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Hi there to all that replyed to my pip yesturday lady has just rang me from dwp to answer a few question the meeting I attend was for my esa not my pip my pip is the 13 th august so fingers crossed I have now be put on the work related part of esa not sure how they work it out as I got over 15 point for my mobility but we will see what happens thanks to all that replyed gentle hugs to everyone

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Hi Dod Work related means you have to attend intervews When i got put in work related my money stopped because my hubby work even when i worked and payed my NI and TAX,S could not claim any money had to appeal to get into the support group I won and got my money back dayted so i would ring them today and ask if your money will stop Good luck xx


Hi there she told me my money would go up I'm gonna ring them and see what they say


Hi Dod79

I hope that you are well today? Just want to wish you good luck with this. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Take care

Ken x


Hi Dod,

I've had the same thing for me, i got a call from DPW who wanted more info on my assessment which was carried out by a doctor, i had to wait a year for my assessment and had to jump through all the hoops they put me through.As we all do..

My assessments were cancelled 3 times on short notice 2 where 40 mins before..We had gone through the compliant's procedure and was called to say that my assessment would take place on the 4th attempt, i did have my assessment but i found it really difficult as the Dr was really cold, i told him that i had upto date medical letters with me but he said i dont need them i've all the info i need...

So 2 weeks later dwp called to ask for me for more info i answered all the questions and man said that he was pleased he'd spoken to me as he was confused about my assessment, i asked why and he said that i'd been given zero points from the assessment.

I could'nt believe it so asked for a copy of the assessment, he said that he'd call me in the morning with his disision which he did, i was told that i would'nt need to jump through anymore hoops and that i woud be on the highest esa and woud'nt be contacted for another year..The fight was over...

No it was'nt i received a letter that said i had been put in the work group and not the support group..

I called them when i though i was calm and they said the letter was correct, i was told that i would get a call in 4hrs from the dwp it only took them 10mins to call me, i explained everything again by this time i was a complete mess, the lady said that she would send out a copy of the doc's assessment as i had'nt received it and to send in all my new medical notes that i had and ask for them to re-assess my claim..

I'm still waiting for their disision and i'd cross my fingers if it did'nt hurt me so much...

Sorry my reply is so long..

I wish you luck and i hope that they put you in the support group where you should be..

Gentle hugs viv xxx


Hi thank you for the reply I know whey do they bother to do an assement if they don't take everything the doctor said on board I had a lady she just grunted with my answer when they rang she said she had given 12 points for mobility but hadn't scored me for sitting which is a massive problem for me I have to jobs to start but as soon as I do a medical they won't start me due to having to sit for longer than 20 minutes I had a doctor do my last medical had the letter with me but she didn't want to see that wish a fibro suffer could do the assement a then they would really understand what we go through from day to day been not good weather here last two days in more pain than ever dreading the winter months not sure how many people are the same with the change of weather fingers crossed for you you get what you desever I'm on the work activity group but got my pip on Wednesday the 13 th then I will see what they come up with sending gentle hugs your way


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