Nightmare 2 days.Started yesterday got a "dreaded brown letter" . from my mortgage lender to say that my payments had been stopped from my benefits.My IB ceased on the 2oth and my ESA commenced on the 21st.Why are the DWP quick enough to tell relevant parties that IB has stopped but not that ESA has commencedAfter spending nearly all day going from DWP to mortgage lender and back again,the DWP tell me yes everything is set up and there are no problems payments will be sent.Fibro fog had got hold of me and I was finding it difficult to find the correct words and messing sentences up which was also stressful.Today it started all over again this time the "dreaded brown letter" was the same scenario but council tax had also ceased.Yet again another day of going from one to the other to be eventually told by the council that their system is linked to the DWP system and to ignore the letter I had received and did not have to do anything as she could see all my details and that payments were and will be made.I am now going into a flare up.

Why are the DWP making it so difficult for sick vunerable people.Are they hoping we will "throw the towel in".Well not on my Nellie I might not be as strong as I used to be and it now takes me longer and is more difficult for me to sort these matters out but my mantra is even when I cant get my body out of bed "The B******S might get me down and make my illness worse but they wont BEAT ME".

Hoping for a free dreaded brown letter day tomorrow!

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  • Gentle hugs

  • Just wait till you get all the P45's that also go with it! Its the DWP's way of shunting you off of Incapacity and onto ESA, they do send a letter months beforehand but its a bit vague and doesn't mention all the stopping payments and the restarting when the ESA kicks in. Thats why you get the P45s. As you say, why can't they remind you a month beforehand that there maybe some disturbance in payments and it should resolve itself, if it doesnt then to contact them. Would make much more sense.

  • Bless you I went through so much s**t with them last time they sent me into a breakdown. On the forms this year I put in great big letters if they do that to me this year I will sue. I also said on no circumstances are they to telephone me but to call my carer. Miracle they actually did as they were told and all sorted in 7 days. I am astounded to be honest. It obviously pays to threaten to sue.

    I hope you have no further problems with them.

    Hugs x

  • many thanx for your reply

  • You go girl! Respect! Tulip xx

  • kick up as much stink as you can newspapers media and your local mp and say to mp if they are tory scum and don't do nowt don't vote for them again

  • My local MP is as much use as a chocolate fireguard!!!!

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