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Hi all still waiting to here about if I got into support group. on top of that. My GP sent me for a ultra sound scan because I have been having a lot of bloating and my tummy is swollen went Wednesday afternoon doctors rang yesterday to say he need me to see him today. already stressed out now this I am worryed sick I am so tied not sleeping just catnaps

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Hi Try and stay calm make yourself a cuppa! What time do you see the Doctor? While you wait put the tele on or browse the net just for fun time will soon pass. good luck let us know how you get on.



Hi gins did you get my reply iv got dissy head on don't if I have sent it right let me know


Hi gins Thanks for your reply Been to see GP said iv got lots of gallstones and a cyst on my gallbladder and cyst on my liver made me a appointment the cholecystectomy clinic to see a specialist All the time went to my old doctors they just kept giving me medication since changing my GP they have sent me for test and got every thick diagnosed .Rang atos they other day to see were my claims up to they said don't have to have any another medical and its been sent back to esa as they had enough medical information. so rang esa today to see were my appeals up to they said its been to sent again to another asseser how long dose it take try to keep calm but is hard sorry for ranting


Hi fibro10

I am so sorry to read all of this, and I genuinely hope that everything turns out really well for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi Fibro10 - Sounds extremely unpleasant for you. Glad that you are finally getting some proper help though. Just a thought but I assume that the gallstones and cysts are new information and not included in your ESA application? If you are applying for ESA Support Group this surely would help your case. I'm certainly no expert but I would have thought it was worth asking ATOS if they could take this extra information into consideration. You may have enough for a support group anyway. If not I suppose it could always be included if you need to appeal . I hope it doesn't come to that though. Good luck.


I hope all goes well for you

try not to worry. I will be thinking

of you today. Hugs


Hope everything goes well. Kind of sounds like an ulcer. Let us know sweetheart!!! Best of luck. xxx Mitzi


Hope everything goes well for you. Warm hugs xxx flossy


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