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Home early from holiday

I cried so much yesterday that eventually hubby agreed to drive 4 hours to take me home from Norfolk where we were camping in caravan on holiday. It just wasn't helping me, in fact made me worse.

Couldn't walk far, couldn't sleep, in fact proper depressed more than usual because I felt guilty.

So no matter where you are you take your mental state with you. No more holidays for me

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sometimes i think we need to have familiar things close to hand when we flare up ,, i tend to get disorientated and forgetful ,, panic when i have to go out ,, so although holidays can be a good thing i do understand whwere you are coming from xxxx


Yeah youre right I became calmer once home. So happy to be back now


when you feel calmer and more settled maybe go away for a night then build up from there xxxx


Aw you poor thing bless you i know how you feel i like all my things around me i feel safe in my klittle nest i am going to london fro 5 days in may with my parents and partner and i am looking forward to it but dreading it too it s the 1st time i have been away since i was diagnosed with fibro love to you diddle x


Sorry you had a bad time, I know what you mean as the first few times we went away after I became ill we always ended up comming home days early.

I find it better now to only go away for say 3 or 4 days as a max and nearer to home maybe just an hour away as theres less travelling (which nearly kills me!) and it feels better knowing you can get back easyily if you need to.

It might be worth thinking about rather than giving up your holidays altogether, I do have a 13yr old girl aswell so to be honest the holidays are more for her than anything else.

Hope you recover over the next few days.... or so, soft hugs xxxx


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