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I feel lucky


Last Monday, we buried my brother. On Wednesday, we buried a neighbour. Both had cancer and suffered incredible pain.

We all on here suffer bad pain, but are still alive and although we cannot do what we used to do, get frustrated and hate our bodies, we can watch our babies grow and develop into lovely parents.

I would have liked the time to get to know my brother, because we grew up as cousins and had no idea we shared the same father till last year when my mother died. We had planned a holiday together this summer. I am in very bad pain today and also very sad that I will not see J again, but I can see everyone else - he cannot.

We will all keep moaning on here about our issues (me included) and giving each other soft hugs, the pain in my heart will ease over time, our bodies will get more painful. Keep giving soft hugs and love to each other. I send them to you all right now. xx

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Big Hugs to you

So sorry about your Brother and the short time you had together

But its true we can survive so many wont

Count your blessings every day


mouse2 in reply to Rose54

thank you Rose. xx

Oh my dear friend I really feel for you and I'm so sorry to hear yr brother as passed away times like this we need our family and friends around us it's a real shame you didn't get to go on holiday with yr brother sweetheart try to take one day at a time at this sad time we are thinking of you your not alone duc luv and hugs glor xxx

mouse2 in reply to glo100

thank you glor. and hugs to you. xx

Bless you, my sincere condolences to you . I am so sorry you didn’t get to go on holiday with your Brother. One day at a time now to help you heal. Take care. Xx

Thank you Blue. xx

Hi mouse2. 🙏😊🌸🌿🦋🙏

Please accept my deepest sympathy for the loss of both your mother and especially your brother.

I’m heartbroken over the fact that you were separated from your sibling due to secrets....then upon discovery your ability to bond was robbed by his terminal cancer.

My story is somewhat similar in that my mother (being very mentally ill an alcoholic/addict ) destroyed the family dynamic by her self serving antics and caused hatred between my father brother and me so we never knew each other. She died 20 years ago and it has taken at least 15 years to start to know him. He has smoked 3 1/2 packs of cigarettes/pot daily since 18 y.o. developed lung cancer last year. Had radiation treatment and still smoking. He suffers mental damage from my mother’s controlling ways over him. I will lose him without ever getting to have him truly be my brother.

It is heartbreaking.

Yes we all on here may have our problems and they are vary in severity per each member but there is always someone who is worse off than we are. If we try to put others comfort before ourselves the concentration distracts from our own troubles and helps someone else in need which is a blessing to ourselves too.

So to you dear mouse2 I send my deepest sympathy for all you’ve lost and my empathy/love/hugs/and prayers for you to grieve and learn to recover and go on with life as best you can. I will be here and others will too to comfort you as you go through this process.

Bless you dear.

Love EvaJo


mouse2 in reply to honeybug

thank you so much for what you have said, it does help having a fibro family around to talk to. I am sorry also for you, I know what is to have a controlling mother. Your brother too must be suffering. Families can sometimes be soul breaking. I hope you also can continue to recover. I feel we can lose part or all our own identity with what happens within family life and although I am in a relationship, we live apart because of our own past lives.

I am seeing him later today for the weekend and thats how we like it. He is my anchor!


honeybug in reply to mouse2

So glad to know you have an anchor. Hang in there dear


Oh how sad when you've only just found your brother , life is so cruel sometimes, all we can all do is count our blessings , there is always someone worse off , and live the day, my deepest sympathy for your loss, take care

mouse2 in reply to Mydexter

thank you for your kind words. xx

Your words say it all mouse2

Sending hugs 🤗

mouse2 in reply to Shenni

and hugs to you too, Shenni. x


So sorry for your loss mouse. xx

mouse2 in reply to M0AL61

Thank you Moal. x

So sorry to hear of your loss. All my brothers have passed away, I miss them terribly but your pain is different to mine, as you missed out on the years you should have been brother & sister. I do feel your pain, but I also sense your strength and determination. Yes, life is tough with FM, but we must not lose sight of all the wonderful things around us- inspite of our pain. I am here if you wish to talk


mouse2 in reply to Royalname

I am sorry you have lost your brothers That must have been very hard. I had an older sister too who passed about 4 years ago, and another brother whom I saw last week at J's funeral, he too is older than me (and fitter!) . We have got a bit closer over the past few years, but still a long way from friends.

Thank you for your kindness. xx

I'm so sorry. Hugs.

mouse2 in reply to Kitten-kat23

Thank you Kitten. x

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