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Been On Holiday

Been to Florida for a fortnight - had a fantastic time, the hot weather really helped, almost felt normal with the heat and pain meds!!! Slept really well for the first week out there too - think I was absolutely exhausted from the heat and parks!!! My 2 boys had a fantastic time and we all enjoyed using our swimming pool that was in our villa - even my wheelchair bound husband managed to get in and have a float!!

Been back for 2 days now and am now starting to feel the pain again - but can't complain too much after such a fantastic holiday!! :-)

Had a letter waiting from DLA when I got back - I've been turned down - yet again :-(

My niece who stayed with me at Easter has asked if she can come and live with me so that she can go to my local college - so I have that happening over the next few months!!! Will be nice to have someone at home that can help out with the boys and some odd jobs :-)

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Hi tinkz,

Its good to have you back. :)

I am so pleased for you that you had a great holiday. I just hope you can slow yourself down and try your hardest not to stress.

I have just been turned down for dla too. So i am appealing it. I hope you are too.

hugs, kel xxxx


No chance of slowing down - got too much to do, what with looking after my husband and 2 boys, 3 dogs and cat!!! :-)

I am already waiting for a tribunal date for my DLA, this was another application that I had done, which I had already appealed against, so don't think I'll bother asking to go to tribunal again, just wait and see what the tribunal comes back with.

Gentle hugs xx


So glad you had a great time, were booked for Oct with grand children and daughters, as I have only just been diagnosed was dreading going , so thanks for you news, the only thing I'm not good in the heat,sleep for England, and so much pain after only an hour walking, any good hints


Upgrade your flight seat to premium economy to give extra leg room and reclining area, I used a heat patch on my lower back for the pain during the flight. Once at the parks either hire an ECV (electric scooter) or a wheelchair - each park has an allocation of each, although there is a charge. Also go to guest services at the park and ask for a guest assistance pass - it will allow you and some of your family members to skip the long cues and use the fast pass entrance on the majority of the rides. There are lots of places to rest, we done some rides then saw some sit down shows, then rides again. I also planned the route around each park, so that we weren't walking back and forth to get to the rides, we just done them in the order they came in whichever direction we walked, so that we basically done a big circle around the parks.

October shouldn't be as hot as we have just had it, but warm enough for shorts and t-shirts.

Hope you have a fab time, I cannot wait to go again.

Gentle hugs xx


Thanks tinkz, daughter today upgraded seats, she must have read your mind ,she has already organised a rota with parks on certain days ,,. never gave it a thought about planing route in park, so thank you for your help and tips ,

I have only just been diagnosed after about a year. so still trying to learn to manage, xxx


Glad I could help, the best tip is to try not to worry or stress about the holiday - as that would have a really bad effect on your fibro. Just wait and see how you are when you are out there. I wasn't in as much pain while there as I am at home, partly because of the heat, but it was very tiring, but a nice tiring. Just pace yourself, if you need to rest, then do it.

I look forward to hearing how you found it xx


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