful at the moment too! Take care xx

  • FoggyMoggy , OTC meds are very bad for your liver and stomach and other things I'm sure. I would take as few as possible. ...just my opinion. Take care. Peck.🐤

  • Hi Peck, yes they're bad for the liver. It's very difficult to know what to do. I do try not to take them but when you have pain and a painkiller helps it feels like a no brainer. Take care

  • Hi my friend

    I only take my prescription pain killers. I have cocodamol and sumatriptan like you and I also have nefopam for when the pain is really bad.

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks Ken. I needed the sumatriptan today to get rid of my migraine and it did (well, for now)

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that your migraine has eased for you my friend.

  • Be very careful with mixing painkillers, CoCodomol has paracetamol in them so you shouldn't take other paracetamol tablets , too much paracetamol can damage the liver whether it's prescription or over the counter, I was taken off them years ago because of liver damage, If you are on medication from your Dr I would stick to those and not take over the counter meds as well, take care

  •, I'd never mix paracetamol and CoCodomol because as you say CC have paracetamol in them. I'm not on any other meds from GP for pain apart from Sumatriptan which I save for when migraines are really bad as they were this morning and nothing else had worked

  • I used to take sumatriptan but my Dr took me off them when I reached 65, apparantly you can't take them after a certain age, so I just take painkillers, do hope your migraine is a bit better now, you've got my sympathy 😟

  • Thanks..yes, the sumatriptan really helped though sometimes they come back next day. Shame you can't have them after 65. I am 57 so have a few years to go and hope they will have abated by then! Take care x

  • Yes I unfortunately take a cocktail of pain meds life would be unbearable without them. They are all prescribed by my GP.

    Commiserations about the migraines the OH has them frequently and I see what they so to him he doesn't seem right for days after wards.x

  • Thanks rosewine. Yes they are horrid things, fortunately the sumitryptan helped and I slept it off. Your OH has my sympathies. Hoping it doesn't come back. x

  • Hello FoggyMoggy, I take co codamol, for general pain, 2 at night and when it is really needed, they make me sleepy at times,,, I had to use the soluble variety with added caffeine, in the mix for neck pain, which worked well for me.., they worked better for the neck pain,,

    I will buy OTC medications if I need them to help with things,,,,ttfn from Karen.

  • Thanks Karen. Yes, i took Sumitryptan today which helped with the migraine. I managed to sleep it off. Take care. x

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