I have been in so much pain since Sunday this week has been so bad and today just topped it. I had my pip assessment today at 3pm not been looking forward to it at all did not even think I could get out of bed to go but yesterday I got a text to say am I still coming , today at 11.30am I got a call saying am I still coming BUT 1 hour before I was due to leave they phoned me that it's been cancelled 😡 My son and daughter had the afternoon off work so they could take me and help me. I am so upset about it they said they would send me a new date. I told them this time they have to come to me as my kids can't take more time off work this month. SORRY for moaning.

Take care all Linda xx

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  • Hi Linda. Please don't apologise, we all have to get things off our chests, and you have had a stressful week , so sorry to hear that. I am sorry but I don't know anything about pip, other than what I read on here, but as others say very stressful time. I hope you can get a home visit on the next occasion , which might help ease the burden a bit. I hope your pain eases soon. Take care.xx

  • i'm so sorry to read your post. It is absolutely unexcusable of them to do that especiallay as you received the two texts askinh whether you were attending and especially as it was so near the time and your children had had time off work to accompany you.

    I know when we went to my husband's ESA assessment a couple came in and the lady was on two sticks and looked really ill. They got to the counter and booked in and waited and waited and then were called back over to be told that they could not locate her file and that she would have to come back another day. They both burst into tears and her husband refused to go as he said they could examine her and then look at her file when it was found and in any case how could they lose such an important document. They had travelled for one and a half hour to get there . Miraculously the file was suddenly found. I reckon they were just running late we had had to wait two and a half hours and thought that was the easy way to get rid of a person but I think they picked the wrong one.

    Do let us know how you get on when they eventually get around to doing it. You are allowed to use language not befitting a lady in the circumstances and are not moaning I admire your composure. Take care.x

  • Oh that's awful. I hate the way they seem to think it's ok to play fast and loose with people's health and emotions. Sometimes I think they seem to do it deliberately to see people's reactions as they seem to think it's a way of catching them out. Hateful way to treat people, especially people who are already struggling more than enough as it is.

    One day this cruel regime is going to get it's comeuppance and it can't come too soon. :(

  • You did the right thing, they should come to you after messing you about xx

  • Linda, You have every right to moan as that is enough to upset anyone.I myself can go on my on but my panic holds me back from just about leaving my house.I am mad for You!!! Lol Pec

  • Hi Mahoney0719

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend, and it is exceedingly poor of them! I do not blame you for telling them that they have to come to you next time!

    I sincerely hope that you pain levels decrease soon and please take care of yourself. Also, please do not apologise for having a good moan, you need to get it off your chest.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Don't apologise for moaning about this - i'd be absolutely furious to be cancelled on so near to the appointment, especially if people had taken time off work for it.

  • Aaggggh all that stress and preparation for next time a dress rehearsal!

  • You're definitely not moaning! The frustrationof it all is the fact that they text you on 2 separate occasions before cancelling! Really?! Sometimes I really wonder what goes on in these departments.

    Well, you're right to ask that they do the assessment at your house next time. Good luck with it all.

  • So sorry to hear this Linda. It's a cruel way to treat people who are already struggling. I would say don't they know what they are doing to the physical and mental health of people who are already struggling. But sometimes I think they do and in their warped minds seem to think it's an acceptable way to weed out the fraudsters. When by their own figures fraudsters are 0.7%, apparently that makes it ok to play fast and loose with the health of the 99.3% genuinely sick and disabled people. Makes you wonder who the truly "sick" people are.

    Please don't take it to heart. It seems to be a cruel tactic they use on many people. I hope you get the care and support you need eventually.

    Gentle hugs, Margaret.xx :)

  • Do they realise that people get anxiety and have to make big effort to get there, sorry they let you down, hope it goes well eventually. Thinking about what you said Margeret, its like the recent school uproar, there have been parents starting a few years back that took their children out of school to go visit family for months, which of course is a problem for the schools, but they now come down like a ton of bricks on thos who,s child is on holiday for just a week in term time, or even some of those whove older children with chronic health, re cfs, fibro, all getting court action and fines. Can they only think b and w, or not use common sense, as it seems the majority often get penalised for the minority who abuse things. On another level, hardly society shattering, but annoys me that there are few benches for people who do need to sit and rest due to age or heath probs, hardly any supermarkets have them outside in my area, town ones in clusters and far apart. Again l know some of its to do with dterrring anti socials shouting, drinkers druggies gathering, so those with health probs have to do without, the latter often the older. Why cant people stand up to oppose minority of abusers, rather than penalise majority of decent law abiding, Anyway hope all goes well next time Linda.

  • Thank you all for your messages xx UP DATE

    I just got a letter today with the new date for my consultation it's Friday 27 May so I called them and said the man that cancelled my last one told me I could have a home visit. The lady told me that because I can move with help from my children I have to go to them they only do home visit for people that can't go out if the home 😐 So now my children have to take more time off work to take me next week so now I'm stressed again and they are not happy about it. Don't they understand that putting people thought this this is not funny.

  • have both of your children send invoices for their financial loss with a covering letter saying they will pursue the debt in the small claims court. you may be pleasantly surprised when they cough up some of their ill gotten gains in compensation for their bungling incompetence.

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