Fibro constant pain

I am so tired of being in pain every day, I am tired of waking up with pain in different places tired of complaining about pain and no one listening. I have had to get a job because all my DLA has been taken away from me even thou I was given it for life. I have got into debt which is making the pain worse. I have tried to get a little help with PIP but they said no because I work all my wages goes on rent and council tax . I can't afford to put the heating on most of the time which makes my pains even worse I just seem to be getting more depressed and more pain every day.

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  • Hi 9961

    I'm so sorry that you're feeling so low. You seem to have been treated unfairly by the DLA but I don't know all the facts so not sure why. I know when you feel down the last thing you want to do is have to deal with issues. Could you contact the CAB service for advice, or the DLA to ask why you can't get help. Sorry if you've already done that. It's good that you are able to tell us on this site how you feel and there is always someone here for you. I for one can understand the way that being in pain can make you feel. Have you been given adequate meds from your gp and is it worth another visit or at least a phone call to say how you're feeling today. Perhaps someone you know could help you sort out one thing today so that you feel a little better. I hope this helps. Take care.

  • So sorry to hear you are feeling so down and in so much pain, is it worth speaking to your GP about your medication to try and take it in hand? I also recommend speaking to the CAB, as they can hopefully offer some advice about your situation.

    Regarding the other issues, I'll just give some "quick-fix" advice based on what I have learned from my own experiences.

    Debt: this needs to be faced head on. Contact your creditors, explain your situation. You haven't said what the debt is exactly, but most people and places have to accept a payment plan, whatever you deem to be affordable - even £2 a month. If you have multiple loans, credit cards, or a large overdraft, speak to your bank about a refinancing loan to consolidate all your debts into one monthly repayment. If you have credit cards with large balances outstanding, 0% Balance Transfers can be useful to put a temporary halt on interest, but bear in mind you still need to pay back what you owe, and the 0% interest *will* run out at some point.

    Wages vs. rent: if all your money is going on rent and council tax, then either you need a higher wage or a cheaper place to live. Do you share with anyone at the minute? If you rent your own place, perhaps consider taking in a sharer, or moving and becoming a sharer/lodger yourself. If that isn't an option, can you apply for any housing benefits?

    No heating: Layer up!! Tights or leggings under tracksuit bottoms, and multiple thin tops is key, rather than just one thick layer. Keep your neck, feet and ankles warm (again, layer up the socks!) and wear a hat - most of your body heat is lost through your head. There is no shame in sitting on the sofa under a blanket or duvet. Hot water bottles and those microwaveable heat packs can be a godsend.


  • Thank you so much for reply,s. I have had help from CAB my debt is only my rent and council tax Which I am paying with my wages, I have a daughter who lives with me and she pays all other bills. But being a mother I don't think its fair she should pay more than me, if I could just get the low rate PIP this would help greatly because I could then get working tax credit to help clear my debt,s . I don't think it fair that I go out to work in pain and get no help because I am unable to work more than 16 hours.

  • Are you not entitled to Working Tax Credits purely because you're working? Have you rung them to find out if you can claim?

    Give them a call

    Let me know how you get on


  • I have they said no because i am not on any benefit,s

  • Great advice already 😊. Just one thing I thought of adding is are you using a Food Bank for help with food?

    This will help to reduce some of your bills.

    Are you single? If so, do you get your single occupation allowance on your Council Tax bill?

    The CAB will run a benefits check for you to see if you're getting everything you're entitled to.

    If I think of anything else I will get back to you later, but hopefully the advice you've already been given above will give you some things to think about.

    Good luck

    Lu xx

  • Hi, sorry things are so bad at the moment. Have you applied for PiP it doesn't automatically cross over? If you have filled in forms and been rejected apply for a mandatory reconsideration and then if necessary an appeal. Keep a diary, get a letter of support from GP and hospital consultant if you have one. Also a copy of any medications you take.

    Apply to council for a low income reduction on your council tax and help with your rent for the same reason, they will have relevant forms for you to fill in.

    Arrange for free cavity wall and loft insulation under government scheme. As mentioned wear a blanket when watching TV. I tell my kids how cold it was in my Grandparents house and you dreaded going to the loo in case one of the icicles got you! Lol

    CAB are great but government has cut their funding so can take some time to get back. Always talk to your creditors its when they don't know what's going on they get nervous.

    Best of luck let's hope for a warm summer!


  • They wont give me any help because i have my daughter living with me on a better wage.

  • I have a similar problem. I can't work anymore but my wife earns 12k as a nurse so I can't claim. The NI I have paid in until I was 45 and I can't even claim ESA which would be about £90 a week. I feel robbed by our government and we have a thirteen year old to take care of. At least we are not as bad as those poor people on the streets or in dodgy B&Bs or those poor souls who have died.

    All the best


  • I thought disability allowance wasn't means tested, when I was looking after my Mum years ago she was living with us we were both working but she got attendance allowance in her own right and I got carers allowance, this is going back 11 years so maybe it's all change , if you have paid contributions surely you are entitled to something.

  • Best of luck to you.

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read of your plight, and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with finding the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks to everyone it's nice to get someone to listen and try and help. Thanks again.

  • I know this has been said already but please try again for PIP, if they refuse, appeal and appeal again. Get as much proof etc from Gp, hospital or any where else that may help, keep a diary for a couple of weeks about how fibro is affecting you and let them have both barrels!! Try not to let it get you down to the point of giving up applying, you need this help. Good luck hugs Linda x

  • DLA now PiP is not means tested or taxable. ESA is means treated On household income, if bellow 11k you should get it above no. This are not exact but close figures. As suggested I would apply for PiP in your situation. If your daughter earns less than 11k then ESA as well.

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