Sense of smell change

Hi has anyone else’s sense of smell changed? My doctor is stumped saying that he’s never heard of this before without heritage or blunt force trauma being the cause.

Everything smells the same! The intensity changes and briefly I might get the original smell, but not if it’s something I am used to. I can’t taste food well enough to check it when cooking, I cannot smell burning, I can still taste to a certain degree, but almost have to hold my breath or use the back of my nose, breathing very gently. I can’t stand bananas, onions, bacon or other smelly foods.

There’s a slight sweetness to every smell. Dog pooh stinks but not as much and slightly sweet. Going to the toilet is a weird experience. Both dog poo and mine are no longer offensive!

Can anyone please help?

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  • This happens to me as well. For example, I didn't mind eating chicken on the bone but now chicken legs smell awful to me and I can't eat them, brown bread is the same. Also, sweet smells, the smell of cleaning products etc. make me feel ill. I think odour sensitivity is linked to FM.

  • Bread was one of the first food that changed. I hope you are right and wrong as I’d like my old nose back! 😉

  • Lol, I know what you mean! I'd like my old nose back too! Google smell/odour sensitivity. I have odour, light and noise sensitivity.

  • ???Sinuses maybe??

  • Maybe but they’re not blocked or inflamed.

  • Yep

  • Get weird smells or they stay with me for a long time a lot of smells are reduced as well

  • I have had this twice it was an infection in then upper synesses

  • Have you just given up smoking or newly diabetic?

  • Hi Sarah-Jane, My sense of smell is more acute. I remember it being like this when I was pregnant with my daughters. The smell of lamb cooking and some detergents has me rushing to open the windows for air. I really don't like the smell of some yellow tablets I have to take.

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