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Post Covid fatigue

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Hi all just wondering if anyone experiencing worse fatigue since getting covid? My fatigue for the last 6 months has been a lot worse since catching covid and been getting light headed and dizziness to also a smokey burning smell in my sinuses too, got blood test done a few weeks back as it was all driving me a bit crazy! So after get a second appointment on it all from a different Gp my test all came back normal (Again) I'm not sure all this is post covid systems more like my condition giving me more of a had time it's exhausting and if you pop the questions to your GP they just play it done and I think they are now using covid side affects as excuses to brush past the very fact you have fibromyalgia!

Take care all best wishes


11 Replies
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I had mild covid Dec 21,and since my fatigue and energy levels have been much worse. Like you, I also experienced dizziness (had it occasionally prior to covid but been much worse since) and also had high blood pressure that I'm now on meds to control.

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Rob172 in reply to Hazel_Angelstar

Hi thanks for reply so sorry to hear you are feeling like this too post covid its not good, hopefully you get that blood pressure sorted out soon take care

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Hazel_AngelstarAdministrator in reply to Rob172

Thanks - I'm on meds which have lowered it, and gp is checking it monthly along with bloods

Trying to eat healthier and get a bit more activity - so that should also help x

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Rob172 in reply to Hazel_Angelstar

Yeah I'm the same been eating healthy and just introduced magnesium supplements to my diet as I heard that helps with fatigue! Anything worth a a try haha x

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I also had covid last year. Felt so poorly that i literally couldnt catch my breath to talk. but my fatigue is also alot worse since. I have dizzy spells too. The smell of bonfire smoke i do occasionally get but was told this might be part of fibro (by a friend) sorry i havn't any answers but will read your replies with interest as i am curious. x

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Rob172 in reply to caninecrazy

Hi thanks for the reply it's a very strange thing this smoke smell mine is like cigarette smoke getting blow in my face at time along with the dizziness and fatigue it's brutal at time and hard t9 explain it all to people. Hopefully you feel soon x

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100%. I have Long Covid and my fatigue is over the roof. I do not have a choice but drag my legs with force to do my basic day to day activities

It’s so damn hard. Wishing you pain free days

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Rob172 in reply to Painny

Sorry to hear this hopefully things get better for you soon best wishes Rob.

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Painny in reply to Rob172


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there is a lot comeing out about covid vaccines my guess is if you have had the jab its more than likely the problem, it weakens your imunne system thats a fact not propaganda there is more problems with this vaccines look it up as i cant explain all of it dont have time hope this helps you.

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Hiya yea i have been reading up on all thebad press on the vaccines seems like a minefield of problems starting to arise now . Thanks for your reply take care x

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