Hi everyone just joined today! I am really suffering with bad fatigue at the moment but find it amazing when it is time for bed I cannot sleep lol! I have days where I can't get out of bed days where I get out and need to get back in and days I force myself to keep up, all day then is a big struggle.No energy at all. A few months ago I came off HRT and had my best spell for years, but now its back with a force. The "good" days have been few and far between.

I haven't been able to work for a few years now and been on Incapacity Benefit, but now on the new one which expects to to work which is a joke. We would all love to work wouldn't we?? I worked bringing my Son up on my own travelling 100 miles a day for years. I realise the last few years I worked I was ill with something but just continued on then I just couldn't take any more and finished through ill health. Like I have read on a few blogs why are we made to feel like scroungers now???? I even took an early pension and have become worse off because of it????!!! We have paid into the system for years our families have too so why should we be made to feel like this???

Sick of moaning now lol

Hope we all have a better day today and an even better day tomorrow :)

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  • Hi Sue, just had to laugh at your comment, so ironic & true, I go to bed & lay there not sleeping for hours, then get up & doze off on the sofa! Y Y Y! LOL x

  • Hi Sue, Im new here today too. It is awful the way they make you feel. I am still at work and wish I wasn't...getting up every day is a struggle..I lay there pressing snooze...until the very last second I can get away with. I am often late for work, luckily I have a good boss. You should not be made to feel like a scrounger when you can't physically go to work. Keep your chin up and don't let them get you down. You have every right to be where you are now and doing what you are doing! :)

  • Thank you Jules x

  • HI there sue,

    Its lovely to meet you. :)

    The fatigue is the real killer for me too, at least with the pain they can give you meds to help but there is nothing for the fatigue and its so bad. Most days i am so tired just putting a load of washing in the machine, its ridiculous.

    This site is a good excuse for all the rests i need. :)

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • Understand you Kel lol My pain is really under control as long as I don't over do things! Don't know what I would do without the Internet :)

  • hi all.. im a newbie too all of this fibro malarky, have not yet been diagnosed, but along with everyone i suffer really badly.i have bad pains in my joints, and some days my body aches and is tender all over. i suffer from stress, and depression, have migraines also, and noise , smells, and everyday life gets me down with all these ailments. they make me cry when at its worst, and i feel like im going crazy. if i over exhert myself, i feel like i need too sleep, i have well restless legs rather alot, i cannot get comfy.. any suggestions on what i can do too help myself feel better with this, because it sucks._(xx

  • I do find talking to people with the same problem helps me. Hope you have a good gp to help you with meds but there is no easy or quick answer. All what you describe are common with Fibro. The only thing I have found a plus, after having headaches and migraines all my life, I am finally migraine free! Whether some meds have helped don't know but they have gone very rare to have a headache these days strange??

  • hi sue i am new to the forum and to fibro , i have been took off incapacity and put on work related esa, i am apealing . did you have a medical ? i didnt they just swapped me over x

  • Same here, I have answered more lower down didn't realise you coul reply direct lol not been sent for a medical yet. Had one about 4 years ago took me off IB I appealed in front of a tribunal and won! Dont think I can call the company who do the medicals but you all know who and what they are lol

  • hi there sue ,welcome to the group :) xxxx

  • Thanks for all the lovely welcomes :) to rosehip same here was just put into the work related ESA sent a letter but heard nothing yet! Went to a job centre plus interview and just said I was too ill to work and even if I was ok I look after my Mother who is 83! So that was that really lol What makes me laugh is even if you have an interview you have to be truthful so when you explain most mornings you are so fatigued you cannot get out of bed so you may not be fit for work and can't predict the days you will be well, who will employ you ??? Lol

    My pain is being controlled by BuTrans patches and Meloxicam with the odd paracetamol. This has worked so well. The only thing is the patches have made a mess of my arms etc scarring as they are a bit of an irritant. But a choice of itching against the pain? No brainer for me :)

  • hi and welcome to the site you will be so pleased you have founf =d it if you want to cry /chat/scream /shout or just share anything we are all here for you . and now you will never be alone again love to you diddle x

  • Thanks Diddle :) xx

  • Hi, I had to give my job up about 10 years ago after working since I was 16. I went back part time after I had my daughter, but eventually had to pack it in because I literally couldn't walk in a morning. I hate it when we are made to feel like scroungers when all we are doing is claiming what we are entitled to. I get DLA but only get the lowest level on the personal care. They told me I couldn't claim mobility because I hadn't lost a leg and wasn't blind. How can you fight against that?

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