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Holiday Flight

Hi all,

I hope your enjoying this bit of sun?

I (now regretting) booked a holiday to Jamaica and have a wonderful 9 hour flight coming up. Since I booked I've worried daily over whether I should have and how I will cope but just feel as my symptoms are getting worse by the month, and despite only being 23 this may be my last flight (or at least longer than an hour!) which is a shame as I had to give up my job as a travel agent 2 years ago due to stress and fibro flare ups.

I went to my GP and he has given me some diazepam to relax me and hopefully not cause a flare up as when I last flew to Mexico 3 years ago I actually got threatened to be arrested (!) the air stewardess' were absolutely dreadful and after being delayed on the runway for 2 hours I refused to sit down as my legs had swollen to a pulp, I could barely move and was teary eyed from pain - yet it was acceptable to tell me the police would be waiting for me as I was acting drunk and disorderly (I don't drink alcohol it was my tablets/symptoms making me appear that way but would they believe me!)  on the return flight I was made to sign a form stating I would not drink anything alcoholic and behave as I had on the way out, after crying and explaining to the captain what had happened I was called a liar and told I should be grateful they let me back on - imagine that in Mexico how scary it was! I complained when I got back and got a mere 'sorry'. It was so embarrassing and I was made to feel so stupid but after 3 years f boycotting holiday's from the humiliation,  I decided enough was enough and booked Jamaica.

I'm hoping the diazepam knocks me out, and I have a friend that is going to speak on my behalf so I don't even need to communicate with these horrid people and have the same as last time happen but I just wondered if anyone has any ideas on how to get comfy/things to take etc.?

Sorry for my moaning yet again, but god it feels good to let it out!

Laura xx

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Hi Laura407

It sounds like you are pretty stressed at the moment and fearful the flight will be a nightmare.  Perhaps you could take a moment to not concentrate on the flight but on the positive aspects of where you are going, the things to do when you get there and to anticipating the warm sunshine.

If you are concerned that the airline will repeat your experience of Mexico then I think I would take your repeat prescription form as well as your medication with you.  Don't forget to include the form that gives guidance to patients about usage and side-effects.

When I flew Virgin some years ago they wanted a doctor's letter about being fit to fly, (I was recovering from renal cancer).  The doc charged £25 and the letter included all of my other conditions, the medication doses, the last treatments and his opinion that I was fit to fly.

It may be worth proceeding with this if it helps your anxiety.

If you are not very mobile, be sure to book free assistance at both airports, which is invaluable for getting through security and customs and passport control more quickly.  Whoever is travelling with you will generally have the same opportunity, don't be too proud to take what help is offered.

Hope this helps to allay your fears. happy hols!


Thank you, that sounds a really good idea to get prescriptions/Dr notes, this would certainly ease my anxiety as who can argue with a prescription (one would think!) I'll make an apt now and see if he can draft a letter for me :) Your right though, I need to focus on the all you can eat and drink and sunshine! xx

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What great advice from Bluebell,  try and forget the last flight easy I know, the diazepam should help, have a wonderful time 😃

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Hi there

I think bluebell99 has given you some wonderful advice. 

I very much hope you manage the flight without any issues and enjoy a wonderful holiday. 

Wishing you a fantastic time. 

Lu x

Volunteer Administrator 

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I think you should put last trip out of your mind.Get you a neck pillow, eye covers for possible sleep, and same med for definite sleep!! lol Hope you have a blast!!             Peck👙👗👛

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I would have a word with the airline before you go. Speak to them explaining your medical problems and what happened last time. Ask if there is anything you need to do, or take to help you, a letter from your GP with the stamp on it for example. 

Might help. Enjoy your holiday, despite your symptoms. The heat will have you feeling like a spring chicken 🐸

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I think everyone has covered all the things you need to do. Have you taken diazepam before? My sister in law has same type of problems and she has found by starting the diazepam a couple of days before it keeps her very relaxed she also focuses on the holiday and not the flight. She also takes her iPod so she can close her eyes and shut out everything else. Good luck and have a great holiday. 

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I can see that you have been given some wonderful advice already so I will simply genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck. Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I hope you have a wonderful time in Jamaica. Definitely get a letter from the doctor about your meds. I always have to have an aisle seat so I can get up and walk(or sit next to a family member or friend who won't mind moving so I can walk sometimes). I agree if sleep is going to happen  to get an eye mask, earplugs(I use "earplanes" to help with pressure- they look like soft plastic screws) and a pillow. Do not sit near a toilet(people going in and out all the time!).


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