Holiday events!!!!

I have a son who lives in Seattle USA. I was fortunate enough that I managed a trip there last month. Here are the funnies.

I travelled solo to Vancouver City via Victoria Vancouver Island. I asked my son before I even got to end of April to book me a train ticket from Vancouver back to Seattle.

I had him print out E ticket cause I am an oldie and want paper not images to show train operatives.

I got to Pacific Rail and asked for assistance on/off train only to be told that is not only was I not booked on a train but my son had clicked Vancouver near Portland Oregon! Ha Hah I caught a bus. Then when I got back to the hotel I booked into in Seattle the lift got stuck with little me for 15mins . Fire Department arrived and prized open the doors. Ho Ho Hunky fire-crew. So I asked for a picture!

Life seems somewhat different back home.

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  • Hey at least you got some hunks falling at your feet.

    Lucky girl!!

    Seriously though that must have been a nightmare of a trip for you. May seem funny now but not at the time.

    Glad you got home ok.



  • Hi skit

    WOW! I am so genuinely sorry to read all of this my friend. I can imagine that you were best than pleased with the carry-ons? Mind you, it sounds like you had a real life adventure? I have to admit that I always want a paper ticket in my hand when I go anywhere as well.

    As you know I am notorious for giving advice to people, well my advice for next year is go on a cruise! Please let us know how you get on my friend?

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I am going to Seattle and then on a cruise to Alaska- you must have ESP!

    Hope to see whales. Then I go to Atlanta to the Georgia Aquarium(about 10 days later) and see the whale sharks!

  • That sounds wonderful my friend, I sincerely hope that you have a wonderful time and get to see loads of whale sharks. Please enjoy yourself and don't forget a photo? x :)

  • lol i hope you asked him if he was having a senior moment hahahahah

  • so where's the picture? :P

  • when I get my head on as had bad few days I will load pics on laptop and post fire truck for all of you.

  • That would be great :)

  • Hi

    My son also lives and works in or very near to Seattle USA he met an american girl online and after 5 years of flying back and forward they finally got married last February, I haven't seen him since November 2014 when he went over for the last time it took them 4 months to get all of the paper work sorted for them to get married and for him to be able to work there.

    I don't think I will ever be able to travel to visit so live in hope that they might come here for a visit one day.

    I hope your next trip works out to be less stress full


  • In my youth (back I the dark ages!) I worked in Vancouver BC and we used to go to Seattle. I thought I was a lovely city. I came home to UK from Seattle to Chicago to New York by train, and enjoyed the magnificent scenery through the States. I am so sorry you had so many problems, especially being stuck in the lift for 15 minutes which must have seemed more like 15 hours. Better luck if you go again.

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