I wrote to W Wragg my local M.P about PIP and ESA claimants and how we are treated at each claim. He is very sympathetic and has forwarded to current DWP minister at Parliament..There have been so many changes there lately I don,t know who,s desk it ended up on!

I griped about sending sicknotes to a centre in a pre paid envelope to be told AFTER a month of ESA didn,t arrive, this "centre" is a sorting office in Wolverhampton where our sick/fit notes go, it arrives in sack loads daily! It is stamped and scanned up to the relevant assessment officer, BUT if its weekend followed by a bank holiday there ends up a hugh backlog-no good for us who follow the system and do as we are asked, I even sent mine in registered and was told after I assured DWP my letter had arrived, "No good doing that its the postman who signs for all the mail before he leaves his sorting office otherwise he,d be there all day waiting for mail to be acknowledged" what a waste of money!! I get the bit between my teeth at these issues and so I have made royal mail aware of this "system"

If I get anything from 2The Big House" in London I will let you all know

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  • Oh that big black hole again- there's hundreds of them around isn't there?

    Well I sincerely hope your letter has got to the correct desk and looked into.

    Fingers crossed now that it is acknowledged and you get the response you deserve.

    Take care.



  • Good for you caz-54 and a big thank you for complaining as this problem effects a lot of people. I never knew that about the registered letter !! I too always pay when sending important mail through the post. That's a stunner to me. So what are we actually paying for then I wonder ??


  • I think most pre paid registred mail IS safe and does arrive as it was asked to. its the big brown prepaid government envelopes that seems to be an exception to the rule (at least in Wolverhampton anyway)

  • Good job! Registered Post? As the recipient, I have to sign to say it's been received. They make it up as they go along! Keep going! The more people who stand up to be counted the better! Slow as always. The only time they speed up is when they spot a possbility that a claimant owes them something. I wish you every success. :) XX

  • If you pay for mail to be signed by receiver then that's the way it should be done!! I hope I understood your post.Good luck!! Peck.🐤

  • i do. postman always asks for signature for registered post. x

  • I live within about 25 minutes of there perhaps my hubby and I could go and help them out on a part time basis. Even with fibro fog we might make a better fist of it. Think what he could have done whilst waiting an hour in the car for me. Mind you so much comes from Belfast, well great if you live in Northern Ireland but why I ask???? There is no rhyme and reason in what they do I absolutely despair.x

  • I wouldn,t they,ll probably stop your money and tell you you are fit for work!!! Lol

  • Thank you so much for standing up and having a go my friend. It takes a real champ like you to do so! :) :)

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