Hi all can I just ask if any one has fatigue like this ?? Omg it's been going on too long now weeks I try and do things but my body just want my bed. I can't live in bed !!! I get up may be wash up then back to bed. Get up again do something else back to bed. Get up again. Kids come home from school ( mum you been in bed all day ) is this it now this is how it's going to be ?? Sorry for moaning just fed up.

Take care all Linda xx

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  • I have a whole lot of days like that, some days I can work through it and crash out at the end of it while on other days I just have to give in. I try to use my recliner rather than go to bed but it all boils down to the same thing I guess.

    At the moment I am just waiting for the ovens - everything for tonight's meal is a case of slap it in the halogen oven and combi-micro and wait for the ding & ping. (On other occasions the smoke detector's been known to go off to alert me to the fact I've put the hob on, gone to sit down and then forgotten I'd put stuff on.) It may be just be a case of heat and serve but it still knackers me, need my son to give me a hand to do anything much more than that!

  • Even though we seem to exist during the winter waiting for or the warmer weather I actually know I don't do hot very well now. The slightest exertion and I feel totally drained. Talk about pottering I could do a Gold medal in it anything more and I feel I just have to sit or prop myself up on the bed.

    Oh bless him has cooked some steak and my job was the salad. Well you could have thought I had to prepare a banquet. I am now sitting here absolutely drained and he is having to wash up. One fingered typing as with the heat hands have swollen and stiffened. Any temperature about 70F and you can forget me. I wonder whether the unexpected heat has given you one if those flares that we all love. Hope you get a but more energy soon.x😎😴😨x

  • rosewine , I can't do anything when it's hot!! We have had temps close to 90F for over a month.Im going nuts...can't leave the house.Good Luck.Peck🐤

  • I would not move from a horizontal position. I would require two gorgeous men fanning me night and day with a third bringing me cold flannels dipped in ice and a fourth bringing me iced drinks. No strike the gorgeous as I might get too hot under the collar just 4 servants at my beck and call. Don't know what I would do about going to the loo but worry about that at the time. In other words I think I would just melt away. I can fully understand why you are not leaving your house hope it cools down for you.x

  • rosewine , I'll think about your idea!! Lol It is very miserable.I like temps around high of 45-50F.My air conditioning runs 24/7 and my OH is not as hot natured as I am so he's always wearing a light jacket.I run my air pretty much year round. Take care got to get on the look out for some employees with fans!! Have a good night.Peck🐤

  • Funny, but I say that I've just 'pottered about' too. 😊

  • Linda, Sorry to hear your going thru this.I was so about a year ago spoke with my pain dr and he put me on adderall which has totally changed my life for the better... also lost about 40 lbs.Good luck to you.Peck🐤

  • Hi Peck,out of interest I Googled the Drug Adderall that you're on. That's one powerful drug. Be careful though, as it has been banned in many countries because of its addictive nature, and it's black market value to addicts, and it also has some worrying side-effects.

    I'm sure your Dr will be monitoring you while you're on it and has made you aware of these things.

    Take care.

    GP 😊😊

  • Greenpeace , Thanks for your concern.The dr who writes me this med is my pain dr as he also writes all my other meds.He stated I have a low case of narcolepsy (tendency to dose off to sleep) and I'm very aware of the info you stated.Again thanks for your concern.Peck🐤

  • Hi

    I had a week like that last week, no energy at all. I just had to do what you did. This weeks a little better, I just do a bit and have a rest, it is pacing yourself. We can only do what we can, some weeks it will be more than others. Please don't stress over it as it will make things worse.

    Take care and good luck.

  • Trust me to be different. Today is the first time for months that i have been able to put some washing out. I am better in the heat than the cold, Mind you i try to avoid full sun.

    Its the cold that does me, it sucks all the life out of me and causes so much pain in all of my muscles that i tend to spend most of winter trying to get warm in a hot bath.

    Today is the first day since last summer that i have been able to take my jumper off. :)

  • Hi Mahoney0719

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are struggling with your fatigue so much, and I sincerely hope that you can find some relief to this issue. I would talk to your doctor about how you are feeling as there are medications that can help with fatigue. One that comes to mind is called ''Symmetrel'' and my wife takes this. It could be that they feel you will be suitable for this kind of medication?

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi I'm so sorry you are in such a bad place I've had fibro for 20+ years and the fatigue is bad I read years ago a quote "use it or lose it" , so try to do just a little more each day before you give in to it, I do mean a little so 5 mins active today then 10 tomorrow and so on it takes a long time but persevere everything I do is punctuated with a mini rest.. I hope I don't sound like it's easy get on as I do understand I promise I do have a bloody minded attitude like I will do it, there's a very fine balance between rest and activity. Good luck hope you feel better soon I'm afraid fibro is a bit like a roller coaster lots of downs with a few ups, take as much stress out of your life to if you can. And remember hey the housework will still be there tomorrow so don't beat yourself up about it and enlist as much help as possible from the family. Xxxx

  • I am in the same boat as you and have been for the last few weeks. So tired bodily but can't sleep. I keep trying to do things in the house but keep lying down and doing my relaxation cd. My daughter in law rang me yesterday to ask how I was because she had seen me in Aldi carrying a 6 pack of water and was puzzled how I could do that when I can't do anything at all on some days. I think she has me down as a hypochondriac. Can't be bothered explaining to people some days are bad and some bearable and on good days I try to get my chores done. This heat is also making me feel puffy and very sluggish and even my eyes feel sore. Oh well my moan over for today. Hope you feel a bit better son

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