Here come the DWP again!

Having had my DLA to PIP assessment late last year and awarded enhanced mobility (14 of 12 points needed) and enhanced care (41 of 12 points needed). Two weeks later came a letter saying regarding ESA you will remain in priority group with no more reviews.

Today a letter informing me that if i do not attend a meeting st Job Centre on 31st ALL MY BENEFITS WILL CEASE, thst isnt MAYBE or MIGHT it says WILL CEASE.

Happy new year DWP.

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  • Leonwp , I'm sorry to hear that....That makes about as much sense as others things they do.I hope you get it sorted being from the US I really don't know what advise to give you but I do wish you the very best.Peck 🐀

  • Thank you Peck and Happy New Year.

  • Hi what they say and do are 2 different things. It's part of daiman green's work make you better program. I've got mine today just hope the snow holds enough so I can get there. good luck I hope yours goes well. Maco100

  • Thank you Maco good luck with yours to and Happy New Year.

  • Thanks. Just hope it doesn't snow any more this morning the last thing I need is not being able to get there and benefits stopped. Happy new year

  • Good luck today maco and the snow doesn't hinder you

    Take care πŸ˜˜πŸ€—

  • They do infuriate me Leonwp. The stress they cause with their nonsense. They need to "assess" their staff. Hope all works out xx

  • Morning Leon sounds like one not talking to the other - I'd try and get in touch with them (know this is like breaking eggs) or tryand contact Citizens Advice maybe someone there can contact them on your behalf. I am one of the FORTUNATE ones that don't have go through this debacle thankfully - it makes me really angry that so called pretenders/liers of being unable to do stuff which has gone on over many years - and has made it difficult for the likes of yourself because I think the likes of DWP don't believe everyone now if having problems.

    I really do hope you can get this resolved and don't lose out. Take care πŸ˜˜πŸ€—

  • Thank you Toolie, I thought I would be called in once more but then I had the no further contact letter in November and though that was it. What is laughable is that having checked the format of the letter it seems it is of the kind they send out for fraud, so it will be interesting.

  • Disgusting it's just getting worse - see my message where I forgot to add more. πŸ˜˜πŸ€—

  • Hi angieSmith50

    The country is so out of sync. The government want everyone in work but it's looking probable I am going to lose my job becauseI can't get seen in the pain clinic. If I could I would maybe have some meds that could help me return to work. It's an absolute joke and we're at the butt end of it .

    Good luck. Hope things get sorted for you

    Love and light

    Julie x

  • Meant to add I worked in a hospice many years ago we had a woman in there who was in a full coma wasn't supported with any breathing equipment etc but just needed TLC - do you know back then a GP (who was my GP) had to come to assess her so that she could carry on receiving her benefits to pay for her care whilst she was with us Disgusting or what

    Take care. πŸ˜˜πŸ€—

  • Well when I was refused DLA and turned down at mandattory consideration and at appeal then finally won at court tribunal it all took 18 months during which time I ended up living under a bridge until salvation army found me and got me in a hostel, on the 5th of November I won the tribunal on 12th of November I was givenmy flat in a care facitity where ive been ever since.

  • Whaaaat!! That's absolutely awful and we are supposed to be a caring society. Can't say anything more as post will be taken down. πŸ˜˜πŸ€—

  • Oh whata good ending ! It is good not to give up. I hope you are enjoying your new place. I can't imagine the stress you went through. Please use it to encourage others.

  • I think you must have misread or misunderstood my post, everything was ok but i have been called into DWP on notice that if i dont attend my benefits will cease. I have no choice but to attend.

  • Oh my heart hurts for you Leonwp. It makes me so angry, I can't imagine how you managed and am so happy that you have your flat now.

    I am also very ill and thought I wouldn't have to go for an assessment for ages but I had one 12 months ago and am terrified because I have to have another in 2 weeks.

    All my very best to you, words are so clumsy but I am so glad you have your safe place.

  • Thank you for sharing your kind thoughts, if you dont mind me asking what assessment are you waiting for?

  • This all makes me so angry/frustrated....I so hope you get sorted may even get an apology!!!

  • PAH!, Thank you for the good wshes but I think the chances of an apology are less likely than a lottery jackpot, however when they have what they require I assure you they will get more than they bargained for.

  • Be mighty careful Leon you don't want them to put a big red cross on your file for the future!

  • Do you think throwing one of them out of the window is likely to result in a big red cross?, in that case I may go for both of them just to give them something to report. But to answer seriously I am way beyond worrying about anything the DWP can do to me im more annoyed about the inconvenience and the waste of time.

  • Take as much paper work as possible then they can not ask you to come back. It is strange how one who is in pain is tossed around yet they are people who are healthy and know how to cheat the system and get away with it.

  • There really is nothing i can take, they pay money into my only bank account and my only other income is a Β£600 a year pension. I have a small savings account that i use to save Β£20 a month for xmas etc. They have even demanded i bring utility bills but i dont have any because i live in a care facility.

  • Do not worry it shall be well. I can imagine the frustration but go along and get it out of the way . Hopefully, they will leave you alone after this.

  • Good luck

  • Yes the day after the pope gets married !!!

  • They are not supposed to do this when you are in support group. If it's a work focused interview then you cannot be forced to attend. I suggest you contact them and point this out and if they still persist you can make a complaint for harassment.

  • Thank you for that advice. It doesnt ssy what it is about. I have tried the number they have given a few times but it goes straight to answerphone.

  • If you can, go to the Job Centre next week with all of your letters and ask them to sort it out for you.

    It may be an oversight but I would not ignore it.

    There is a general phone number for the DWP but it will take you a minimum of twenty minutes to get through. It could save you a trip though.


  • I like that idea and it is easier to get there than where they want me to go. Thank you

  • Hello Leonwp,,,well it definatley shows they don't all work from the same page,,,I always thought pip had nothing to do with esa,,,and as you have had the letters what are the playing at,,,have you considered ringing up to ask what is going on?,,,if you do have to go, I hope things go well for you,,,good lick and keep us posted,,,,ttfn from karen.

  • Thank you Karen, i have tried multiple times to ring but get ansaphone, 1 suggestion has been to get what they want dropped off at job centre next week with a written statement saying i have nothing to add at this time but will provide a full answer to any question they put to me in writing, i think that is a good way to deal with them, it seems reasonable to me. There is no way i can guarantee i will be well enough on the day in 2 weeks time to attend their offices for a meeting at 10.30 in the morning. If my consultant wants me in for a clinic appointment he sends an ambulance because he knows otherwise i cant guarantee to get there before 11 or at all if it is raining as my wheelchair wont go up the ramp of a black cab in the rain the wheels wont grip so i will tell them the same.

  • Hi again,,,great things to do,,what about copying the letters and sending them and what happens with your consultant does for you,,,,or having them hand delivered to them and see what ever they reply?,,,,good luck,,ttfn from karen.

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