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am throwing this question to everyone I have smelly urine taken test and comes back as infection and antibiotics get 1/2days relieve then back to the smell been to the nurse to do filling the bladder and all they so all ok so no thither forward and all I can describe the smell as it's been in a catheter bag and when gets emptied it stinks ,can everyone offer any help??granrain Ps have tryed cranberry juice nop not worked

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  • Just wondered whether you have started on any new meds. or changes your diet? I started taking an effervescent multivitamin and my wee went quite a dark orange and had a strange smell. Ran out of them and see went back to normal. Just a thought.πŸ˜ƒ

  • have not changed meds only thing found I have low estrogen so on meds for that for s mouth but nothing has changed

  • I was on oestrogen for 19 years after a total hysterectomy and I did notice a smell from below however it wasn't a terrible smell I just knew that it was a new smell and wasn't coming from my body and I'm off the oestrogen now and that smell has gone

  • I had the smell before I found out that i had low estrogen and have on medication for a month now and no different and was myself below everyone I go to the toilet

  • Hi granrain I'm sorry to hear you are having bladder problems. I too am having problems and was told there wasn't a problem with the bladder itself. However, like yourself have constant infections. I would keep going back to GP if you are not happy. I have been attending urology for years for recurrent kidney stones, have they checked you for stones? These can cause recurring infections. I am due for a cyscosposy this coming Monday as they now think the TVT, for stress incontinence that was fitted in 2005, may have eroded into my bladder. 😱😱😱😱. You will understand I am not looking forward to what will come after if this is the case. Please don't let them fob you off, you know your own body and if you know something is not right keep fighting. Wishing you a peaceful and pain free sleep. Dianne πŸ˜€X

  • Hi Dianne, please keep us posted on the investigations? I had my tvt fitted in 2005 as well, but am awaiting cystoscopy also. They said after internal examination the TVT still there, so given me bladder urgency tablets ( mirabegron) for now. Just got to wait for appointment now. Good luck and hope u have a good weekend. Natasha πŸ˜€

  • Hi Natasha I will let you know how it goes on Monday. The Unit is a one stop clinic so they should give me the findings and next step on the day. I have to say I have been horrified with some of the stories about the cases where these tapes have eroded. You should not Google medical conditions. 😯😯 I had myself a bit worked up about being in the position they require you to be in so called hospital yesterday and explained my problems and spoke to a very kind and caring Staff Nurse who has put my mind at rest. I am quite angry that if this is the case there was no mention of this possiblity at the time of op. I also believe they still have this treatment on NHS website. Wishing you a peaceful and pain free, well we can love in hope πŸ˜€, weekend. Squishy cuddles. DianneπŸ˜€X

  • Hi there

    Until you can get back to see your GP, the best thing you can do is to keep drinking lots of water, cut out anything acidic (fruit juice, oranges) anything that is concentrated.

    Randomly Lemon Barley works a treat (Cranberry Juice never worked for me).

    Also cut out as much tea, coffee, Coke anything with caffeine in it, as you can.

    Limit alcohol, if you drink it, too.

    Drinking lots of water will keep your bladder flushed through.

    I have had so many urine infections and UTI's that I have lost count.

    Do go back and see your GP. It could be something other than another urine infection, so it's important that you get in checked out.

    Wishing you less pain and more peace

    Lu x


  • hi its not the pain but the smell I have worked in hospital and had to empty catheter bags of the elderly people and that was not pleasant that's the only way to explain it

  • Does the smell remind you of anything as there is an infection where the urine has a distinctive fishy smell.if it is that then it should be very easy to treat.i hope you find out what it is,I'm suffering terrible pelvic pain and bladder pain and trouble with urinating.either to much wee and hard too do or not enough and feel as though I'm bursting. Also test has shown tiny amount of blood in urine,invisible to the naked eye,this started of as an infection a month ago,they say no infection now but still tiny amount of blood. No discharge or dark colour or smell.

  • I'm not sure how to test the urine it was the hospital that did it all for me. I do know about ins estero cystitis and have a box of stuff from boots at the moment iv not used yet as I'm on such strong painkillers as iv just had a major operation and I'm just focusing on getting over this pain first as I'm in a lot of pain and also electrical like burning pains on movement.

  • maybe get a doctor to check the pain out or is it part of the operation recover

  • lemon barley is my go to for cystitis.! literally all i drink is water, tea and the odd lemon barley, moreso if i have an infection lol x

  • These replies are excellent. What you describe does sound like recurring UTI's. Do you know if it is the same organism causing the infections each time, or is it different ones? I am thinking you might now be 'colonised'. Although doctors have differing opinions on this, as it seems we all do as we get older to some extent.

    You can be put on a low-dose antibiotic for 6 months or more, to help.

    Have you had them test you for fungal bladder infections, and not just the usual bacterial infections? Antibiotics will not treat fungal infections, you will need anti-fungal pills for that.

    Good luck, I hope you can get this sorted out soon, but do you live with anyone? If so, can you make sure they know the signs of sepsis, because if you start to develop sepsis, you might not be aware of it and so a partner, or even someone at work (if you work) can keep an eye pen for any problems developing, like trailing off in the middle of s sentence, as you can't remember what you were talking about.

  • They keep saying that there is no infection.i will bear in mind the above and mention this to doctor when I next see her (the fungal bladder infection)

    I live on my own I'm 65. And at the moment my X boyfriend is here looking after me.i can't bend down and in sever pain and can't feed my cat so he is doing that for me.im trying to have plenty washes and change nightdress twice daily too keep germs at bay. I must say the wound looks amazingly clean and dry. With no crusty or wet parts. I amazed. That's quite scary what you mentioned about sepsis I will tell him. I tell myself not to look at to much of what might happen as I have such a strong imagination. This is now day 10 after the operation so I don't know how quickly those things can happen. I'm eating well and loving my food bowel movements regular I am taking laxido.thanks for all that info especially about cystitis and fungal infection. The origonol infection was E.Coli. Love grace xoxoxo

  • I have recently been through all of this with my wife, so I picked up a lot of info about it from all of the doctors in the hospitals while I was with her. For most people, UTIs are very treatable.

    She had both a bacterial and a fungal infection. They only tested for the bacterial one and she remained in sepsis,. Then they found the fungal one as well and it cleared up over the next few days.

    Can you ask them how often an infection is missed by their tests? I don't know if you are the same or not, but in the cultures the hospitals took for my wife, they told me they only have a 50% chance of catching an infection with the tests anyway. In other words, the results saying she had no infection at that time, had only a 50% chance of being right. That stunned me, as a 50-50 chance is the same as a guess. I think what they were after was a positive result means you do definitely have an infection, but a negative result did not mean she did not have one.

    Please don't get too worried as my wife's case and yours are probably different. I am just trying to think of good questions you can ask your doctor when you see them.

    Smelly urine can also be caused by what you eat and medications as people have said. It can also be through dehydration (which is why the advice is always to drink plenty of fluids and keep the bladder being flushed out), but also it can be through the bladder not being properly emptied, such as a bent urethra, leading to incontinence.

    Doctors will be very against prescribing antibiotics, unless they are pretty certain it is a bacterial infection. This is because of the risk of some bacteria that everyone has in their body, becoming resistant to them and you ending up with a very difficult to treat infection.

    The wound being clean is a good sign, I'm very glad to hear that!

    So ask them if they are testing for fungal infections as well as bacterial ones, and also, what percentage of infections are missed by their tests?

    I hope it is all good news for you.

  • Thanks for all that.i must say I am very shocked that only 50% of infections are actually picked up. And I never knew that there were bacterial infections and fungal infections also.im starting to feel a bit less pain around the operation site and finding it a lot easier to sit up from lying down.the pain from the bladder is totally under control with the pain killers I've got but I dread it coming back so I have to get to the bottom of this.im exhaust terri and keep dropping off to sleep in the middle of thist post.πŸ˜‚ I will keep you updated thanks again grace xoxoxo

  • Hi granrain

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are experiencing this issue. According to NHS Choices, dehydration, and certain food and drinks could cause this issue? I have pasted you a link below to their cache on this problem:


    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • thank you all very much for your help grandson

  • Hi have you tried robinsons Lemon and Barley, I found this helps flush you out, and get rid of smell, also twice a day, like morning and evening, after the kettle has been boiled and cooled to tepid , drink this, the Chinese swear by this, and I have been doing it for ever, and touch wood it works to clear the Kidneys and Bladder.

  • strangely i get the same, all the time, sometimes it's painful for me to wee and i either can't wee at all or it is extremely painful. it smells like something's died in my bladder but the doctor tests my urine and no infection. i've been thinking about buying some dip test sticks so i can test my own urine it happens so frequently. x

  • hi I wash myself everyone I go to the toilet just with warm water

  • gallons of water every day my friend nothing better for clearing the bladder..Nurse Gladys Emanuel (open all hours)

  • iv heard that to much water can be harmful

  • Yes you can overload your kidneys with too much fluid, not advisable, also too much fluid can further irritate the bladder.

  • i do hope that i have not highjacked this post its just that so many things said applied to me. thanks everyone and once again my apologies. love grace xoxoxo

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